Cuddly, Cute And Crazy: 45 Comics About Life With Cats Any Pet Owner Can Relate To

By Arvyn B

Anyone who can make art is certainly a very talented person in our book. Art is pretty challenging to make, and not everyone can make it look so good! Comic books are a great example of this since they combine art with text in an interesting way. Comics about real life are one of our favorite types, as they usually contain things that all of us can relate to. One of the most popular ones out there is a comic series called Cat n Cat Comics. In these comics, the artist writes about the lives of a cat named Mickey and her human named Suzy. Even if you do not have a cat, you are sure to find these comics to be funny, and we are confident that you will love them!

All images in this article are courtesy of @Catncatcomics on Instagram

New Seasons

Most of us enjoy when a new season begins as it marks the end of something old and the start of something new. You might disagree with your friends and family about which season is the best, but have you ever tried asking your cat?

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

We are pretty sure that most cats would respond in a similar way to Mickey and express how much they enjoy fall ending. Ask any human the same question, and they will probably have a very different response to this!

Girls vs. Boys

One thing that we really hate is the idea that certain activities are for boys, while others are for only girls. This is just not true! We are glad that Ginny the Cat understands how truly annoying this idea is.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Boys can like playing with bows, and girls can like playing video games. After all — they are just cats, and they have zero concepts of gender. You should always just do things that make you feel happy instead of worrying about these silly ideas.

No Privacy

Even if you have a dog instead of a cat, you can definitely relate to this picture. Pets just never give us any privacy at all, even in the bathroom, and it can get pretty annoying at times! Just why do they do it?!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Well, you might feel a little differently about the whole thing if you knew that your pets are actually trying to protect you. They think that you are in danger and need support, so they come to rescue you from the situation!

Late Night Snack

There is nothing quite as fun as having a late-night snack when everyone else is asleep. Even if you live by yourself, it is still a lot of fun going downstairs in the middle of the night to have a snack…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

That is, of course, if you can actually eat any food…and not get stopped by any nosy animals instead! We do not know how they do it, but our pets always seem to figure out what we are doing at night.

The Simple Things

We can totally relate to this post. It is completely okay if you want to cuddle with an animal/person/stuffed toy at the end of a long day. Coming home after work, we cannot wait to have a nice cup of tea and just relax.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

We enjoy taking part in our hobbies, like reading a book or playing video games — but nothing quite beats relaxing with our pets! They might not be able to speak, but they know how to calm us down after a long day.

Christmas Traditions

For those of us that celebrate Christmas, one of the most fun traditions is getting a Christmas tree and decorating it. As soon as a tree’s inside the house, that’s when it truly starts to feel like Christmas. Like the festivities begin!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

However, these cats seem to have a completely different idea in mind. Instead of chopping down a tree and decorating one, they decided to dress up a bunch of them — that is quite a lot of work to do! We would not recommend doing this.

Give Them!

Cat owners know that their feline friends will go crazy for treats at random times, and aren’t afraid to be vocal about it. They are pretty intelligent animals and know how to get what they want! They might try the angry approach and cry out for snacks…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

…or they might also try giving you a wide-eye look to try and convince you to provide them with the snacks. Whatever method they use, it almost always ends up working. Cats truly are very intelligent animals and probably one of the smartest pets out there!

Too Outspoken

Here is one that we can probably all relate to — being told that we are too “outspoken.” We are not sure what it is about this phrase that annoys us so much, but it really does make us feel so angry being told this!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

If you ever find yourself about to say this phrase, we strongly recommend that you avoid it and try saying something else instead. It is just not a nice way to talk about someone — let them be themselves without any restraint!

Feeling Ill

It is a fact — nobody likes feeling ill, and especially not when it is something like a cold. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for the common cold and you just need to hang in there while you get through it. Well, there’s one cute for feeling sick…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

You could always try snuggling with your favorite cuddly friend! However, do not think that they are there to care for you because they probably have entirely different reasons instead, as this kitty did. They love you for your warmth!

Chips & Guac

There’s never a perfect balance between chips and dip we buy at the shop. We’ve all been there before — somehow, there never seems to be enough guacamole or other dip for them. Just what on earth can you do instead?

