Life With A Dog As Told By Comics

By Amanda G

Although there are countless types of animals people have as pets, the question usually comes down to “are you a dog person or a cat person?” We are dog lovers ourselves, but we won’t judge if you’re not. And that’s why we love the comic series Hey Buddy Comics. James Stewart had a series of cute dog stories he wanted to share but needed an extra touch to make his text-only jokes pop. Illustrator K Roméy turned the text blurbs into a full comic series.

Some dogs are guard dogs; they will growl at any and all threats that come in your way and will stop at nothing to keep you safe. Others, however, don’t have a single aggressive bone in their body. Every person on the street is friendly and there is no danger to be found.

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But even softie dogs are protectors in their own way. James Stewart was right on point with this comic. It’s hard to feel alone when you have a doggo by your side.

Dogs are great friends because they never judge you. We love acting goofy with our fur buddies, though admittedly, they don’t always feel the same. We might think that a hat looks cute on them, but all they want to do is shake it off at the first possible moment.

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Nothing brightens our day more than a dog wagging their tail. There’s something special about this movement that cheers us up when we’re sad or makes us beam brighter if we’re already having fun.