Drawing Love Closer: 35+ Illustrations Of Long-Distance Relationship Moments

By Jana I December 19, 2023

In the world of love and relationships, time spent together is one of the most cherished components. For couples navigating the sad reality of physical separation, this challenge often has a huge significance in their day-to-day lives.

Embracing this struggle, Emi and Bry, the couple behind longdistance_comics on Instagram, have artfully transformed their long-distance relationship into a series of heartfelt comics. Emi lives in Germany, while her boyfriend, Bry, lives in Mexico. These illustrations, both heartwarming and bittersweet, encapsulate the spectrum of emotions experienced by couples in similar situations.

From the elation of reunions to the somber notes of farewells, Emi skillfully captures the essence of common challenges faced by those in similar relationships. In this collection of ‘Long Distance Comics,’ we present 45 poignant snapshots that invite you to empathize, relate, and find solace in the shared experiences of love that transcends physical distance.

Every Goodbye Hurts

In this evocative comic snapshot, emotions run heavy as a man and a woman part ways at the airport. The bittersweet tableau captures the tender moments of farewell, the weight of unspoken words, and the silent promise of reunion. If your person lives far away, you know just how sad moments like these are.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

This airport scene is a poignant backdrop that echoes the universal ache of separation. Through expressive artistry, the comic distills the essence of longing, leaving viewers to resonate with the shared sentiment of love navigating the challenges of physical distance. Don’t worry, she’ll be back.

Teleporter is a Necessity

In this charming comic vignette, our guy immerses himself in a book on crafting a teleporter, driven by the desire to bridge the physical gap between him and his love. The illustration captures his earnest determination as he flips through pages filled with teleportation schematics.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

If someone hacked this, they would become a millionaire overnight! This illustration shows the heartfelt pursuit of finding a shortcut to be with a loved one sooner. It beautifully articulates the lengths one can go to transcend the limitations of distance for the promise of more frequent and immediate connection.


In our next comic illustration, a couple joyously secures tickets for their upcoming reunion, their faces beaming with anticipation. The scene then shifts to the woman, who eagerly counts down the days until their much-awaited meeting. Aw, we feel you, girl!

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The sheer anticipation and excitement are enough to keep you up all night! As usual, the artist beautifully captures the emotional rollercoaster of long-distance relationships, blending exuberance with the insane level of patience you always feel like you need when you have to count down the moments until your worlds collide once again.

Hearts Beat Like One

Millenials assemble! In this touching frame, the couple transcends the digital barrier, creating a symbolic heart by placing their hands together over a screen. The simplicity of the gesture speaks volumes as it captures the essence of a kind of love that knows no physical bounds.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The visual harmony of their hands forming a heart illustrates the power of connection, even through the virtual realm. In this tender moment, the comic encapsulates the significance of gestures in conveying affection. Gen Z might have revolutionized how we make a heart these days, but the meaning behind it clearly lives on.

Always Thinking of Them

In this adorably warm scene, the lady of the hour is a constant presence in her man’s life. She is depicted as a guiding force in his daily life. The illustration captures poignant moments of her reminders which reassure the guy that she loves and cares about him deeply.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Through these, the comic beautifully conveys a kind of connection that transcends physical distance. Memories of her advice and input serve as a comforting thread, emphasizing the importance of emotional support and shared concern in navigating the challenges of being apart.

Happy Birthday!

In the next one, the couple celebrates the man’s birthday through a virtual party over a video call. The illustration radiates joy as they share laughter, cake, and a virtual rendition of the birthday song. Despite the distance, the couple has clearly found a way to show up for each other during this crucial milestone.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

If we can do entire conferences and concerts online, why not birthdays? The shared screen becomes a bridge, allowing them to create special moments despite being apart. The scene beautifully portrays the resilience of their connection, demonstrating that love can flourish and festivities can thrive even in the digital realm.

Present Even When Not

When you’re having a bad day, you always yearn for that moment when you can vent about it. In the next one, the woman’s unwavering support shines through as she creates time to be present for her man despite physical distance. The illustration depicts her comforting presence and provision of emotional support through subtle gestures.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Whether it’s through a thoughtful message or a virtual embrace, the comic captures the essence of her enduring care. After a bad day, we all just want someone to talk to and feel validated and listened to. For long-distance couples, talking to your person on a call does the trick.

Can Wishes Come True?

