Motherhood Illustrated: Fun Comics About The Joys And Perils Of Being A Mom

By Oscar J February 28, 2024

Marina Bistrova is a talented artist and a mum of two. Like most parents with toddlers, she admits that as much as they can be a source of joy in your life, sometimes they can be a handful. Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling paths anyone can take, but it’s not all cutesy smiles and adorable tiny feet.

Courtesy of kotokosanna/Instagram

To deal with this, Marina decided to showcase her journey with her little ones. Their day-to-day lives are the inspiration behind her heartwarming collection of comics that feature both heartwarming moments and instances that will make your eye twitch!

For example, she has one that features what ‘me-time’ looks like for her. Like many moms will tell you, finding time for yourself is as difficult as trying to pin a medal on a shadow. You may think you have put them down for a nap and that you can finally enjoy some time alone, but they always end up surprising you and cutting that time short. It’s like they can sniff your sigh of relief the moment you sit!

In another one, Marina drew a scene where she was putting her child to sleep. As it happens sometimes, the little guy was not sleepy at all, so in an attempt to hang out with Mum a little longer, the kid asks her to tell him a story. Mind you, it’s not just any story. He wants to hear a fairytale about the ceiling, of all things.

Well, Marina is dumbfounded at first, but she quickly whips up a story about a ceiling and floor who spent days on end staring at each other and wanting to meet but couldn’t. Eventually, the building they were in was demolished and during the process, the ceiling fell to the floor, and alas, they finally got their wish. Frankly, this was quite impressive. There’s no way we could have come up with such a tale!

Courtesy of kotokosanna/Instagram

In yet another illustration of the journey of parenthood, Marina explains how having a child means that your heart is never in the same place as your body. That one is so poignant it doesn’t need an explanation. Alternately, she also says that having two little ones means getting used to the fact that one eye will never be in the same place as the second one. You may laugh and say that’s impossible, but they don’t say mums are superheroes for nothing!