Marge And Mitch: Sports Shenanigans

By Goodness M

Nicola Worswick shows the funny side of bowling featuring Marge and Mitch. As always, Mitch throws spanners in Marge’s work. As Marge is about to celebrate her perfect strike, Mitch mischievously sends the dog to fetch the ball before it hits the target. Everyone is disappointed by Mitch’s action, but he is delighted.

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

As in most of her comics, Nicola shows the delight Mitch takes in messing up Marge’s day. This time, he ruined her perfectly good game of bowling by having a dog chase after the ball. Although not all dogs are excited by a game of fetch, this one clearly was and Mitch was happy to take advantage of that. Hopefully, he didn’t get hurt on the slippery bowling lane.

According to Nicola, watching sports is just as complicated as playing them when you own a cat. It’s no secret that cats love to cause mischief, and Mitch is a perfect example. For some reason, cats love pawing at things, often to the extent that they fall and break.

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

While cats normally enjoy knocking over cups of water — or if you’re unlucky, red wine — which is a mess but simple enough to clean up. But sometimes they go for a bigger task, like breaking the TV. This is one of the downsides to sleeker televisions today; they are much easier for cats to get behind and nudge right off the table! Fortunately, it looks like Marge caught Mitch just in time before he ruined her TV.