Of Helpful Boomerangs And Friendly Ghosts

By Kanyi M

We love a good webcomic, how about you? Enjoy these comics and let them bring you a little bit of childlike happiness!

Boomerang Troubles

Credit DanbyDraws

We all know that boomerangs are really cool, but in this comic, the boomerang gets stuck in a tree and a kid tries various ways to get it down. It’s funny, but more importantly, there is more than one way to solve a problem. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork or anything else, these comics can show you how to take your time and come up with a plan for the best outcome!

This boomerang is stuck and since it doesn’t want to let the kid down, it summons tons of strength to pull down the tree with it! It’s just trying out different possibilities. I think it’s kind of smart.

Like this boomerang, you can have some fun with a problem by trying out different solutions.

Wholesome ghosts that had a lovely message from the mother to the sons

We always think of ghosts as scary and spooky, but this comic shows that they can be quite nice and help out. The attorney basically asks these sons to enter a scene from a horror movie.

Credit DanbyDraws

This comic teaches us not to judge by first impressions. The task sounded deadly, and the atmosphere was too creepy to handle, but in the end, expectations and reality simply didn’t meet. It was a wholesome stay! Our courage and trust should come from within ourselves.

In the same way that the two brothers trusted their mother and the attorney, we can teach our children to have faith in themselves.