In this poignant illustration, the couple expresses their longing to be closer. It portrays their shared desire to be together through symbolic elements, such as outstretched hands reaching toward each other. That one is our favorite! The artist’s visual narrative eloquently captures the emotional resonance of their wish.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Despite physical separation, the comic shows the couple’s shared hope for a future where things like teleportation and super speed transcend the limitations of distance. With all these things at our disposal, do you think the idea of a long-distance relationship would exist?

Morning or Night, It’s Love at First Sight!

In this tender moment, our favorite couple navigates time zones with sweet exchanges. The illustration depicts the woman wishing the guy a good night as he snuggles up next to his phone in bed. Simultaneously, the man sends her warm wishes for a good day as she seemingly heads to work.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The comic portrays their synchronized but distant routines, emphasizing the thoughtful continuity of their connection across different parts of the world. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, there’s nothing more important than touching base with your person. Even with such a significant time difference, these two have found a way to harmonize their lives.

Remember the Perspective

In this poignant comic frame, the couple is shown in yet another farewell moment as the man reassures his girlfriend during their departure. The illustration captures the man’s comforting words, encouraging her not to be sad and expressing confidence in their future reunion.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The scene resonates with hope, depicting the strength of their bond that transcends separations. Despite the clear sad emotions present, the comic radiates optimism with the promise of future meetings. As you can see, long-distance relationships aren’t a walk in the park. We doubt we’d ever get used to these goodbyes.

Wish You Were Here…

In this wistful comic, the man texts his girl, saying that he is at the beach. As expected, she responds expressing her wish to see the place with him again. Going to the beach is awesome, but doing it with your person? That’s double awesome!

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The scene beautifully embodies the feeling of aching for somebody’s presence, the vastness of the sea mirroring the separation. Despite the physical gap, it still conveys the enduring connection, with the beach serving as a poignant backdrop to their longing.

On Cloud Nine

If you have ever been in a relationship, you and your partner probably had a song that you dedicated to each other. Sometimes, it’s actually more than one song. Here, the couple floats on cloud nine, enraptured by the melody of their song. The illustration captures their bliss as they immerse themselves in the music.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

See? We weren’t kidding about the ‘cloud nine’ part! Music has a magical quality that makes you feel things so deeply, including and especially love. It’s a harmonious celebration of their connection, illustrating how a song can bridge distance and make you feel so close to your lover even though you’re not.

Games Can Unite Them!

In this delightful scene, the couple finds a fun way to spend some quality time together by playing games despite the distance between them. The illustration shows them engrossed in their game, their avatars engaging in playful camaraderie on the screen.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The comic beautifully captures the adaptability of modern technology in fostering connection and shared experiences. It celebrates the ability of games to bridge the gap by offering a lighthearted and interactive way for couples and friends to stay connected and create memories. We wonder who was winning here. Can you tell?

Expectations vs. Reality

In this touching comic scene, the man daydreams about his heartfelt desire to embrace his partner after work. The illustration contrasts his wishful thoughts with the practical reality of calling her via video. All in all, we can only be happy for them since they still get to talk.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

As always, technology allows them to bridge the physical gap between them. But all that requires conscious effort from both people in the relationship. For people whose primary love language is physical touch, long-distance is a special form of torture. Nevertheless, we still believe in the power of love, so hang in there!

Texting and Arguing

We’ve only seen the happy side of relationships from these guys, but now it’s time for the harder stuff. Arguments and squabbles are unavoidable in relationships, and usually, space is a common result of a fight. However, when you’re both already so far away, the concept of space is more complicated.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Despite falling out, the couple keeps conversing. Angry, passive-aggressive words exchanged over screens fail to extinguish the desire to keep texting. This comic encapsulates the paradox of virtual conflict, highlighting the tenacity of the couple’s connection even in disagreement. The persistence is a silent affirmation that, despite the fight, they still love each other.

Of Shared Experiences

The next illustration portrays the man’s sentimental journey as he revisits places laden with memories of their time together. Each scene, whether it’s a fast food joint they stopped by after a day of fun or a trip to the museum, is a canvas for nostalgia. This is a feeling we can effortlessly relate to.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The artist transformed the mundane into a visual ode to the enduring power of specific locations in preserving the essence of a relationship. It’s a poignant portrayal of sentimentality, where every step echoes with the silent resonance of moments the couple once cherished together.

The VIP in Each Other’s Lives!

