Introverts: 3 Painfully Relatable Comics

By Kanyi M

There are those of us that need time to “recharge” after a long day. We’d rather be in solitude doing nothing than interact with other people. For certain introverts, being by themselves is preferable to being around others.

However, the truth is that there are those of us who do want to be around people, but because of our shyness and clumsiness, we can’t express this to others. Today, we’ll be looking at some comics that put this weird feeling into perspective.

The cycle of an introvert

Isn’t this a familiar cycle that we repeat over and over again? If we don’t have friends, it’s because we’re too anti-social to communicate with others.

Credit: Manasi Deshpande/The Comical Cyanide

So, in order to fix this problem, we push ourselves to socialize even if it makes us uncomfortable. However, what the cycle fails to mention is that we need time to rest after socializing and being with people becomes tedious.

When we need to “warm up” before making a phone call

Introverts are shy creatures with a tendency to freeze up in new situations. Making the initial phone call or uttering the first greeting is something we’re hesitant to do.

Credit: Manasi Deshpande/The Comical Cyanide

What would happen is: we’ll wait until we feel more comfortable before socializing. That’s why you need to give yourself some space with which you can try out new things and get used to the situation without being judged.

Instagram vs Reality

We all know that Instagram is full of unrealistic views of life. However, there are those who use this as motivation to do better.

Credit: Manasi Deshpande/The Comical Cyanide

But there are also others who fall into the false sense that if they can achieve the perfect Instagram posts, then they will be happy and loved by everyone. Then they realize that not everything is achievable through social media and the reality of life is harsh.