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Well, you could always buy some more chips — then you will probably have too many chips to deal with! Never fear, as there is always someone around who would love to sink their teeth into your excess chips. They are delicious!


It would not be too much of an exaggeration to say that 2020 was a pretty monstrous year, what with a global pandemic and many other disasters happening one after the other. We wish that we could do what Suzy did in this picture.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

If only there was a way to close the curtains and hide away from the terror that was 2020! Unfortunately, we all had to continue through it and try to make it to the other side in one piece. But having a fur buddy close can make any hard time easier.

Coffee First

If you have an early start for a job or school, then you will know all about how coffee can work such miracles on you! It does not matter how early you need to start your morning and prepare for the long day ahead…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

…because coffee is always there to help you! Of course, we expect that the people around you should all know about how important coffee is, and they should understand to leave you alone before your first cup in the morning.


Thanksgiving is such a lovely time of the year, as it is an occasion where we can show how grateful we are for the things in our life. From our loved ones to our possessions, it is always nice to show some gratitude.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Unless, of course, you are a cat. In this case, there is one thing and one thing only that you are grateful for — the people who give you food! Obviously, we are just joking, as cats are thankful for many things.

Special Plant

We would all certainly love to have one of these plants, and that is a fact! Just imagine the power that you could have with a plant that grows anything that you want it to. What would you grow if you could?

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

However, we do not think that a cat would ask to have unlimited snacks and power. Not because they would not want it — it is because most cats already get this from their owners! We think they would wish for unlimited catnip instead.

Laser Cat

If you are a cat owner, then you should know by now how powerful a laser light can be for your cat. If not — you need to seriously try it out! Cats go crazy for them and will follow them around your house.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

However, you should be careful to give your cat a treat or something to chew at the end of the play. If you do not do this, your cat can possibly get very frustrated because they did not get to catch anything.

Get Off!

Anyone who has a cat will absolutely know about this problem! It does not matter how hard you try; your cat will find a way to sit on your things, from laptops to bookshelves. They love to sit on the top!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

A lot of the time, this is simply because they like the fact that it is a flat surface, and they feel very safe sitting on the top of it. If it’s a piece of your clothing, it is because they like your smell!

Multiple Cats

Having one cat is a lot of hard work on its own, but having four cats? That seems like it would be a bit of a hassle to manage! However, that does not stop some people, as there are cat owners out there with multiple furry friends.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Well, we say they “have” multiple cats. In reality, we all know the truth of the situation — they do not “have” the cats. The cats “have” them! It is pretty crazy how felines can be so in control of our lives.

Pizza Ghost

All of us have some kind of fear in our lives. For some, it is a fear of spiders or a fear of heights, whereas other people are afraid of ghosts and the supernatural. However, this one is new to us!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

We have never seen or heard of a pizza ghost before, and now this makes us feel a little scared! After all, who knows how many pizza families we have consumed before? We hope they don’t come back to haunt us!

Better Box

Here is another thing that every cat owner will know — the power of boxes. It does not matter how many toys you buy or how expensive each of them is because your cat does not care. There is one thing they like…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Yep, you guessed it — cardboard boxes! Cats just simply love to play and sleep inside of them. This is likely because boxes are a small space where cats can feel safe, all curled up. The more boxes you have, the better!

Scary Spider

If there is one thing that we think cats are good for, then it is pest control. Cats are great at keeping away any unwanted ‘friends,’ like spiders and mice. After all, it is why they became our pets in the first place!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Of course, that only works if your cat is actually willing to catch these animals. If you are unlucky and you end up with a pacifist cat like Mickey, you might find that there are way more spiders around the place!

Strike a pose

One of the most annoying things about social media is the fact that people feel the need to take a picture of every single moment and stick it online. Even eating meals becomes a chore around certain social media addicts.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

We totally feel like the cat in this situation — just eat your darn food, for goodness sake! It can get so annoying when you have to wait for someone to get the right angle and lighting for their photo. It is just food!

It’s Lit

Another great part of the festive season is when you start decorating the Christmas tree with lights, baubles, and other charming decorations. Of course, it is an entirely different story if you have a cat because they love ripping them down.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

We are not sure why they do this – perhaps it is because the lights look like animal tails, and they want to attack them. Either way, we wish that our cats were are relaxed as Mickey looks in these pictures!

