Looks Can Be Deceiving

By Ruby M

A lot of the comics created by NY Cartoonist, gratified maker of the viral series of one-panel cartoons Fruit Gone Bad are simply punny or dark humor created to bring joy to the people reading them – but some of his comics, in particular, caught our eye as being a little bit deeper than that. 

There seems to be an altercation between two carrots in this cartoon – still rooted in the ground. One of the carrots appears to be taller than the other above ground and believes that he could defeat the other in a fight. However, beneath the surface, we can see that the carrot may look smaller than the other, but the shorter-looking carrot is far stronger. This is more than just a pun about carrots – it is telling us that nothing is what it seems. 

A person might appear to be weaker, less intelligent, or financially inferior to another – but under the surface, where no one can see, they might be far stronger both physically and intellectually or might be sitting on a considerable amount of money. Still, their looks may be deceiving because they do not dress a certain way or act a certain way. The cartoonist is saying that one should be careful when threatening others – because you never know who they truly are.

Another great example of looks being deceiving is this comic of pumpkins waiting in line to be auditioned for the “face of Halloween” in the opening sequence of “Halloween,” which we all know is the Jack-O-Lantern in the front of the row, being ridiculed by the others in line. This has happened in real life, where actors and celebrities like Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift, and Elon Musk were shamed before they became famous – and we bet those shamers are regretting it now.

In short – be kind because you never know who the people you ridicule are going to become or achieve in the future.