Parenting Is A Learning Curve

By Divya G

Chesca Hause, who loves conjuring comic strips, believes it works like a coping mechanism. All of us live in trying times, and her art helps her escape from the otherwise mundane and dull surroundings. Her illustrations are spectacular and cater to good humor.

Looking at the first comic strip, we see that the elder son has gone shopping with his mother. Now, most parents are familiar with taking their children to the market and losing them midway. But the difference between Chesca and other parents is that she transforms her parenting experiences into hilarious comic strips. 

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Chesca’s comics are always inspired by the mundane incidents that take place in the day-to-day lives of parents. Being a mom of two, Chesca feels that her comics aptly describe her family affairs.

In the second comic strip, we can see that the mother is teaching new words to her younger son. While shopping, working, and playing, she makes sure he learns new things whenever she gets time.

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Now, that’s another common scenario in the lives of parents. Her comics uphold the true delight of parents when their kids learn a new word. The fumbling words coming out of a kid’s mouth seem sweeter than honey to parents. 

But maybe Chesca’s a Marvel fan and could not withstand her kid confusing “Voltron” with “Ultron.” Honestly, Chesca’s comics are so relatable that it feels like a warm virtual hug for parents. Parents might feel Chesca installed hidden cameras into their houses while browsing through the uncanny resemblance in the comics.