Mental vs. Physical Health: The Difference

By Divya G

Mental health awareness is the ability to recognize psychological well-being as a crucial aspect of overall health and wellness. The creator of this image, Lainey Molnar, has claimed this particular illustration to be her favorite and also labeled it to be “extremely personal.”

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

This illustration compares the lives of two women: one who is suffering from physical health struggles vs. one who is suffering from mental health struggles. In the top image, the woman is surrounded by support from friends and family in the form of their presence and flowers. The bottom photo is of a woman who stands for herself and struggles alone.

Molnar called this illustration personal because she shares that she suffered from mental health for 18 years. She is well aware of how difficult it is to live with an invisible illness, where others can’t quantify your condition, causing it to be often ignored or minimized.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

On the other hand, physical illnesses are visible and usually get treated and attended to. Through her drawing, Molnar points out that both illnesses can be severe and deserve proper recognition and acceptance.

It is crucial to manage your overall health and understand your feelings. Sometimes something as easy as climbing out of bed for breakfast can be considered an accomplishment for someone in a dark place.


We love Molnar as she opts to illustrate some of the most critical issues in our society. These particular images may be relatable, and they send out a crucial message to people who are or know someone who is struggling with mental or physical health.