Marge And Mitch: Video Games And Cats Don’t Mix

By Goodness M

Nicola Worswick’s comic Marge & Mitch showcases the naughty side of cats when they are seeking attention from their humans. In this instance, Marge is enjoying her video game, but Mitch the cat does like to share the attention. Cats have many tricks up their sleeves (if they had sleeves, that is) to be the center of attention. Sometimes it involves walking over everything their owner is trying to do, other times it’s meowing loudly, and every now and then…

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

It must have been hard to pull out the plug without having opposable thumbs, but Mitch was successful. And being a cat, he was of course, very sneaky, so Marge had no clue why her game turned off!

Of course, life with a cat doesn’t necessarily mean destruction. As with most pets, playtime with cats is fun for both the owners and the furballs themselves. This next comic is a sweet scenario of them playing games together.

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

The last time we checked, Space Invaders is a game about shooting alien ships, not neighborhood shenanigans. This must be a special version designed specifically for cats who like to invade people’s personal space. Get it?

Once again, Mitch is a very skilled cat to be able to navigate the joystick without thumbs, but he made it work and even got the high score! And Marge looks just as happy as he is. This is a much nicer scenario, where humans and cats can enjoy each other’s company together without messing up one another’s stuff. Wouldn’t you agree?