Shooting Star

A shooting star seems like something you would only ever see in a movie. They aren’t just movie magic, and if you’re lucky enough and in the right place at the right time, you’ll see one someday. But did you ever think about how the star feels?

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

It probably does not feel very good as it shoots across the sky at such high speeds! If we saw one, we would make a wish for the star to quit being in pain and feel good. It is so beautiful.

Dino Cat

It truly is a mystery to scientists how dinosaurs would have looked when they were alive. Sure, we have examples of their bones, but we have no idea what their muscles or skin would have looked like millions of years ago.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

The best thing that we can do is to compare them to animals today and guess how they might appear. However, we have a strong feeling that they probably did not look like the dinosaur-cat in this picture. That is so strange!


Baking might seem like a simple task, but in reality, it is anything but easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to bake something delicious — not to mention bucketloads of talent, too! We totally get Suzy in this picture.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

No matter how skilled you are at baking, buying a cake is always much easier than this and is a pretty quick way to fulfill that sweet craving. This post has certainly made us start craving some delicious chocolate cake!

Reaction Pic

The next comic on this list is certainly one that we will be using any time that we see an unwanted opinion on the internet! Seriously — getting opinions when you did not ask for them is just the worst.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

We do not understand why people always feel the need to be negative sometimes, as it is sure to bring down the mood. So, you can guarantee that we will be using the comic above quite a lot to prove them wrong!

Wet Phone

One life hack out there that is quite popular is the old rice trick. If you do not know about this, you should try it whenever your phone or electronics get water damaged. Stick it in a bowl of dry rice…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

…leave it there for a few hours, and you will find that the water damage is completely gone! That neat trick made us — and plenty of other people — wonder if it is possible to do the same when we are crying!


Is there anything that is more challenging in the world than dieting? We honestly do not think that there is because dieting is just so darn difficult to do! Whenever we finally commit to doing it and stop buying junk food…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

…we always find ourselves doing something similar to Suzy and wanting to celebrate this decision to become healthier. What is the best way to celebrate this? Well — with some delicious ice cream, of course! We totally deserve to have some!

Claw Trimming

It does not matter if you are a cat or a dog owner for the next comic because you can definitely relate to it. One of the worst times for your furry friends is when they need to have their claws trimmed.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

We have absolutely no idea why they hate to get this done so much, but it is pretty funny to see how dramatic they become. They seem to really hate having their claws trimmed and will do anything to stop it!

Too Quiet…

If you have a pet, you will know that they are usually quite loud and make a lot of noise. If you have a cat, then it does not matter what time of day it is — they will make plenty of sounds!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

So, when things get a little quiet, you start to feel suspicious as things are a little bit too silent. We sincerely hope that the cats are just sleeping and not making trouble like these two kitties were in the comic!

Robot Cat

No matter how much technology advances or how lifelike it may become, there is absolutely no way that you can replace a furry friend like a cat. They are just so cute and adorable that no robot can compare! They honestly shouldn’t even try.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Looking at this comic, it seems that even Mickey agrees with our view — robot cats do not even smell like real cats! We wish they were real, though, because having a portable red dot would be hilarious to see.


Continuing on with the robot cat, it seems that Mickey and his robot friend wanted to get up to a little mischief. We are not too sure what they were planning to do, but we can guess that it was not good!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

In order to do this, they needed to distract Suzy, and what better way is there than using decoys? They stuck them in the window to seem like the cats were staring outside — what a clever pair of little kitties!

Head Tilt

This next comic is true — maybe a little bit too true. Whenever cats tilt their heads, they just look so adorable! This is usually because it makes them look a little more like tiny little fur babies instead of mischievous cats.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Whenever a cat does a full head tilt as Mickey did in the comic above, it almost becomes too much for us to handle. The kitty looks so darn adorable, and we absolutely love it. If only cats could do this all the time!

