Tail Tales: Webcomic Showcases The Ups And Downs Of Life With A Cat

By Jana I

Nick Filippou is an artist that loves to create humorous and wholesome comics whose main characters are himself and his cat, Minnie. He loves showing their day-to-day life and shenanigans. The comics’ name is: “I iz cat”, iz meaning is, but spelled in the manner of “cat-speak.”

You will notice that Nick’s art style is very simple, and doodly-like. We like to think that’s because the emphasis shouldn’t be on the beautiful design, but on the essence of the thing and situation portrayed—in this case, it’s what life with a cat is like.

Think of it like this: it’s a perfect comics’ collection if you are an alien and want to learn what it’s really like to be a cat and live a life on Earth. The catnip, the zoomies, the vacuum-scares—it’s all a big part of it.

All images in this article are courtesy of iizcat on Instagram.

It’s All About Minnie

If you wanted to stay fit during a certain period of time we don’t talk about anymore, then you were probably doing some exercises and training at home. This meant that your pets, then, saw you sweating and straining yourself, and were super confused.

When you attempt to do some push-ups or a couple of squats, cats feel like you are not paying attention to them. And, clearly, it’s not an activity that benefits them. Therefore, they insert themselves into this situation, and voilà, now everything is about them. Even your hamstrings.

Do Absolutely Nothing

Imagine your to-do list was empty for once. We don’t believe that’s even possible at this point. When you become an adult, there is always something you should be doing. If you are not working, you have to go to the bank, cook, clean, etc.

We are envious of Minnie and her seemingly perfect life. She has all the things she could’ve wanted: a bunch of free time, unlimited nap time, and a cute owner. Hehehe. God has favorites, and cats are proof of that.

This Catnip Doesn’t Work…

Giving your cat catnip is one of the best things you can do for them, and for yourself. Watching your cat lose its marbles over this grass is phenomenal. It will provide you with a bunch of laughs and joy. Some people even make cattea out of it!

Minnie felt like catnip wasn’t working, and we believed her at first. Well, until her tail started talking. That’s when we realized she was blissfully unaware of the effects. Oh, Minnie, you are in for a lot of fun. Who knew cat’s tails are so passionate about politics?!

Alone Together

Sometimes, cats can be a bore. We covered that in the first comic we showed you. However, if it weren’t for them, we feel like their owners would be more prone to loneliness and depressive episodes. They are annoying and a handful, but they keep life interesting.

Look at the owner’s frown turning into a smile once Minnie lay on his chest. It’s precious, it’s adorable, and we are not at all teary-eyed. The little purrs are cuteness overload! Being alone together is a concept, and we fully support it!

If I fits, I sits

There is one universal rule for cats: if it fits somewhere, it will attempt to sit or lie there. No matter where it is, what the object in question is, etc. Cats just want to do it, and that is enough for them try to squeeze in there. Honestly, mood.

Look at how this little, good girl is happy and excited about her snuggling in a box that, just might be, a teeny-tiny small for her. (Just saying…) No, Minnie! We didn’t say you were fat! There is just more to love when it comes to you!

Where is the Grandchild?!

One thing you always read wrong is your parents’ intentions when calling you. When you have children, they most probably want to see their grandkids, and there is no shame in that. However, don’t get it twisted. Your pet is their grandkid, too.

Who wouldn’t love this bundle of fluffiness, tuna, and joy?! It’s adorable. We can almost hear the parents’ sighs and screams: “hi cutie pie, hello gorgeous, there she is, our wonderful pumpkin,” etc. Little Minnie is loved and cared for.

Issa Pray, Gotta Catch It

Ah, those days when we all worked from home and spent our time with our pets 24/7. Those were good times. Alas, that has come to an end, and now all we can do is fantasize it, right?! This next comic is all about that.

One thing we know for sure is that this man is not wearing any pants… or, he is in his pajamas. Don’t even get us started on Minnie with her killa mittens, and cuteness. She is a dangerous gworl, and you must take her seriously! Prrrredator.

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change, like: water will always boil at 100 degrees Celsius, and leaves will always fall in autumn. However, this one is different from the other examples you’re probably thinking of. It’s more personal; it’s bittersweet, and heart-warming.