In this tender comic, the couple radiates deep love, their connection depicted through intimate moments that weave the fabric of their lives. The illustrations capture the importance of shared glances, gentle touches, and heartfelt gestures the two of them shares every time they spend time together.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

A simple walk on the beach or picnic at the park is packed with so much more than a desire to spend time together. When you’re dating someone who lives far away, moments like these hold so much significance because you don’t know how long it will be before you can do them again.

Hugz For Both!

In this endearing comic snapshot, a man and his feline companion engage in a heartwarming video call with the woman they both love most. The illustration exudes warmth as the man, sharing his space with a cat, extends a virtual hug to his distant lover.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The scene beautifully conveys the simplicity and creativity that infuse long-distance relationships and also illustrates the power of technology in bridging emotional gaps. We know virtual hugs can’t be compared to physical ones, but you have to admit that it’s better to get one of these than to have none at all!

The Cutest Surprises

In this heartening comic snapshot, Bry’s timely message is a beacon of support for Emi in a moment of need. The illustration tenderly captures the serendipity of connection and the element of surprise as the words arrive precisely when they are needed most.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Through expressive artistry, the comic resonates with the subtle beauty of emotional synchronization, illustrating how a simple message can serve as a lifeline, bridging the virtual gap and offering comfort in the delicate dance of their shared experiences. So, go on, send that surprise selfie!

Dreaming Together

In a bittersweet comic moment, Emi dreams of a blissful union with her partner, only to be abruptly awakened by the harsh beep of an alarm. The illustration delicately captures the fleeting nature of dreams, the ephemeral joy dissipating with the intrusion of reality.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Through expressive artistry, the comic conveys the contrast between the warmth of the dream and the cold reality of waking. Yet again, the artist illustrates the universal experience of yearning for closeness with your person. Sadly, reality always has a way of ruining things!

On Different Time Zones

In this relatable comic, the challenges of different time zones play out in the form of a promise to get back in touch soon. The illustrations depict moments of longing and frustration as the couple grapples with the temporal distance between them. The clock becomes a silent antagonist, accentuating the difficulties of synchronization.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Waiting for your partner to text you as promised is hard enough in normal relationships. We can’t imagine how much more frustrating it is when you’re both on different continents separated by oceans and time zones. Oh well, at least you can always count on sleep as a form of comfort.

Worth It!

In this heartwarming picture, the arduous journey to see a partner takes on a magical quality as the couple finally reunites. The illustrations show the anticipation, yearning, and joy that wash over them upon meeting. Did we mention excitement? Well, there’s usually a ton of that too!

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The scenes unfold with expressive artistry, conveying the sentiment that the trials of travel are effortlessly eclipsed by the happiness of being together. It’s a visual celebration of the belief that every mile traversed is a small price to pay for the immeasurable warmth and connection found in the embrace of a loved one.

How it Feels

Technology is clearly the silent hero in long-distance relationships. These illustrations portray the couple navigating screens and sharing moments that make them feel closer. From virtual hugs to shared laughter, they capture the transformative power of technology in fostering a sense of togetherness.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

This is a visual ode to the digital tools that become conduits of love, uniting hearts across distances. Moments like these highlight the remarkable ability of technology to amplify the emotional closeness that transcends physical separation. With Facetime, you and your lover can spend the night together even though you’re not in the same bed.

When You Forget Something Important…

In this humorous yet relatable comic, Emi jolts awake, realizing she forgot to send a good night message to Bry. The illustrations vividly portray a situation most long-distance couples can relate to. Texting in bed is always a slippery slope because you never know when sleep might overpower you.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Like Emi, we have also found ourselves in a similar place where we either forgot to text back or texted non-sensical phrases that can only be described as gibberish! When you realize what happened, there’s always a rush to rectify the situation like Emi undoubtedly did here.

If only…

This contemplative comic shows the couple yearning for proximity as they engage in whimsical daydreams of how wonderful it would be to be closer. It sucks to find someone who gets you and loves you, but then they end up living so far away.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Nevertheless, couples like Emi and Bry play the cards they are dealt and choose to risk it all for a chance at true love. Through artistry, the comic becomes a visual reverie, inviting viewers to join the couple in their imaginative journey filled with the desire for intimacy that only physical closeness can bring.

Super Busy

Bry’s playful side takes center stage as he cheekily claims that he was “busy sleeping” when answering a call. The illustrations capture the comedic essence of his response, bringing a lighthearted touch to the interaction. Emi was clearly not having any of it at first.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The scene unfolds with expressive artistry, portraying Bry’s witty charm and the couple’s shared sense of humor. It is a delightful snapshot of the amusing dynamics that infuse their relationship, highlighting the joy found in playful banter even across the virtual landscape of calls and screens.

