IT Guy And Art Girl: Bonnie Pang’s Fun Take On Living With A Partner

By Ashley M March 27, 2024

Hi there, comic lovers! Today, we have prepared a little something about everyone’s favorite subject, love and relationships. Thanks to a talented artist from Hong Kong named Bonnie Pang, we will explore the hilarity, comfort, and even frustrations of living with a partner.

Courtesy of bonniepangart/Instagram

The series itself is named IT Guy and Art Girl, which is an apt description of her and her partner. They both work from home, which means they are in each other’s space a lot. If you have been in such a situation, regardless of the duration that lasted, we are certain you will find numerous relatable moments in Bonnie’s series.

For example, she has a scene that most girls have experienced before. Guys are extremely fast when it comes to eating. Of course, it’s never a race, especially when you’re just enjoying a simple meal at home, but no matter how much food they have on their plate, they will always clear it before you.

Next up, we have an annoying habit that gets on Bonnie’s last nerve. If you consider yourself a neat and organized person, there is nothing as frustrating as living with a partner who doesn’t really care for neatness. It often leads to situations like finding an odd sock on the floor of the bathroom, a pair of briefs on the study table in the office, and other annoying things in places they shouldn’t be.

There is nothing as fulfilling and comforting as living with your person. Sure, sometimes the days may feel boring and monotonous, especially after you fall into a routine, but it has its perks, too. For example, if you’re having a long day, they can go out of their way to take care of you by bringing you food, listening to you, and making sure you get enough rest.

Something as simple as sharing a funny cat meme or video they know you’ll like is enough to put a smile on your face. Little moments like these are what make every day worthwhile. Plus, how can you not live for the daily cuddles? They are a balm for the soul.

Finally, Bonnie has an adorable collage for all the work-from-home couples. Sometimes, you both have such busy schedules that it feels like you have been stuck at home forever. So, when the weekend rolls in, you go all out. Checking out a new restaurant, shopping, seeing a friend or two, or even running a boring errand like going to the bank becomes such a fun plan because it gets both of you out of the house.

All in all, living with someone can be quite fulfilling. If you both love each other and find a rhythm, you can have so much fun with your person.