One thing you can be sure of for your cat’s whole life is that they will nap. And they will nap A LOT. Not only that, but they will probably choose their favorite spot in the house to lounge. If you misplace your cat (hey! we don’t judge), this is the first place to look.


If you even utter the w-word in front of a dog, it will most certainly go crazy. Dogs are easily excitable, and going for walkies is something they utterly enjoy. Yet, cats are another story completely. Cats hate to be controlled, they hate leashes, and they hate having to follow rules.

We love how the creator depicted how different those two are in his webcomic series. We can see a dog losing its mind, exploding from joy and happiness, yet the cat is showing some specific, carefully-chosen mittens. Or shall we say… fingers?


Whenever someone is coming to your home, do you tell them not to ring the doorbell and just enter instead? If your answer is yes, you either have a dog/cat, or a baby. If you have neither one of those, we will show you a comic to explain the reasoning:

The unimaginable chaos that ensues after someone rings the doorbell is inexplicable. The dogs and cats lose their marbles! Dogs start frantically barking, cats hide under the bed until further notice. It’s just pizza, guys. And, yes, of course he remembered to order pepperoni.

The Culprit

Dany and Minnie are frenemies. They are friends, but also enemies by law—ya know, that whole dog and cat thing. However, in some instances, they are willing to forget their truce and throw each other under the bus for something the other did.

Who do you think is the culprit? The one with cheese puff dust all over its mouth and paws? Heck yeah! Dogs act super guilty when they did something they shouldn’t have, but cats don’t care. What’s more, they manipulate you and gaslight you. Tststs.

What’s This Cat About

Watching crime documentaries and crime TV dramas might be one of our favorite pastimes. Now that we think of it, whenever we are sitting down watching Netflix, our cats are cuddled by our feet. Who knows what kind of ideas they come up with…

This creator got us thinking: what is going through a cat’s head while we binge-watch?! Should we be worried?! When you watch too many kinds of these shows, you start thinking like the killer… You know how to hide evidence, how to clean the crime scene… Oh no!

Minnie the Glutton

Cats are gluttons. They love to eat; food is their life force. They can’t live without treats, wet foods, kibble, and snacks. Not only that, but they need it in big amounts! Don’t be fooled when they act hungry. They’re not; they are just good at pretending.

Though, of course, Minnie is going to use her undeniable charm and sweet stare to beg for more. “No, mommy, dad didn’t feed me. I is hungry, mother.” That’s how we imagine cat-talk. No one can tell us we are far off.

Trippy Minnie

We can never get enough of watching cats high on catnip. They act so goofy and silly; it’s fun to look at. They start excitedly playing with a plushy, rolling on the floor, sliding their faces on surfaces, so adorable. Yet, who knows what happens inside their heads.

They could easily go through what the creator depicted in this comic. They could be floating through space—space filled with treats and catnip grass. What an impressive, amazing, perfect world, huh, Minnie?! And her upside-down position got us rolling on the floor laughing.

Just In Case

It doesn’t hurt to double-check, even triple-check, to make sure everything will go well. However, checking every five minutes for hours on end—it’s a bit too much, don’t you agree? Not for Minnie, or any other cat for that matter.

Minnie loves to remind her owner when it’s breakfast time. We get it; cats love food. However, they don’t know how to be subtle about it. Nah, what is subtlety anyway? They want humans to know, and know very well at that. It’s their meal that’s the most important thing. Thank you very much.

Purrrr Heating Pads Purrrr

Cats love warmth. If there is one thing we know, it’s they can’t stand being even remotely chilly. They will choose overheating and sweltering any time. That’s why you often find them hidden underneath heaps of blankets. Honestly, we can relate.

So, dear human, your needs and problems come second in this household. Minnie likes warmth; therefore, Minnie gets warmth. Forget you and your back problems; who cares?! Minnie doesn’t. Your turn with the heating pad is in about 3-5 business days. Bye.

What Warms Humans Up

There is a list of things we know can warm us all up. Some of our favorites on the list are warm drinks, fuzzy socks, comfy sweaters, and wool hats. However, there is one thing on this list that not only warms the body but the soul, too.

