New York Artist Uses Puns And Dark Humor In Their Comic Series Fruit Gone Bad

By Ruby M

If you’ve ever seen or even just heard of the animated film Sausage Party starring the popular trio Seth Rogan, James Franco and Jonah Hill then you’ll understand how the food that comes to life has some pretty dirty minds – much like the artist behind Fruit Gone Bad (except, perhaps not to such an extent). The artist who simply goes by the name of “NY Cartoonist” has illustrated tons of cartoons where he has creatively depicted how fresh produce would spend their days if they were as alive as the characters in Sausage Party

Not all of the jokes are for the dirty-minded, but the majority of them require a more grown-up mind to understand the punny jokes or deeper meanings intended in the globally loved single-panel comics. 

There really isn’t too much information to be found about our beloved creator of this punny illustrated world – and it seems that the artist likes it that way. Their name doesn’t appear on their Instagram profile at all and instead, they merely refer to themselves as “NY Cartoonist”. 

Despite the anonymity of the artist,  judging by the 82k followers on their Instagram profile and over 3k likes and hundreds of comments on every comic they post, we know that the internet is loving it anyway – and we are totally here for the humorous lives of these fruits, vegetables and other foods living in this illustrated parallel universe. If you haven’t heard of Fruit Gone Bad – then head over to Instagram and check it out! You won’t regret it.