Love Is Always Love!

By Divya G

Love is an intensely deep connection that can be found in the most peculiar of places. Rhianna might say that she “found love in a hopeless place.” While The Black Eyed Peas are still wondering, “where is the love?”. Those who have found love know that it is an affection, often between two entities. Love for a husband or wife, love for a child, love for a pet, these are all beautiful ways to share our love and affection.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

There is one type of love we often neglect, and that is “self-love.” This unique type of love revolves around just you and making sure your needs are being met. Self-love is loving and honoring yourself in the best way possible.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

This illustration depicts that love and self-love can come in many different forms, including the use of a vibrator, dildo, or your “battery-operated boyfriend.” Molnar portrays that people can love in many different ways, and there are no rules that have to be followed. The love between same-sex couples, hetero couples, and even a love connection to one-self is valid.

The best concept that we took away from Molnar’s work is that choosing to be alone or with a vibrator is just as acceptable as any other healthy relationship. Engaging in self-love keeps you aware of your needs and can prevent you from being involved in toxic or abusive relationships. Self-love can also keep away all those who do not value you and don’t give you the respect you deserve.