35+ Heartfelt Comics That Show Us What Couple Goals Look Like

By Jana I

If you are looking for sweet, wholesome, feel-good comics that feature couples and their ups and downs, Pibubear might be comic series for you! Pi (she) and Bu (he) made an online comic that represented their lives and everything they go through. Maybe it’s a cliche to say this, but, in order to have a healthy, loving relationship, you have to be willing to go through the ugly and bad times with the person you love. It’s hard, but it’s necessary. Life is full of trials and tribulations, but only if you love someone enough, you will go through it like a team. We’ve prepared a collection of the comics that we thought were the funniest, cutest, and, most importantly, the most honest and relatable. Just sit back, and enjoy the ride!

All images in this article are courtesy of pibubear on Instagram.

He Makes it Better

When you are on your “days,” feeling more tender and emotional than usual, your significant other can make you feel better… or decide to make it worse for you. Sometimes, not even you know what you want, so proceeding with caution is necessary.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Bu knows exactly how to make Pi feel better. He brought popcorn and ice cream. What a lovely guy; she is a lucky girl. You know what would make this better? It’s a nice foot massage and an iced vanilla late to top it off. Come on.

It Is What It Is

If you want to stay up late gaming, you have to be ready to find your bf or gf has already fallen asleep and taken up the whole bed. Sometimes, sharing a bed is so annoying. You can’t spread out like a starfish and be selfish.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Now, Bu, you got what was coming to you. Pi has settled nicely, so don’t disturb her just because you couldn’t stop the game when she went to bed. Now, you must pay, insolent man! Maybe now he’ll know to turn off his computer earlier.

Someone Needs to Go On a Diet

You should step on a scale only when you are ready to see the result. If you feel like you gained some weight and you want to check, we don’t recommend it. If you feel like you did, well, you probably have, and the number won’t make you feel better.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Bu is too chubby, so, he decided the scale is broken. And just like that, he yeeted it out the window. If only dealing with problems was this easy, no one would ever have any problems at all. Bu, it’s time to eat lettuce and carrots, buddy.

The Best Thing About Couple Life

The best thing about living as a couple is coming home after a long day, and curling up in their arms. One could say, then, you have two homes. The one you live in and the arms in which you feel the safest.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

If you know the one you’re coming to is your true love, life is a tad bit easier. Life is simpler when you are surrounded by those who are good for your soul. Pi and Bu teddies are showing this with their comic.

The Nun

Watching horror movies is such a confusing thing. So, you are willingly putting yourself through terror and stress just to activate your adrenaline, get the rush afterward and feel some excitement?! Well, if that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about humans, we don’t know what does.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

You might feel great watching it, but then, when you can’t fall asleep at night, you’ll realize that it has consequences. When you’re younger, they are not as apparent, but when you get a bit older, that’s when it hits you like a truck!

Lemme Kiss

When you get hurt, whether it is physically or emotionally, you expect someone to support you and console you. Sometimes, all your bf needs to do is open his arms and let you curl in and get cuddled. For example, hitting that little toe is a PAIN!

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

She instantly feels better. Ladies! Do this for your man as well. Although they might seem all scruffy and strong, they need to be babied, too. And even more so than girls! This is one wholesome side of relationships, and we love it.

Fair Enough

If you’ve never experienced enjoying a bag of colorful candy, and only picking out one or two colors, then you are not relatable at all! Everyone knows that the best Skittles is the green one, and the best gummy bear is the orange one.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

This completely makes sense; we get it. Pi has a preference. Her bf is kinda confused, but he still supports her, and that’s what love is all about. You must push each other up, and support each other whenever and wherever!

Don’t Stop Now!

Some people love to get scratched on their arms or backs. They enjoy the sensation. So, when they find someone that is willing to do that, they can’t get enough! They just ask for more, and more, and then, some more.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Look at them! They are so cute, it is almost considered as cuteness overload. When it comes to the art style, it’s adorable as well. The eyes are so googly, their bodies round and squishy; they look like plushies. We love it all!

