Imagine If Food Could Talk

By Ruby M

Imagine if fruit and veggies were sentient and knew what was about to happen to them when they end up on the chopping board… if that were the case and they were talking, thinking creatures, then we’d be a pretty sadistic race – then again, that’s why vegans don’t eat meat.

But imagine if even the vegans had no choice but to torture that poor potato by chopping his eyes out before putting him in the pot to boil so that you can have your mashed potatoes ready by dinner time. 

At least this chili has more of a chance of survival than the potato – perhaps after one bite, the person will realize he’s way too hot to heat (pun not intended but still pretty punny), and the chili will get away with his life – unless he’s becoming chili con-carne, then there’s no hope for that little guy.

In this parallel universe created by the Instagram user, NY Cartoonist, the “horrors” faced by our fresh produce are brought to life – perhaps in some way, this can be seen as an allegory for the meat and dairy industries – but to us, it’s just plain old silly humor created by a popular and creative artist who has taken daily moments in people’s lives and turned it into punny and enjoyable comics that the internet has come to love.

We don’t know about you – but we’re really glad that our freshly made creamy potato salad doesn’t yelp or scream when we take a bite of it!