44 Honestly Humorous Couple Comics About Marriage And Pregnancy

By Ana

Marriage and pregnancy are extraordinary and astonishing milestones in a lot of people’s lives. However, these milestones don’t come easy for most. Choosing to go down this path opens you up to new obligations and a mandatory change in lifestyle for both you and your partner. You have to make plenty of changes before you decide to share your life with somebody or bring a whole new life into the world. These comics, fabulously written by Joy Lin and illustrated by Nohra Johnston are an incredible depiction of the realities of pregnancy and married life for this hysterical and sarcastic fun-loving couple. We thoroughly enjoyed traveling through this pregnancy journey through these cartoons and we know that you will too!

Prank Wars

Pregnancy affects everyone differently. Some women get big bellies and some don’t even fluctuate in weight. You never know where you are going to land in the process. For this reason, it’s hard to tell if someone is pregnant or just ate a big lunch!

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

It is tough to tell if someone is carrying, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. You might even decide to prank people when you are at the early stages! Like in the comic above, you might want to use the opportunity to tell them they are rude for asking!

That’s What She Said

Unrelated to pregnancy, having cold feet seems to affect ladies more than men. Is it in our genetics? It must be something related to our hormones… That being said, if you happen to have a male partner, you have probably been in a similar situation.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

Boyfriends are a great source of heat! Just like in the comic above. Your partner might not like being used as a heater. They might be concerned about the state of their tracksuit bottoms or something. But a “that’s what she said” joke can always get you out of trouble.

Size Doesn’t Matter

They say opposites attract. When you see some couples you know, this is true. It’s cute to see the nerd and outgoing couple out together. It’s no secret that some short girls and tall guys are attracted to one another.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

When we say short girls, we mean SHORT, and when we say tall, we mean TALL. Like, the couples who might need additional chairs to kiss! Like in the picture below. Who else has seen Tall Girl 1 & 2 on Netflix?

Waddle Waddle

Do you ever feel like you might have a food baby? Like you ate so much that you look pregnant and feel nine months pregnant. It happens. If it didn’t happen, pregnant ladies couldn’t prank people about not being with child.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

However, never complain about your food baby, implying that you have a more challenging time carrying food than a woman carrying a baby! That’s another story. Only pregnant ladies can joke about their struggles! Or you get a lesson with that belly in your face! So it seems.

You Little…

Pregnancy can be magical, but everyone knows it’s not easy. From the added weight you have to carry around to the menacing kicks you receive throughout all hours of the night, it is a strain on the body for sure. It’s not all joy and endless unconditional motherly love.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

Sometimes you want to strike back! Other people might be shocked, like in the comic above, but they are not the ones getting booted from the inside! So, who are they to judge? They may experience pregnancy one day as well, and only then can they truly get it!

Baby Face

Sometimes, when you have been together for a long time, you might feel like you know everything there is to know about a person. You might miss the thrill of the hunt or the excitement when you meet someone new.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

This can be fixed by changing your beard or haircut, as we can see above. For bonus effects, you might throw in some role play and pretend like you are meeting someone new—great tips to keep the excitement alive.

What’s Mine Is Yours

Sharing is caring, so they say. When you live with someone, you have to learn to share. It’s an essential skill. If you don’t like sharing, the whole cohabitating thing might not work out in the long term. You might be cool…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… with sharing food. It gets easier over time. But what about children? One way to announce you are pregnant is to spin it as the sharing of your firstborn! See the picture above how you can smoothly slide that into the conversation.

Now Means Now

Sometimes when you are in the middle of something, all you need is a little bit of assistance. Like if you are being kind enough to prepare a meal for your partner and you, the least they can do is…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… hand you some ingredients, right? Well, this is a particularly true moment if you are doing chores for the both of you AND growing your child simultaneously. Were you playing video games? Excuse you. Get off that couch and participate! And don’t expect a participation trophy!


Feminism is great. It got us, ladies, the right to choose what we want to do with our lives and what path we want to take. However, sometimes life gets complicated. The thought of settling down with a wealthy partner has most likely crossed all over minds at one point or another.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

The joy of having 0 responsibilities and just staying home can be an ideal world for some. However, we mostly choose to marry for this little thing called love nowadays, making it difficult to just stay at home. However, it would be nice to just kind of exist.

