Marge And Mitch: Knitting And Pampering

By Goodness M September 7, 2022

Nicola Worswick created the hilarious series of Marge and Mitch comics where Mitch the cat proves to be quite a handful for Marge, his owner. Nicola is an author and illustrator who has published seven books for children. Also, she sells her illustrations of gifts and products on Redbubble.


Pet owners love dressing up their fur friends in cute outfits, and for those with sewing or knitting skills, it’s impossible to resist creating a piece for their cat or dog to wear. Marge is clearly an expert knitter, so she couldn’t help but make some warm clothes for her pets.

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

Clearly, Mitch can’t read; otherwise, he wouldn’t be so quick to laugh at the dog. Guess which fur friend is wearing a sweater next! A trick you can do to convince your cat to wear a sweater is to play with him to activate his playful hunting behavior. This plays a vital role in confidence-boosting. Once their confidence is boosted, they tend to easily familiarize themselves with the aspect of wearing a sweater. However, constantly monitor your cat to pick up any discomfort that might be caused by wearing the sweater.

New Hairdo

We love petting our fluffy companions, and usually, they like it when we do. Though cats can be picky sometimes, and you can only get some scritches in when they want it.

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

Clearly, Mitch is in the mood for some attention because he is happily sitting while his fur gets brushed. What we love most about this comic is the detail Nicola put in. Do you see what’s written on their magazines? So creative!