If we could only pick one, we would choose Minnie to warm our souls any time of day. She is adorable to no end. If you ever wonder why some love cats so much, just spend a day with a feline, and you will definitely lose your mind, and even start to like them.

She is the Moment. She is Art.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—or that’s what they say, at least. However, there is just some art that is beautiful to all. We want to show you this art today, and no, it is not iizcat‘s comic; it is like meta-art. Art that represents other art.

Minnie, for instance. She is the moment; she is art. We don’t care what you say, and this is fully objective. Her white, killer mittens. Her floppy ear. Her fur. Cuteness overload. The owner is right to appreciate it. He should wake up grateful every day. He is in her presence, after all.

Winged Rodents

If you never referred to pigeons as winged rodents, we don’t believe you exist. It’s rare to find someone that likes pigeons. This man in the comic is right; they are little, sly jerks! No wonder cats hate them and want them done for.

When we see this picture, we remember those TikToks of owners participating in their cat’s hobbies to get closer to them. This is what the comic reminds us of. Minnie is thirsty for blood; she wants war, and most importantly, she wants revenge…

Minnie the Hoarder

Cats love to collect things. Some cats even make secret stashes of bottle caps, and disheveled, old toys, and keep it all hidden under the beds, or in some secret corners of your house. But sometimes, they take your precious possessions, too.

We are afraid that Minnie’s addiction is a part of a bigger plan: hide things necessary for her human to leave; therefore, her human won’t leave. What we gather from this is that Minnie is a clingy, loving girl and she needs her human all to herself!

Issa Boop

There are some things people are just addicted to. Those things can be bad for them; however, some are not harming anyone. The one we had in mind was an infamous boop. If you don’t know what a boop is, you are missing out, dude!

How can one resist the absolute preciousness of a good boop on a cat’s tiny, wet nose?! It is impossible! We love the little dance to reach the tiny nose; it’s almost bee-like flight that the finger took before doing a little boop-boop.

Human = Servant

We are pretty certain cats look at us with a superiority complex. They think we are so below them that it pains them to look at us. We feed them, entertain them, clean their litter, take care of them, and provide for their every need.

“Good work, manservant,” says Minnie. She has some new work in mind for you to do after this. Truth be told, she needs a pillow. The Queen is tired. Come on, chop chop, work faster! That litter does stink, to be frank, but beauty sleep is important.


Arriving late and not doing tasks on time is one of the worst qualities an employee can have. However, it can happen to anyone, and we don’t judge! This time, the creator wanted us to see one of the instances in his life in which he was late for an online meeting.

Not only was he running behind, but Minnie was late, too! She was late to walking across his keyboard, disturbing him, meowing like crazy, begging for attention and food. Man, you gotta love cats. They annoy the heck out of you… and purr on your head afterwards.

Minnie the Wire Hunter

Why is it that cats think a perfect moment for playing and making a mess is when you are being serious and working on something important?! It is then that they find it fit to be chaotic and disrupt you constantly.

Wires and cables are every cat’s weakness! They love hunting those things, especially when human servants are trying to get them through holes and make a tidy setup for their work desk. Yeah, Minnie is using this opportunity to its fullest extent!

Ohh, Huuuuumaaaan!

Jordan B. Peterson once said: If you are not willing to be a fool, you can’t become a master. That’s why cats are doing everything in their ability to make a mess and fools out of themselves. They know it will make them masters one day.

Although, at the end of the day, our cats need us. Always. Whatever they do or how foolish they can be, we will always have to be there and get them out of it. It’s like having kids. But better, ya feel us? Come here, Minnie; let us sort this out for you.

Minnie’s Love Language

There are five love languages. People show their love by: gift giving, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, and/or spending quality time. We think we have an idea of what Minnie’s love language could be. What do you think?

This we would categorize as an act of service/words of affirmation. We can’t really decide what to think of it. But, catching 30+ mice to spell out a nice message is dedication and love. What a lucky owner. Pardon us—servant.

