Parenting is a 24/7 Job

By Divya G

Animal lover and cartoon illustrator Chesca Hause has successfully combined the two things together in her artwork. Her comics are a mix of relatable snapshots of her life, but the humans are drawn as cats! And she says that this works like an absolute escape for her. The wholesome comics in her series Litterverse will leave even non-animal lovers with a happy attitude.

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The illustrations are so cute and humorous at the same time. She mainly depicts the stories of her life through them. The first one is actually true for pets as well, but it’s undoubtedly a struggle mothers deal with. One thing they don’t tell you is that parents have no privacy. Of course, a mother would never turn down a hug from her kids, but it looks like Chesca wishes they’d waited for a better moment.

Raising kids is not all hugs and crayon drawings. There’s also the messy business like food fights with fussy infants and, of course, bathroom time.

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Changing diapers is one part of the job no one wants, especially with infants who seem to need changing nonstop. Whether it’s an explosion in the bathroom or a mess in the kitchen, parents risk losing their minds trying to keep up with their kids. Chesca’s personal experiences made her create these comic strips to lighten up things for the overburdened parents.

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