Period Commercials Are Weird

By Divya G

Commercials about periods are getting more and more outrageous. Too many people trust exactly what they see on TV. Going off that notion, most people would assume having your period is the best time of your life. Want to go surfing, play soccer, climb a mountain – no problem, that’s what tampons are for.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of experiencing even one cycle of menstruation is well aware that they can be every woman’s worst nightmare. You usually become cranky irritated and can’t help but indulge yourself in ice creams and chips.

Through her art, Lainey Molnar has creatively illustrated how periods drastically differ in commercials compared to real life. Admit it. You have come across those commercials where women pour a blue liquid on a pad and then laugh together strangely.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

Molnar believes that if women in period commercials were meant to act a bit more realistically, it might actually convince women to buy a specific product.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

While we are on the topic of periods, we cannot help but LOVE this illustration. Going through your menstrual cycle is just one of the many things women have to go through. Women choose different forms of birth control to ensure that they keep getting their period, often at the expense of their wellbeing and mental health. There’s nothing we hate more than hearing a guy say that he forgot or doesn’t use condoms because they cause him discomfort. Let us teach you a thing or two about discomfort.