Online Recipes: 3 Things That We All Hate About Them

By Kanyi M

We don’t know about you, but when we look at a recipe, we find ourselves eager to follow it, especially if it’s a meal we love.

Unfortunately, bloggers and recipe websites are quite guilty of lying or saying stuff that makes recipes sound better than they actually are. We’ve all had less-than-pleasant experiences with online recipes, and here are 3 comics that depict these stressful things!

Get to the point!

Recipe creators love to brag about how special their recipes are. They can’t stop talking about the sentimental, old-fashioned grandma’s recipe that only their family has.

Credit: Maritsa Patrinos/Buzzfeed

The problem is that we just want to see the recipe, not hear about how their grandmother or great-aunt made it. It’s fine if you want to show off a family recipe, but please don’t write a whole book about the recipe’s story before you actually share the recipe!

The so-called “easy” recipe

There’s nothing wrong with making a recipe easier; the problem is when bloggers think that it’s necessary to put in 49 steps. How come they’re sharing an easy recipe, but it actually has as many steps as the most difficult recipes?

Credit: Maritsa Patrinos/Buzzfeed

Don’t say that it’s a straightforward recipe, and then make a recipe that takes days to be made. What we want is something easy to follow. Preferably, the recipe also won’t require us to make a trip to the grocery store.

When the recipe calls for ingredients we’ll only use once

One of the worst things about following online recipes is that bloggers will tell you to use random ingredients that have no other use in the kitchen. It sucks to use our hard-earned money to buy something that will go to waste!

Credit: Maritsa Patrinos/Buzzfeed

Maybe this is the blogger’s fault, but it’s also our fault to some extent. After all, if the recipe tells us that we only need one tablespoon of an ingredient, why do we buy a lot of it?