Appreciating the Little Things

In this comic, the couple learns to cherish the nuances of their connection amidst the distance. The illustrations portray moments of appreciation for the small gestures and details they share when they’re together. It reminds us of the famous song by Passenger, Let Her Go.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

When you’re in a relationship where you and your partner don’t see each other often, it makes you appreciate and cherish the time you spend together. The little things like watching a movie in bed or making a meal together are so precious.

Sometimes Life Makes You Do Things You Don’t Want

The struggle of letting your partner go after several blissful yet fleeting days is real. The illustrations below capture the conflict between the desire to hold on and the necessity of parting. The scenes unfold with expressive artistry, conveying an emotional tug-of-war.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The first day of being together after being apart is always magical. Not much compares to that level of excitement. It’s almost like a high! But then reality hits, and soon enough, you’re back at the airport, only this time, you are leaving.

The Excitement!

In this heartwarming comic, Emi’s face lights up with joy upon seeing a call from Bry. The illustration effortlessly shows the excitement and emotional rush that accompanies the surprise. Contrastingly, things are significantly different when it is an unknown caller.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

This is something we do too. A surprise call from your person in the middle of the day is such a welcome distraction. Depending on where you’re at in the relationship, you even get giddy! Whoever said love is a drug may have been on to something!

Happiness is Cheap

Still on the topic of calls, our couple revels in the simple joy of hearing each other’s voices in the next one. The illustrations convey the warmth and happiness that radiate a random call, capturing the power of a simple conversation.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

It is a visual testament to the profound impact of hearing a loved one’s voice. For some reason, a conversation with your partner has the ability to settle things like nerves and uncertainty. Even though you were having a terrible day, a short exchange can change everything.

A Lullaby

In the next one, Emi finds solace in Bry’s voice notes, using them as a lullaby to soothe herself to sleep. Well, this is something we have done before, and we can’t recommend it enough! Remember what we just said about voices and conversations? This is just more proof.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The illustration, though seemingly simple, conveys the tender intimacy of the moment. This is another tech appreciation post, as it plays a vital role in preserving closeness by transforming beautiful voice notes into heartfelt bedtime rituals that transcend physical distance.

Glued to the Hip, Or Wish to Be

In this whimsical comic, our couple daydreams about traveling the world side by side. Traveling with a partner is a crucial step in a relationship. It’s right up there with milestones like meeting your person’s friends and moving in together. Thus, we understand Bry’s feelings.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

This scene captures the anticipation of exploring new horizons as a unified pair. It’s a visual celebration of their shared dreams, reflecting the ever-present longing for togetherness and the excitement that comes with the prospect of embarking on life’s journey hand in hand.

Time Flies By When You Love

In this one, time is described as a villain who restricts the couple’s time together. The illustrations show the sweet yet painfully short moments where the hours seem to dance away as you lose yourself in conversation with your love.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

This is a visual celebration of the timelessness found in genuine connection, illustrating how, in the realm of conversations between two people in love, the ticking clock fades into insignificance, leaving only the cherished moments of shared laughter and dialogue.

Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do…

The couple’s unwavering commitment shines through in the next one. Their love is illustrated as a symphony of resilience, depicting moments that echo their determination. Through expressive artistry, the scene conveys the profound depth of their bond. With long-distance, intention is the keyword.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Without it, one or both of you will give up things like calls, texting, sharing bits of your day, doing things together and eventually, communication breaks down. That’s a big sign that things aren’t okay. With Emi and Bry, however, their commitment to making things work is evident. That’s why we’ll always root for them!

How Do They Do This?!

Barbers are unsung heroes in the world of relationships. Just ask any wife or girlfriend! There’s just something about seeing your lover after they get a haircut that just makes them look so good! In this charming comic, Emi expresses her approval and admiration for Bry’s new look.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

She was unsure at first but after seeing his new look, Emi was in love. These scenes are a visual celebration of the simple changes that add a spark to their dynamic, highlighting how even a haircut can become a delightful subject of shared joy and affection.

Not Even the Weather Can Ruin the Mood

Raindrops become a backdrop to Emi’s radiant joy as she engages in conversation with her love. Despite the rain making an unexpected appearance in the middle of a call, her blissful demeanor remains undeterred by the weather. Thanks to her umbrella, everything was fixed in an instant.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

This is a visual testament to the transformative power of connection. Even rain can be a welcome surprise as long as you’re in your happy place. If Emi wasn’t on this call, we doubt she would still be sporting that gleeful smile in the rain.

