Parents Need Patience And Time To Unwind After A Long Day

By Divya G May 18, 2022

Comic artist Chesca Hause is fond of turning her own life experiences into illustrations, using real events as inspiration for cute comics. Looking at her paintings, we believe that she is a cat person. So she has sketched her whole family as cats.

Her comic strips are marvelous as they deliver the proper sense of humor to the audience. One thing parents everywhere can agree on is the frustration that comes with the earworm songs that children learn. At first, it’s cute; after all, there is no sweeter sound than a child singing happily. That adoration turns to frustration as the days wear on until, finally, a mother’s patience is truly tested.

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We can appreciate the level of patience that mothers have that keeps them level-headed even when their children are driving them bonkers. Hopefully, the shark parents didn’t take offense to her outburst — it was just really bad timing.

The second comic strip also depicts something just like the regular lives of all parents. Chesca herself balances her work life with the full-time job of motherhood. She is fantastic at both jobs, but after a long day, she also needs some personal time. 

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Personal time doesn’t necessarily mean intimate. Some couples prefer to spend their alone time with junk food and a good movie or video games. This comic strip is good life advice, even if you don’t have kids. Set aside some time at the end of your day for a little R&R.

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