Knowing What She Needs

Sometimes, it’s all about knowing what one needs. If your’re struggling and your significant other knows what you need at the moment, much less what you want, you know that they’re the perfect person for you. This is someone you must have in your life.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Yeah, Pi probably wants to stay up more, and play her game/watch her video/have a higher screen time. However, her boo Bu (see what we did there~) kindly steered her to bed. Her eyes are bloodshot, her undereye bags speak a story, and she needs this. That is love.

Team Work

Being in a relationship, and a part of a couple requires some hard teamwork! It is not that relationships must and should be hard, but, you will need to choose your battles carefully when you want a relationship to last.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Sometimes, teamwork might require some mental and emotional physics, other times it might require some labor. Like: moving in, setting up furniture together, painting the kitchen, etc. These are all bonding moments, ones that will help you deepen your relationship.

Sending Subliminal Messages

If you are a shy individual, getting the attention you wanted in the first place can make you feel ashamed or flustered. That is exactly what happened to Pi in this comic. This is some highly relatable content they are putting out.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

What are you doing with that dress?! Nothing… Yeah right. We all know she was doing something!! She wanted him to look at her and be amazed, impressed, and fall in love all over again. We think it was a success!

A Jealous Pet

Pets can be super jealous of your relationship with your significant other. They are so used to you loving them, giving them pet names (literally), cuddling them, and petting them, that when they see you doing this to another living being, they flip out.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Bu is the puppy’s property, don’t get it twisted Pi! Silly, Pi, she thought she had Bu wrapped around her finger. Little did she know there is a dog somewhere, that is waiting for its moment to show who’s the boss.


Whoopsies! Having a partner requires being prepared, and ready for someone stealing your juice and eating your food when you’re not at home. Even at home, you’re not safe. The second you turn your head, the thief can strike. Like this:

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Ahem. It’s not like you’ve never done this! Don’t stand there and pretend you are perfect. Now, leave Pi alone and turn around again. Open the fridge, get the drink, get another glass, and pour yourself and her another one. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Boredom Solved

If you feel bored, a good way to prevent it or make it disappear is to annoy your partner. Of course, if they are busy, or doing something important, it’s a perfect time to start asking questions and be inquisitive about their work. They’ll love it!

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Or, you could make them into a y2k pop-rap superstar! Do their hair and makeup, put on some patterned fabrics, throw on some perfume and jewelry, and voilà! Now, you are not bored anymore, your partner is annoyed, and the world is in balance.

Always Purchase Extras

If you are doing some online shopping, always buy something for your partner, too. They will say they don’t need anything, but when your package arrives, they will always ask if there is something for them, too. Everyone loves packages.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

If your s/o is a girl, ordering some cute house items, or decor is always a good idea. If your s/o is a boy, just buy him some beard kit, a pair of socks, or underwear. They always need more for some reason. Take notes, guys and gals.

Ending the Day On a High

Ending a day on a high note is important. You want your day to be concluded with a positive moment. No matter how stressful, and tiring it was. You always want to improve it and fall asleep with a smile on your face.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Pi and Bu seem to know this all too well. They are sharing their daily experiences right before bed and trying to find a positive, laughable matter in all that nonsense. It’s not easy, but it’s a part of life. You have to embrace it.

Little Pi Mouse

Whenever you are preparing food, you are probably snacking along the way. Whether it is a salad, some pasta, or a meat dish, there are always audible nom noms coming from the kitchen. It’s just too irresistible. Everything smells so good that by the time your meal is done, you are not even hungry anymore.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

It’s super adorable that Bu sees her as a little, tiny mouse snacking on some cheese. She does resemble one when you look a bit closer. Look at how his eyes are glistening with love and adoration. They are a match made in heaven.

