Love Is Beautiful, And This Artist Shows Us Just That

By Kanyi M

They say that art is really subjective and that it can leave a lot up to interpretation. The following comics are no exception. They were created by Robichek, and they deal with the subject of love – in separate parts.

Love is… Caring for each other

There are numerous interpretations of what love entails among individuals. In this first comic, the lady seems to be cold. He notices this and takes off his coat, and gives it to her. Why does the guy have a fireplace tattoo on his back?

Credit: yuvalrob/Instagram

Could it be symbolizing a provider? In the sense that he provides his love with warmth? Judging by this comic, that assumption seems pretty reasonable.

Love is… Doing fun things together

Engaging in recreational activities such as swimming in a lake with a companion is just one example of the enjoyable pursuits that people undertake. Also, traveling across the sea together is a good reason to get some fresh air and see new horizons.

Credit: yuvalrob/Instagram

When a couple does exciting stuff together, it means that they are getting closer. It could also be a sign that they are meant to be together, especially when doing things together is more fun than anything else.

Love is… Being there for each other

When things aren’t working out, a tight hug is the thing that reminds you to keep going. Also, a hug is a comforting message that you are dedicated in your relationship and would stick around no matter what. You can also see the love in this one.

Credit: yuvalrob/Instagram

After a rough day at the workplace, what better to do than to rest with your loved one in a hammock? Getting some fresh air and enjoying time together with him/her is the perfect way of recharging our battery for the next day!