The Precise Moment

We already touched upon the strains kicking puts on the body. But apparently, a baby kicking isn’t always random. Much like other obnoxious people in your life, these babies love to do certain things at specific times. You know how your…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… mom always calls you when you are extremely busy? Well, it seems babies love to give you a little kick when your bladder is full. It wouldn’t be life. If it didn’t all come at once, right? Just a little taste of what’s about to come.

Little Things

We are beginning to think these two love birds do not always get along or have a peculiar prank war going on. Now, is this a conversation they had in real life or something made up for artistic purposes? The line seems pretty thin between reality and creativity.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

What do you think? We suppose this is just banter between two besties who happen to live together and have a baby together. It’s all harmless, right? No one’s hairline really got hurt. Right? It seems like a brutal punishment.

Open Minded

There are a lot of questions that can come to mind when a new parent is expecting a baby. The world is getting more complicated by the minute, and new parents now have even more questions than ever! Like, what…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… will be the preferred gender and sexuality that their kid will fancy? The kid has not even seen the world, and here they are in the comic above discussing their baby’s future dating life. Ah, parents will always find new ways to worry!


Like we said, getting married and deciding to have a baby, in whichever order you choose, are all significant milestones in one’s life. If you ever played video games, you know how satisfying it is to acquire a hidden treasure or…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… complete an obscure special mission! The comic above is a perfect example of how it feels to get a baby in gaming terms. It’s like you acquired an exceptional object! It took nine months to grow it. How great is that?

Food Baby

We already had a funny comic that tackled the struggles of having a food baby in your belly versus a real baby. That one did not end well for the male partner! In this comic, we have the other side.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

In the picture above, we have a pregnant lady who feels like her food baby is more prominent than her actual baby! That’s a great one that we have yet to hear before! How can she tell? Where does one end and the other begin? Maybe it’s a pregnancy superpower.

Hey, Look At Me

When you have been together for a long time, it’s hard to notice the minor changes in your partner. Now, male partners are notorious for not seeing these things regardless of the circumstance. That’s what the next comic is about.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

However, when they do notice something, it’s usually a comment about something we don’t. Like in the comic above, they notice certain parts of your body more than you! Just not the ones you are looking for them to notice when you ask, “do you see anything different?”

Belly Rest

Ok, this next one might seem strange to those who do not have breasts. If you are in the larger category with your ladies, you know how heavy they can be. No one understands the concept of getting home and changing into pajamas than a woman who wore a bra all day.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

It’s not easy carrying all that weight. Does it look good? Absolutely. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Honestly, growing a belly to hold them might seem like the most practical advice. It does not seem too crazy when you put it that way!

Rub A Dub

As we said, the male partners might notice specific parts of your body more than you do. They can’t seem to help it! The heart wants what the heart wants, we guess. So if you complain about something unrelated…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… men will find ways to slide those body parts into the conversation. How? It’s their superpower. It’s kind of a lame superpower since it’s not the most helpful or useful one. But still, it qualifies as a superpower. Right?


You know when you have a great dream, and you just don’t want to wake up because it’s so awesome? Well, imagine eating for two and dreaming of a buffet and then waking up to find out it wasn’t real.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

It must be heartbreaking. But do you think the partner was also disappointed when she woke him up to tell him about the buffet? It seems like he is not too happy either in the second part of the comic. A gentleman would take his partner to a buffet that night for dinner!

Role Reversal

If you ask a lot of people who will take more time to get ready, men or women, they will likely say women. It’s a common stereotype that we ladies are always late. Allegedly. But the truth is we are all different.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

In the comic above, we can see that sometimes the opposite is true. If we are being honest about our experience, it’s the men who are always late! They “only have to put socks on,” but somehow, that takes 30 minutes or more.

Gender, Again

Speaking of stereotypes, girls get the short end of the stick with almost everything. There are so many negative stereotypes about ladies. They are neurotic, and they are too much, they are not enough. No wonder new parents might be scared.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

However, what matters the most is for the baby to be born happy and healthy. We can think about gender and societal norms later. First, focus on keeping the fragile little thing alive. The rest will be more manageable over time.


