Of Helpful Grim Reapers And Lying Starship Captains

By Kanyi M

Writer’s Block

In this comic, we see a grim reaper helping an author complete a book. The author is stuck when creating the plot and the reaper suggests a probable ending that could work. The lesson here is to not underestimate the talents of others and the possibility that one can achieve something with help from others.

Credit: DanbyDraws/Instagram

We shouldn’t judge others before we know their true character or their intentions. Instead of escorting the author to the other side, the reaper instead helps guide the author to the most suitable ending that could work. In life, it is often the case that we don’t have all the answers and we need help from others. There’s nothing wrong with accepting a little help, especially when it’s offered.

A familiar situation when we lie about our qualifications

When writing our resumes, or applying for a job, we often tend to exaggerate our qualifications and skills. This is not only wrong, but also dishonest. The lesson to be learned from this comic is that it is wise to not lie about what we can do, as you never know who might be watching or listening.

Credit: DanbyDraws/Instagram

Here, the ship is approaching a quantum hole and the captain who lied about his experience in the past is acting like he knows what he is doing but has no control over the ship. The captain is trusting too much on his luck, and his luck will soon run out. The captain will instead be swallowed by the quantum hole due to his lack of experience.