Food Comes First

In this delightful comic, the couple’s shared love for food takes center stage as they joyfully savor a meal upon reuniting. The scenes depicted here show the excitement of their reunion and the infectious happiness that accompanies the first bites of their food.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The artist did an amazing job portraying the communal joy found in their gastronomic rendezvous. We totally feel Emi because nothing beats a simple date featuring your favorite meal and your favorite human. It’s the stuff love is made of!

On the Same Wavelengths

This won’t come as a surprise because it’s evident that this couple seamlessly rides the same wavelength, their understanding flowing effortlessly like a shared melody. The illustrations capture moments of intuitive connection, where an appreciation for cuteness is a shared trait.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

This is a visual ode to the depth of their connection, showcasing how, in the intricate dance of communication, they navigate the same frequency, creating a beautiful harmony that underscores the profound understanding between their hearts. Genuine connection is heavily underrated.

Wearing Your Emotions on Your Sleeves

In this heartwarming comic, Bry dons a shirt gifted by Emi, which obviously makes her ecstatic. The illustrations vividly capture her elation, showcasing the delightful surprise and the warmth of appreciation. They convey the emotional resonance tied to the thoughtful gesture.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Of course, he’s a gamer! Had you gotten those vibes from him too? When you get into a relationship with someone, you always have this urge to spoil them with gifts, and most of these happen to be clothes. Glad to know that is a universal sentiment.

Tasting Her Cooking

In this sweet and playful comic, Emi and Bry embark on a virtual baking session. Emi is so sweet that she saves a special one for Bry to “try” over a video call. The illustrations capture the warmth of her kitchen and the delightful glee in their eyes as they share the experience.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

This is a celebration of the inventive ways love transcends screens, turning a simple act of baking into a delightful way of affirming the couple’s connection. We just hope Bry had something to eat on his end because after seeing all that, we would certainly be craving cookies!

A New Kind of Heartbreak

In this sad yet slightly comical comic, Bry misses Emi’s call, mistaking it for an alarm. The artist did an excellent job capturing the blend of cuteness and sadness in her expression. Scenes unfold, conveying the humorous misunderstanding and the genuine disappointment in her eyes.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

Aw, we’d be so disappointed too. But he was probably very tired. This one tugs at the heartstrings, highlighting the adorable missteps that pepper their connection, reminding us of the endearing intricacies that make a relationship both charming and profoundly human.

A Reminder

Bry is gently reminded of the time zone difference between where he is and where Emi lives, leading to a reflective moment. You can see the subtle shift in his expression as reality sets in. Poor girl, we feel you.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

If you look at it another way, this means that these two are usually in such constant communication that time zones are easily forgotten. If you ask us, that’s awesome! Geography and time zones have nothing on these two lovebirds.

Opposites Do Attract, But Similarities Bond You Even More

In this one, the artist underscores the significance of shared humor in the couple’s relationship. The illustration shows moments of laughter, showcasing the shared comedic wavelength that intertwines their bond. It portrays the genuine joy derived from their mutual sense of humor.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The lighthearted moments the couple shares act as a glue that binds them together and highlights the enduring importance of laughter as a foundational pillar in the tapestry of their shared connection. This one is for all the ‘reelationships’ out there (if you know, you know).

Communication is Key

In this enlightening comic, the artist emphasizes the pivotal role of communication in nurturing a thriving relationship. The illustrations vividly capture moments of dialogue and understanding, portraying the couple navigating the intricate landscape of communication. Occurrences like these are common.

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The comic serves as a gentle reminder, illustrating how the art of communication acts as a cornerstone, fostering connection and fortifying the foundation of a healthy and enduring relationship. Lucky for these two, they both understand and trust each other.

Un Hombre Muy Guapo!

In this playful and charming comic, Emi surprises Bry by suddenly speaking in Spanish, declaring him a handsome man. As we mentioned before, Bry is from Mexico, so this was such a delightful surprise from his girlfriend. She’s so sweet!

Image Courtesy of longdistance_comics / Instagram

The artist did a wonderful job capturing Bry’s surprise and utter joy. He couldn’t take it! The comic is a visual celebration of the unique and surprising ways in which love, thoughtfulness, and playfulness intertwine, adding a touch of spontaneity to the dynamics of their connection.