Some of us were just not jewelry people before we got married and still don’t feel comfortable after the wedding either. But as tradition mandates, you should carry at least one ring with you once you are married. In some countries, the ring is on the right hand.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

In others, the ring is worn on the left hand. But if you were not big on jewelry before marriage, no matter the hand, it might take some time to get in the habit of putting it on. Don’t worry; you can always draw it on.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

We know our partners love us and obviously find us attractive. After all, why would they be with us if they didn’t think we looked great and had a good personality? Although we know that, it’s nice to hear it.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

Sometimes you just need that extra confirmation. Just like in the comic above. Sometimes you have to ask, “do I look pretty today?” But we don’t know if the response she got in the comic is good enough or confusing.

Awesome Sauce

Apparently, you can play the classic “Simon says” game with Alexa. We already know by now that this couple does not hold back and will use any opportunity to tease each other. So naturally, their game of “Simon says”…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… turns into banter and an opportunity to take little digs at each other. These digs are not as big as plucking someone’s hair until their hairline recedes, and this exchange seems to have ended more favorably, too, as long as they are happy!

We Want It All

Pregnancy cravings can be tricky, but at least it’s the one time in your life when you can be demanding and needy, and the people in your life will be understanding. In theory! So, when you hand them a weird order…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… they might look at you weirdly like in the comic above, but they will have no choice but to go ahead with it. Three different things from three different takeouts? Why not? It’s your choice, and you are the one growing another human!

Busy Doing Things

Speaking of excuses that can be used during pregnancy, you can always say no to events and work, and people will get it. Growing a whole new human is no easy task. In this next comic book, there is a specific body part…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

…. that our protagonists are focusing on growing at the moment. However, we do not recommend turning down job offers with that particular explanation. Maybe just focus on the general the specific body part growing could shock and scare off potential.

Even Steven

When you are in a relationship with somebody, you don’t want to seem too needy, even when you are together for a long time, or even married! The fear of being too needy doesn’t disappear quickly. In this next comic…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

…. we have an illustration of precisely that doubt. You want to tell your partner how special they are and that you love them to the moon and back, but also, you don’t want to be too cheesy about it, right?

Feed. Baby.

Another perk of pregnancy, other than getting to be a little unhinged and pranking people, is that you can use your belly to get better restaurant service. In a way, the next comic looks a little bit like a prank.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

If you shake your baby in front of male waiters, it works better than if you shake your baby in front of waitresses. So, if they would usually be slow for dessert, you can say that the baby demands some pie.

Candy Crushed

Candy crush might have died out in popularity in the past few years, but it’s still a popular game. Or rather, it’s a classic. At some point, everybody played it, even moms and dads! These future parents had a little…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

…exchange about it in this comic above. The wife asked if it’s too cynical for her username to be “sugar kills”? What do you think? We think it’s pretty clever and funny! Great username for the game. Cynical and witty.


When you are pregnant, you might experience mood swings. If your partner is not the patient type, this can lead to conflict and petty arguments. So even if someone comes to help you renovate your new house for the baby…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… you might not be able to give it your full attention. In the comic above, we see that sometimes it’s not the space that annoys you the most, but your partner. Unfortunately, we hope they managed to renovate and solve issues!

Double The Love

Like we’ve seen in some other comics on this list, sometimes you just like to hear how much you are loved and appreciated. Often, once is not enough. The good thing is you can always say you want to listen to it…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… twice because of the baby. However, this plan backfired for our pregnant protagonist because her partner betrayed her by saying he loved the baby more! Well, it was a good try, but he was two steps ahead. Better luck next time!

Leather Balloon

Another thing that makes us go “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” is football. Whether European or American, something about a leather ball being tossed around on the court makes the men go wildly mad.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

What is it that mesmerizes them so much and makes them have a rollercoaster of emotions? It’s hard to understand. The comic book above puts it perfectly. Why does your night have to be ruined because some strangers failed to deliver a leather balloon?

Just Married

Look at that, memories from the most special day in their lives. What was that we said a while back about cold feet? The husband seems like a less than willing participant. In order to sound less pessimistic, maybe he just wanted to…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… get to the buffet as soon as possible? In his defense, saying hi to the guests can be exhausting, especially if there is some excellent smelling food waiting for you on the other side. Understandable. Hold on, buddy, just a little longer.