Minnie the Hero

It’s quite adorable how pets think that by doing something (anything), humans would be very proud of them. Dogs are especially prone to this behavior and are excited in advance for all the treats and kisses they will get. Minnie, too!

Minnie the hero saves the day, again! Or so she thinks… Gah, this kitty. She is unstoppable. We hope the owner wasn’t too pissed about the mess she made. She, in fact, did catch a fly and saved humankind. How generous.

My House, My Rules

Cats are unchangeable beings. They are not easy to train, after all. You can teach them good behavior, and they will remember it for some time, but, almost always, they will forget it and keep on doing as they please.

So, we’ve learned that Minnie couldn’t care less about her owner’s friend’s allergies, let alone accept her into their little household. If we needed to assess the situation, we’d say Minnie is a bit territorial and jealous. She’s actually just trying to chase away the girl!

We Lost You at That Third One, Mister

We can get on with the first one, the second one likewise, and the fourth one. Sure, why not. That third one, though… It is confusing us, if we’re being honest. Sir, we don’t know what kind of practices you two are doing…

Learn how to practice dark magic, and use Latin?! We can’t relate. Don’t mind us; we are just putting our brooms in the closet. Oh, these ol’ dusty, black books the weight of a 3-year-old toddler? Just ignore it! That symbol there? Oh, it symbolizes a star in the sky, ya know. It’s upside down on accident. He-he.

Privacy Invaded

Having pets is similar to having children. Once you have them, you have to tell your privacy bye-bye, kiss it goodbye and cry a little to heal. It’s okay, dear; it happens to all of us. Going to the bathroom by yourself is now a long-lost dream.

The reason why animals follow you to the bathroom is to keep you safe. They know that, at this time, you are vulnerable, so they think their task is to protect you from possible dangers of the jungle, or whatever it is they think they live at.


Cats do adorable things aaaallll the time. They do this for a number of reasons, and it’s usually to get something they want from you. Whether that is food, scritches, or playtime, it doesn’t matter. As long as they get it, there is no war and peace will be maintained.

Sometimes, they wake you up like this, all lovey-dovey. But don’t be fooled by the personal wakeup call. They need something from you. It’s not pure love; it’s never pure love… They are not dogs. Dear Minnie, what do you need now?

Plant Vs. Minnie

Plant vs. Zombies is a very famous cartoon/game franchise. But we have something even better for you. It’s plant vs. Minnie. It’s feisty, it’s dangerous, it’s refreshing. You won’t be able to put your phone down during cutscenes with this fun game.

This plant, though! Look at it! It’s flipping the bird to Minnie; no wonder our girl had to defend her honor and peace of mind! That freakin’ dandelion, marigold, whatever it is. So mean. This time, we are on the cat’s side. You go, Minnie!

What Ya Gonna Do About it?!

Often, our pets love to test our (and their own) limits. It’s no joke! They want to see how much people let them do their thing and how far they can go. It’s important to set some ground rules! However, these little misfits will still try nonetheless…

Sofas and armchairs are like kryptonite for cats. It’s their weakness, and it’s almost as if they can’t help themselves around it. They just must scratch it. Minnie’s owner is too lazy to get his bum off the couch… Not good, dude.

Infinite. Eternal.

We love moments when this comic presents Minnie as a being that has a deep, complicated internal life and stream of thought. Like when she is high on catnip, and such. It’s silly, and entertaining to see. Take this one, for example:

We love when cats elongate and stretch their body once you lift them up. They turn into liquid. They are infinite, eternal, forever. Minnie seems to be aware of that. Her pupils are telling a story everyone should listen. Pst, hey, Minnie, got more of that catnip?

Speak For Yourself, Human

Appreciation for pets is something every person should have. There is an animal in your life that loves you, wants to spend time with you, and all you gotta do is take care of it, feed it, clean its poop, mess and fur… Yeah, it’s a fair trade.

Expressing your emotions and adoration so vocally and violently might scare your cat away. Look at Minnie’s face. We are rolling on the floor! She is so clueless. It’s as if she wants to say: what the heck are you doing?!

