Marge And Mitch: Working From Home

By Goodness M

Nicola Worswick is a comic artist; one of her series is called Marge & Mitch, which follows the daily struggles of living with a cat. One problem that became more prevalent in the last few years was working from home. In 2020, more people found themselves spending their 9-to-5s from their own homes.

It was fun at first, to be around our pets all the time, and they seemed to like the attention just as much. But we can’t spend our whole day cuddling our companions; we need to work so we can afford to buy their food! Well, no one explained this to Mitch.

Image Credits: cuthbertandscatthecat/Instagram

Cats are very patient. Well, usually. They may meow when they want something, but sometimes they resort to just sitting and staring until you give in. Marge has clearly dealt with this behavior before and she is managing to focus on her work despite the three pairs of eyes staring her down.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Nicola Worswick

Another aspect that Nicola Worswick illustrates is the desire for cats to be around their humans. While working from home, the cat demands undivided attention all the time. As a result, when you try to concentrate on your work, brace yourself for resistance and hostility. Just like Mitch, pets love to cuddle with you all the time if you give them a chance.

It’s simultaneously cute and funny from the owner’s point of view, but from the angle her coworkers see, it’s a different story. It looks like Mitch entertained one of them, though.