Fortune Cookie

By now, we know this particular couple from our comic books has a unique way of communicating. Their love language seems to be insulting each other. It’s not for everyone, but those who love it, love it. Those who prefer words of affirmation…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… this might not be their cup of tea. They open a fortune cookie in this comic above, leading to some usual back and forth banter. Like we said, depending on your love language, this might be cute or concerning.

Too Nosy

When pregnant, everyone wants to experience this magical journey with you. People might touch your belly without your consent, but even when you do agree for your belly to be touched, they might take it a step too far.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

Like in this comic above, it’s understandable a new dad wants to communicate with the baby, but does his nose have to be in his wife’s belly button? Indeed, there are better ways to express what team the family is cheering for.


This next comic is something new for this couple. This graphic ends with one of them saying, “can’t argue with that.” Can you imagine that? They found something they can’t argue over! We did not see it coming. Did you?

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

Apparently, the one thing they can’t argue about is bed space! Because of their height difference, when she says he’s on her bedside, he points out that it’s not space she would use anyway. We can’t argue with that! Solid logic.


As we said, pregnancy is not an easy feat. While it is magical to create new life, it’s no easy task. You develop strange habits on the way, and the food you consume is even weirder. So it’s no wonder that…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… eventually, you might feel like you are growing a tumor that needs to be removed. It sounds awful. We know. But it’s just a temporary feeling, and hopefully, this overwhelming sensation and burden on your body will change back to love and admiration soon.

Spa Day

Hey, we know many men out there think that hair removal of all kinds is reserved only for the ladies. But, if you happen to have a unibrow, we have sad news to break to you. It’s weirder if you don’t pluck it!

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

As the partner points out in the comic above, we understand this might look like torture. But, what is the alternative? Walking around with a unibrow? That seems like torture for everyone else who looks at you! Carry on, soldier!


We saw how the more complicated parts of your pregnancy journey could make you feel like you are growing a tumor. A super cute one, but a tumor nonetheless. In this next comic, we have a similar sentiment. It can also…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… make you feel like you are a beached whale! Her partner tries to cheer her up by telling her she’s not tanned enough to be a beached whale, but it doesn’t seem to work. She seems to take it as a double insult.

Not Sure

When you are pregnant, you wait patiently to get to know your baby. What will be their likes? What will be their dislikes? What will be their hobbies? So when you feel them kicking, you try to think and imagine…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… are they hungry at the moment, or are they doing a solo soccer practice? Are they dancing? Do they already have a favorite band? Favorite soccer team? You’ll know soon enough! Your husband already has a preference for the team, though!

Date Night

Like a specific famous coffee shop, you know the one, some places are notorious for always getting your name wrong. You know that the barista will write the wrong name on the cup when you go there. It’s expected. But when you go…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… to a local restaurant, it’s funnier if they get it wrong because you did not see it coming! That’s what the comic above is about. Although we must wonder, was this comic created while they were dating? What’s wrong with the Lin family!


We talked about all the pregnancy inconveniences that just seem to happen. All the overwhelming feelings, both positive and negative. But there is one more inconvenience to discuss. By that, we mean furniture and passages; the world is not pregnancy-friendly.

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

So you might get stuck on the door, on the table, on the chair, between cars… There are no limits to where you can and will get stuck. While it is pretty hilarious, it does not seem funny to you at the moment.


Remember one of the first comics where their height difference was mentioned? How they need a kissing stool in the house to reach each other. Well, during pregnancy, you might gain some weight and at least in the weight you…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… can be even! This comic has a description for when you even out in weight, no matter the height difference. Our protagonist says she’s like her husband, but he carried his head in a pouch like a kangaroo.


The baby kicks are not great. But what’s scarier than baby kicks? At some point in the pregnancy, it’s scarier if you don’t feel the baby kicking! This is what our last comic book is about. Apparently, your placenta can…

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

… act as a cushion between your belly and your baby! Helpful information to know before you panic. Keep that in mind, new parents! That’s all from us. We hope you enjoyed this compilation and that you found something amusing or valuable!


These two make a pretty adorable and sarcastic couple, if we say so ourselves. Sometimes if not always in life, it’s better to take the high road and not sweat the small stuff. These two are fantastic!

Image Source: alloycomics /Instagram

Calling her his property is endearing in their weird relationship. We love that they can laugh and love at the same time. She’s rolling her eyes at him, but deep down, we know that she is laughing and thinking up her comeback.