For You

Even though you don’t feel like it, if someone you love asks you for something, you can’t deny them and say no. It’s too difficult. So, next time your significant other asks you for a favor, like making them a cup of coffee, do it.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Pi would do anything for her dear Bu. He knows this, and he is making these puppy dog eyes just for her. Of course, she wouldn’t mind preparing one warm mug of goodness for her best boyfriend. These scenes are just to die for!

Eternal Love

When you think 20, 30, or 40 years in the future, do you see yourself with this person you chose? If the answer is yes, then you, friend, are in it to win it. You love each other, and that is clear as day. Just like these two do.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Pi just imagined them as two wholesome, calm seniors, and she fell in love with him all over again. That is true love and devotion. Even though age is inevitable, she is still willing to stick with him through it all! Wow, girlie, he got you good!

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed might be one of the best things ever! It is super comforting knowing someone would do that for you without any personal gain. Bu does that for his lovely girlfriend, and it’s the most adorable comic ever.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Some coffee, and a warm meal; that’s all a girl could want to wake up. You see how they do little favors for each other selflessly?! It’s what keeps the flame going, what keeps the love alive and vibrating! They know all the tricks!

It Never Stops

Just like the 9-to-5 grind never stops, annoying your significant other with silly shenanigans also has no end. As it should, thank you very much. Pi has one specific, picturesque way of messing with her boyfriend, and it’s super relatable.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

It doesn’t matter what he is doing; she is about to slap his buttocks—or pretend that she is doing so. He doesn’t mind. Look at that little smirk in the last part of the comic. He loves it! She is his silly girl, and that’s all that matters.

So Many Possibilities

When you are with the one that makes your day better, it really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are together. Sure, you can have your preferences, but generally, it’s their presence that matters, and that’s it.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Pi definitely has her preferences: going to the movies! If there is a movie genre they both enjoy, it’s a win-win. Still, the possibilities are endless: a picnic, a dinner date, going shopping, going ice skating, window shopping in a furniture store, etc.

It Do Be Like That

Sometimes it truly do be like that, ya know? It’s just one of those days that you feel like everything is utterly hilarious. Now, it’s not enough to keep it to yourself; you must share it with someone that will appreciate it. Well, hopefully.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

It’s one thing to send a thoughtful “this made me think of you” message. But, it’s another thing entirely to send 30+ consecutive TikTok videos followed by dozens of laughing and crying emojis. That will leave anyone both concerned and horrified.

How Does One Do This?!

Waking up early and having a whole day ahead of you is such a good feeling! However, if it’s the weekend, sometimes it’s cool to just stay in bed and get as much sleep as you can. Bu chose the latter, and for a good reason.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

She is super cute while sleeping; we can agree with that. However, we wonder how cute she’ll look once she realizes he didn’t wake her up as she told him to. Considering Pi’s character throughout this comic, she’ll be cool about it if there’s breakfast in bed afterward.

Much Better

A couple of messy strands here and there can make a man’s heart flutter; believe them! Bu is revealing all the secrets out here right now! Pay attention. Now, a girl can never go wrong with a good, cute messy bun.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

However, he didn’t stop with the hair. Nah. He needed to mess up her eyebrow, too. She is totally not impressed; however, if you remember what she did to him in her moment of boredom, she shouldn’t be complaining. Do unto others and all that, right?

Yes, You Should

Sometimes, you might feel like your partner, your love, isn’t as romantic as you would want them to be. However, life would be a bit too easy and boring if everyone behaved exactly how we want them to, wouldn’t it?

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Yeah, Pi, everyone can relate to you right now, especially girls. Bu is just doing his thing, don’t expect him to be prince charming all of a sudden. You knew who you chose, didn’t you? We hope so! This is a lifelong ride, girlie; get comfy!

Someone is Ticklish!

When you find out someone is ticklish, there is no coming back. You are about to abuse that power you have and make them cry with laughter! Pi is doing that, and it is adorable. Pi and Bu are what they call relationship goals.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

She couldn’t possibly resist his foot sticking out from the blanket. Seems like Bu doesn’t mind it—well, for now. Perhaps if it lasted long enough, it would be a completely different reaction. No one knows for sure. That’s one secret Pi and Bu will keep to themselves.