Big Yawn

If you have an animal and you see it do a big yawn, then there is something that you will probably do at some point in your life. No, it is not yawning too — it is to stick your hand in their mouth!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

We are not sure why this brings us so much joy, but that does not matter. It appears that everyone around the world enjoys doing it, which we think is pretty funny indeed! We wonder how our furry friends feel about it.

The Importance of Hygiene

Any cat owner will know that cats spend an extraordinary amount of time cleaning themselves — they are actually one of the most hygienic animals around! We wish we could keep our houses as clean as cats do to themselves.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Of course, it would be a great help if cats were willing to lend us a hand and clean things up for us instead! That would make things a ton easier, as well as a ton funnier. Just imagine a cat using a mop!

Snack Space

We have all been in this position before, where we have a blanket that is just for eating snacks. It feels so warm and comfortable, but then suddenly — oh no! You run out of space! Just what can you do?

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Well, we recommend that you take some advice from the cat in this picture and do the next best thing — create a snack sling instead! That way, you can keep munching on your favorite treats without breaking a sweat.

Musical Mammals

If you are a musician, then we have mad respect for you because making music is no easy task. You have to have a real understanding of how music works to create a masterpiece. Sadly, not everyone appreciates musical talent.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

And it goes without saying that our pets are far from being fans of our work! If you have a dog, you might find that they howl when you play a tune, and cats are just as vocal about this.

Radiant Beauty

Imagine if you found a bottle on the ground that said it would make you “as radiant as the sun.” What would you do? Would you drink it, or would you just ignore it? Well, it seems Suzy made a choice already…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

…but we have a strong feeling that she probably regretted this one. Sure, she became as radiant as the sun — but not as beautiful. Instead, she became as bright as it, which must have certainly been annoying for her indeed!


Having a plant in the house can be just as difficult as having a pet. How could this be, you might wonder? Well, that is because plants cannot tell you what they need from you, unlike a furry little friend.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

You can try to give a plant plenty of water and love, but there is no guarantee that it will take it. If anything, your plant might end up like the one in the comic here and just fall apart instead. Ouch!

Another Box

Here is another painful experience for any pet owners out there — taking your pet to the vet. It does not matter which pet you have because they all seem to hate visiting this place, even though it is for their own benefit.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

That being said, we reckon that this picture is a pretty smart way to trick your pets into going to the vet. We wish we would have thought of something like this earlier — it would have saved us a lot of scratches!

Cat Hater

This might seem like quite a shocking fact, but unfortunately, it is true. Prepare yourself — there are actually cat haters out there! How bizarre is that?! However, it seems like Mickey appears to like those people that hate kitties.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

If we had a sister or loved one that hated cats, there is no way that we would be so kind to them. Instead, we would show them the door and disinherit them from our family. Our cats are more important!

Cat Qualities

There are so many different qualities of cats that make them such fantastic predators. From being very quick, clever at hunting, and masters of camouflage, it feels like they have got everything to make them the perfect hunters. Well, in theory, anyway.

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Even so, that does not stop them from mixing up “deadly prey” with some other pretty harmless things — like socks, for example! Every cat owner will find that their socks have been all chewed up at some point. It is certainly annoying!

The Mirror of Erised

In case you did not know, the Mirror of Erised is a fictional mirror from the Harry Potter series. Instead of showing you your face, the mirror is meant to show you your true heart’s desire. It is not hard to imagine what a cat would see…

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Yep, you guessed it — lots and lots of boxes everywhere, along with a good amount of catnip for good measure! We can totally agree with Suzy here because endless weekends would be simply amazing, as well as a good night’s rest.

Scared Kitty

We have already spoken a little about how all of us humans have a fear of something. Well, have you ever stopped to think about what your kitties might be afraid of? It is certainly not the same thing as us!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

One of a cat’s major fears is the vacuum cleaner, which is probably because of its loud noise. They are also terrified of cucumbers because they look very similar to snakes. Seeing them afraid is really quite a funny sight!

Cold or Hot

If you live in someplace cold like England, then you will definitely be able to relate to this post. No matter how hard you try, it feels like you just cannot get warm properly. Even starting a fire has no effect on you!

Catncatcomics (Instagram)

Of course, it could be a lot worse than this — you could be someone who is always very hot and cannot get cold. That is way worse because there is not really anything that you can do to feel cool.