No Problem, At All

How is it that cats always manage to pick the most unfortunate moments to play with you and test your patience?! It seems like they have a sixth sense for that thing. This is a prime example. He forgot to tie his shoes and look what happened.

Silly human: “Oh, I forgot to tie my shoes.” Vicious Minnie: “Oh, no problem at all, sir. You have just awoken the biggest, most terrible beast in the whole universe. Pay your dues!” If cats could speak human we’re sure that’s what Minnie would say.

Simple Creatures

What it all boils down to is that cats are really simple creatures at heart. They know what they like, and they most definitely know what they don’t like. So, if you do something they despise, you will feel the repercussions deep in your bones… or on your skin.

On the flip side, if you give them a box, and they are as happy as ever! They need nothing more than that. Maybe a toy and a treat, too, and they’re good to go. Give them time to nap, and you’ll have the most content kitty in the world.


One thing these feline creatures will do, or, actually, won’t do, is listen to you. Well, that’s a bit unfair, but, they just won’t. Most of the time, they are chill and on good behavior. However, the day will always come when they decide to act up.

We are fans of how the artist always shows his cat flipping the bird in these types of situations. It’s the humor and silliness that we appreciate. We have no clue why a cat would like to lick butter, but, let’s not ask too many questions…


Don’t get it twisted. Even though you fed your cat, played with it, napped with it, and carried it around the house, all the while kissing its forehead, it’s still not enough! Nuh-uh! Your kitty probably needs and wants more! More and even more!

What can one say? Having a cat is a life-long responsibility. Humans are their world. If you are too busy, you can always get another cat so they can keep each other company. It’s really easy to do so. Imagine having a Mickey as well. So cute!

Eyes Never Lie

There is nothing cuter than when a cat sees something that catches its eye and its pupils become ten times their normal size. For some reason, they look even more adorable and sweet, even though they are literally getting ready to obliterate something.

We love how her frown turned upside down and became the sly smirk we’ve grown to love through this whole experience. We wonder if she saw a fly, a mosquito, or a red laser dot. Whatever it is, the eyes aren’t lying. She is ready for blood.

Inevitable Destiny

If, one day, you decide you want to introduce a pet into your household, you’ve got to be prepared for all the hair and fur you’ll have all over your clothes, furniture, carpets, and floors. It’s an inevitable at this point.

“You wanted fur on these, right?” Yeah, that’s right, Minnie. We are certain your humans wanted your hair on their clothes they just washed and ironed hours ago. They love their co-workers asking them what’s all that hair on their sweaters.

Who Was First

Pet jealousy is something we discussed a bit already. It’s real. If you introduce a new pet into the pack, you must do it carefully, all the while showing a lot of love to the original pet/pets. You don’t want them to feel replaced.

It’s the same when you find a partner and want to tie the knot. It’s important to remember who was there first. Always make sure your pet feels safe and approves of them. You should want a nice environment in your family.

What They Don’t See Can’t Hurt Them

How often have you thought to yourself: well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them? Many times, right? This is super relatable since it can be applied in multiple situations. Take this one, for example. He is a serious employee, but little did they know…

…that his cat is running around like crazy, asking for attention, having zoomies, clawing and climbing up his bare legs, scratching the chair, butt wiggling, throwing up hairballs, etc. It’s pure chaos there. He is sweating at the thought of being caught lying; poor fella.

How Cat People Wake Up

Alarm clocks are something not many people like. Okay, no one likes them. They just remind you that you can’t sleep anymore and must get up and start getting ready for work. Unfortunately, someone must be a breadwinner in the household.

At least cat people don’t need that evil alarm clock. All they need is their cat, reminding them every few minutes that they are still unfed and dehydrated. Meow, meow, meow! Feed me, human! Wake up! Oh, and did we forget to mention the lack of snooze button on those things?


If you are a Potterhead and love the lore and story of Harry Potter, you are surely familiar with parseltongue. It’s a language that some wizards and witches use to talk to snakes. It’s a rare gift, and some say, even an evil one.

It is really cool, but we would prefer to have purrseltongue. It’s like parseltongue but the one you use to talk to cats. You attract them, they come to you, they speak with you, and you live happily ever after. It’s a dream come true!