It’s All Fun and Games Until It Isn’t

When it comes to baby fever, it’s all fun and games until one of you starts speaking seriously about it, and the other half is not feeling it at the moment. It’s so hilarious, yet at that moment, you feel like your stomach is caving in.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Look at Bu’s face in the last comic. It certainly has everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. He is so real for that. That expression is everything people feel when their s/o starts to fall seriously ill from baby fever.

Chicken Nuggies!

Chicken nuggets are everything but chicken, ya know. But we don’t care; we still love those crispy nuggets. They still have this wonderful dopamine effect on everyone, and it’s worth the health bar going down. It’s delicious, especially with the right condiments.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Chicken nuggets are Pi’s kryptonite. Everyone has one. For some, it’s pizza; for others, a cheeseburger with fries; meanwhile, ice cream and chocolate are others’ weaknesses, etc. What’s important is that her boyfriend knows her weakness and personal tastes best.

Why, For Real

Sometimes answers to all people’s issues are super simple. All they need to do is change their habits, and improvement will come easily. However, changing habits is difficult, and not everyone is ready to change their daily life, not to mention sticking with it.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Half of the generation today suffers from poor back, and it’s so strange why… Can you spot the sarcasm there? Just making sure… Pi has noooo idea why her back is killing her. Well, looking at her sitting position, everything Bu needed to know is apparent.

Getting Comfyyy

Quite often, girls like to get comfy, remove their bras, get a big T-shirt on, and relax! Not everything they do is supposed to seduce men. Remember that! Bu sometimes forgets. He gets excited, but the final result is not what he expected.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

While looking at the comic, we imagine that seductive meme music coming out of it. It’s hilarious to see his facial expression change so much from a fire emoji, to complete sadness and disappointment. She is super content, though, and that’s what matters, fellas.


After a long day, all that can really help you is an embrace that will charge your batteries right up. It is an inexplicable feeling of safety, comfort, love, and dedication. We love how the artist shows that and fills the world with so much love.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

He had his bar all the way down in the red zone, with one life left, and after he hugged his lovely Pi, everything changed for the better. The health bar is topped up, and he got two lives to keep him going. So cute.

Beauty is In The Eye Of the Beholder

Whenever your s/o tells you that you look pretty, you are either super chubby and scruffy looking or looking like a kid on a Sunday morning. There is something endearing about that look—when you are super unbothered by the world around you.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Look at the difference between their facial expressions in the third grid. It’s hilarious. She is horrified, while he is enamored. She thinks she looks awful, and he thinks she is the cutest thing in the world. We bet she has similar photos of him, too.

Let’s Be Real

Whenever a guy buys a hoodie, sweatshirt, or T-shirt for himself, he’s gotta realize it’s for his girl, too. She will get her claws on that thing as soon as you unwrap it. Strike that—as soon as it touched your front door.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Look at her evil face; it is so adorable. Bu still doesn’t suspect a thing, but a painful realization is about to kick in and make his life as it never was before! Muahahaha!!! Pi is going to start wearing his brand-new hoodie, and she’ll look good doing it, too!

Love Is When…

Love is shown in the most unexpected of ways. There are five love languages, after all, and everyone has their individual, complex set of them all. Some are more profound, others not so apparent. This is how Bu shows love.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Even when she can’t see and acknowledge what he’s doing for her, Bu continues anyway. That, friends, is the ultimate display and portrayal of love. Pi is the luckiest girl ever to be spoiled like this. She must spoil him the same!

Her Shoulder To Cry On

What your partners should do for you is be your shoulder to cry on when necessary, and your stepping stone when you need it. They’re your support; your rock. You should be the same for them. It’s easy math, friends.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

You can see how quickly he recognizes she is struggling with something. All he needs is to look at her precious face and can deduce that immediately. Furthermore, he knows exactly what she needs when that is the situation. Adorable!

