Paving Over Bad Memories

By Kanyi M

The human brain can be amusing. We can never seem to remember what we did at work yesterday but have a crystal clear memory of that cringey moment in high school our my pants got caught on a nail sticking out of the desk, ripping them in half and exposing our underwear to the whole class. It’s like selective amnesia, where you can only recall the bad memories.

Do we still think about the awkwardness the moment caused? Absolutely. Does anyone else that saw it remember? Probably not. Fortunately, Chris Yang has created this beautiful comic to help us through those bad memories.

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

The llama is asking the brain to erase some bad memories that have caused him to be ashamed of himself. We wish it were that simple. “Brain, can you erase these bad memories for me?” is such a wholesome sentence. Even though the answer was “no,” the polite request made us smile. At least Loffy’s brain has a sense of humor and a good spirit by providing some happy memories to drown out the bad ones.

In another instance, Loffy the llama show’s his sensitive side when he requests the tortoise to go trick and treating with him. The tortoise doesn’t have a costume. Loffy quickly solves this by painting a Jack O Lantern on the tortoise’s shell. In both instances, his brain has a good sense of humor, but is also sensitive.

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

The moral of the story is that we can override our brain’s programming and choose the good memories over the bad ones. By choosing to laugh at the bad memories, we can overcome the associated negative emotion.