Marge And Mitch: Shoplifting Treats

By Goodness M

Marge and Mitch’s shopping trips are always full of hilarious drama. Nicola Worswick, in her comic, reveals the enthusiasm that Mitch has when he goes shopping with Marge. Of course, Mitch loves to go shopping for the wrong reasons.

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

Being the cute cat he seems to be, the shopkeeper adores Mitch and is always happy to see him. Little does she know that Mitch is a smooth criminal ready to pounce. However, the shopkeeper’s dog knows Mitch’s intentions of stealing treats. This leads to a confrontation whereby Mitch admits that he is guilty and threatens to harm the dog if he utters a single word to anyone.

Mitch’s thieving behavior is caused by boredom because he is always holed up in the house. Therefore, when he gets the chance to go out he makes it an adventure to remember, by stealing treats. Also, Mitch mimics the behavior of cats in the wild who bury their food for later consumption. As a result, he steals and hides the food skillfully without raising any suspicions.

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

This behavior by Mitch and other cats, in general, is a great cause for concern. As a way of combating this mischief, provide a stimulating environment. This can be achieved through the provision of perches, resting areas, scratching posts, and private places. Always reward them for good behavior.

If Mitch’s behavior improves for the better, Marge would be saved from the humiliation of being associated with a thieving cat. However, the fact that Marge does not suspect Mitch of these criminal activities, it will be hard to change Mitch’s deceptive behavior.