Anger Gone With the Wind

Sometimes, couples get angry with each other, and that’s completely normal. As long as you can come to a resolution, those arguments, quarrels, and angry moments don’t matter that much. Mutual respect is all it takes to make it through to the other side!

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

One good thing about having an adorable, squishy face like Pi is that it’s impossible to stay angry with her for long. Her boyfriend is crying with laughter mere seconds after being angry with her. It’s as easy as that, folks. Love is simple.

Little Hungry Dinosaur? Relatable.

Whether you like it or not, at some point, everyone is a hungry little dinosaur. Well, no one likes it, to be fair. However, some find it easier to admit than others. It’s fine, though; Pi and Bu are there to call out everyone and anyone!

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

As soon as the take-out arrived, it was all good and dandy! She became her old, lovable, adorable self. It is super relatable, though. Both her dinosaur state, and her overly cute state after eating. Girls get like that; don’t ask us why.


When you feel like something is missing in your day, ask yourself: have I kissed my love today?! If the answer is no, then, friend, you ought to change that as soon as possible. It will make your day much better!

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Luckily, Pi figured out that problem pretty quickly. She just gave him a hint, and he understood how to fix it instantly. That is the connection you should all strive for. Find yourself a Pi or a Bu, and the world will become a better place.

Mom and Dad Having a Chat Like…

Some things should just stay in the bedroom if ya know what we’re saying… Your children don’t have to witness any type of touchy-touchy, feely-feely moment between you and your loving spouse/partner. That is traumatic, and, sadly we probably can all relate.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

However, displaying that in front of pets might make you think it’s different. However, it’s not! Leave your nasty things for yourselves, and don’t make those poor puppies and kitties witness it! Oh, whatever will they do with that information… Poor souls.

Granny Mode On

When girls start prepping for bed, they usually start to resemble little grannies. Let us elaborate: they put on their hair cap, to take a safe shower, then, they take off their makeup, put on a heavy hydration cream, and put on the comfiest nightgowns.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

Good thing her loved one likes her even when she looks like that and not like an Instagram model. She is worth his time, love, and attention even when her appearance doesn’t fit the standard. That is so delightfully precious.

Even In a Crowded Room, He Still Looks At Her

What matters is that even in a crowded room, you still gravitate toward each other. It doesn’t mean sitting near either other, either. Those secret gazes and shy looks you share that are only for you two to feel and see are unmatched and irreplaceable.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

The affection these two show to each other, even covertly, is so undeniably cute. They are not doing too much, for when others need to say: get a room! No, they are so wholesome and adorable, that you can just enjoy their company and hope that good love and luck rubs on you, too!

Dreams Turn Into Reality

Those spicy dreams, as they call them, can get you feeling a different type of way. They are usually so realistic that, when you wake up, you feel like it happened. It’s no wonder why, when Pi woke up, she immediately wanted to make her dream come true!

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

That poor guy has no idea what is about to happen to him. Pi woke up with an incentive, and she was not backing down until she got it! That is also, what love is all about. Passion, and the undying attraction you both feel.

Hsss! Vampire In Da House!

This usually happens like that! There is one that loves the bright light entering and illuminating the whole house, whereas the other hates it! They are little hermits that love dark corners, and the only brightness there is coming from their displays and screens.

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

It just depends on what your personal preference is. It’s difficult to get used to other, different habits, but, you can always compromise. Pi wasn’t going to do so that day, and that is cool, too. Bu the vampire will have to endure it for the time being.

Too Late

People get homesick for their partners often. The reason we say “homesick” is that a partner usually feels like a safe space for all. It is like home. If you are separated for long, you might feel uneasy. It’s normal!

Image Courtesy of pibubear / Instagram

However, one of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard in a long time is: take advantage of your moments when your partner is on their own, so you have time for yourself. That is so true! Those moments are precious, and we should all chase them whenever we can.