Living The Pug Life: 40 Comics About Living With A Sweet, Squishy Pug Named Mochi

By Arvyn B May 11, 2022

If you don’t have a pet already, this is your chance to get one. Having a pet can bring you so many different health benefits, from the emotional to the physical. Pets are a source of constant love, affection, and attention. In our opinion, one of the best pets you can get is a dog. Dogs always want to show you how much they love you, and they are responsible for a lot of laughter, too! If you’re unsure which breed of dog to get, then this is your sign to invest in a pug. Comic artist Gemma Gene has made a collection of different strips about her life with her pet pug, and we can’t get over how amazing these experiences are. Check them out below!

All images in this article are courtesy of 157ofgemma on Instagram.

Give Her Back!

When you have a pet, going to work is even more difficult because you need to leave your fur baby behind. You can’t help feeling guilty about abandoning them at home, all on their lonesome! We wouldn’t be surprised if other dogs did something like this:

157ofgemma (Instagram)

If you do find yourself worrying about your lovable companion, then you should consider getting a dog sitter. They can make sure your puppy is not left alone and will also give them some valuable exercise while you are at work.

Becoming a Couch

If pugs are known for one thing, it’s the fact that they just love to laze around. They’re the perfect pet for anyone who doesn’t want to do a lot of exercises or just isn’t able to do it. Pugs love nothing more than relaxing…

157ofgemma (Instagram)

…so much so that they might end up looking like a couch! It looks like Gemma’s dog took a leaf out of Kirby’s book and decided to eat the couch instead. We can’t blame him – it’s a pretty relaxing place to be!

Too Beautiful

We’ve all been here before – seeing someone who is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and getting completely tongue-tied. You just can’t help it! Well, it appears that feeling is not unique to humans, as dogs feel this way, like Gemma’s pug.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Honestly, we’re not surprised that Gemma’s pug got so embarrassed, as Violet is one cute little puppy! We can imagine that these two would be a match made in heaven, as they look so right for one another. Look at those ears!

Father Christmas

There’s nothing quite as magical as seeing kids get excited for Christmas – they love waiting all night for Santa Claus! This comic asks a pretty interesting question about good old Saint Nick, though. What does he do if you ask for pizzas?

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Is it possible that he gets his reindeer to carry them all around the world? How does he make sure that the pizzas don’t get cold? There are just so many questions that we have about Santa Claus. We’re not surprised Gemma’s dog has them, too!

Puppy Protection

If you’re a dog owner, this one is undoubtedly relatable. Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night is almost impossible with a doggy. They always want to follow you around everywhere, no matter the time of day!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

However, maybe we should feel grateful about this. They’re only hovering because they want to protect us from any dangers that there might be in the home. We just wish they wouldn’t do such a good job of protecting us all the time!

On an Adventure

It’s a fact – the future can be a pretty scary place. We have no idea where we might end up, and we’ve got no clue about the challenges that we might face on the way. But we think that taking Gemma’s puppy’s advice is a good shout.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

It doesn’t matter too much where you are going, as long as you are going with people that you love and care about. That way, the journey is sure to be much more pleasant, and you can tackle anything that comes your way.

Sunbathing Problems

If you ever feel like going sunbathing with your pet, then let this comic be a warning to you. Gemma wasn’t careful and looked at what happened to her! Having a tan in the shape of your dog is pretty embarrassing stuff.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

There’s not really any easy solution for this, except waiting until the burn and tan fade away. She could always wear some baggier clothing to hide the marks! Let’s just hope that Gemma’s puppy wasn’t feeling too bad about it, either.

Photogenic Puppy

We’re so jealous of people who can get a perfect photo on the first click without even trying. It’s so frustrating! Well, prepare to feel even more annoyed because it seems this is not unique to humans. Gemma’s dog looks wonderful as well!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

In all honesty, it’s pretty darn cute to see just how photogenic Gemma’s puppy is. We wish we could look this good, with long hair blowing in the wind and everything. That’s it – we are officially jealous of a dog’s good looks!

Achy Breaky Back

As you get older, back pain is pretty much a given – especially when you’re over the age of 30. You might find yourself asking where this pain suddenly comes from. Well, wonder no longer, as the answer is pretty obvious…

157ofgemma (Instagram)

It comes from all those fur babies that sleep with you at night! When they lie on top of you, they may make you contort your body into weird positions that feel uncomfortable and make you hurt the next day. Sort out your posture!

Love Song

Sometimes, music can be so moving that you just feel like crying your eyes out, as it can bring up some sad memories or feelings for you. Most people assume these feelings are linked to a person, but not if you own a fur baby!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

If you do have a pet, then it’s almost guaranteed that you start crying to these songs because you think about your pet. It happens to us all, so don’t worry about it if you do this. Pets are just so precious!

Cuteness Curse

Everyone thinks that being cute is a blessing, but have you ever stopped to think about the negative consequences of this? For example, being cute means that you always get people going crazy for you over your looks. That’s not all…

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Being cute also means you never know who likes you because of your personality and who likes you for simply superficial reasons. It can be such a nightmare! We hope that the baby here likes Gemma’s puppy for the right reasons.

Attention Seeker

Have you ever wondered why your fur baby makes weird sounds sometimes? You might be worried and think that they need some medical attention – don’t be! According to Gemma, there’s a different reason why they make these weird noises…

157ofgemma (Instagram)

…it’s because they want some attention! Any pet owner, no matter the species, will know that this technique definitely works because you will give your fur baby attention when they ask for it. How can you say “no” to such a cute face?


Thinking about the process of evolution can be such a bizarre thing. After all, it was recent – in terms of the history of the Earth – when wolves hunted with early humans for food. But now? They’re completely different. It’s almost hard to realize they’re the same species!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

If that wasn’t weird enough, just think about the fact that it was us, humans, that bred dogs to be this way. Yes – we decided to breed pugs and chihuahuas, which seem like they just can’t be related to the wolves of old!

Seeing Things

We know that dogs and other animals can see things that our human eyes just cannot perceive at all. Some people, believe that means dogs can see the paranormal. You might think that’s scary, but it’s not! Pets have a different relationship with ghosts…

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Gemma’s view on the situation is certainly a much more light-hearted version of saying, “I see dead people.” After all, why wouldn’t a pug try to sleep on top of a ghost? They probably make pretty good mattresses! It’s sort of a spooky cloud nine, at least according to Gemma.

Missing Twins

Of course, if you’re a pet owner of several dogs, then you’ll know how difficult it can be. No matter what you do, sometimes the pets just don’t get along. If you’re not careful, they might do something like this!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

We hope that Mochi is only joking and that he doesn’t really want to send the twins away – that would be too cruel! If you find yourself caught in the middle of a dog war, you should visit an animal behaviorist.

I Love You

There’s no denying that some pet owners have an extra special relationship with their fur babies. Gemma and Mochi are brilliant examples of this – if you couldn’t tell already! Although, we have to admit that this next picture is quite strange…

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Sure – it’s very cute that Mochi and Gemma spend so much time together. But we’re pretty sure that they should use the park for running around, not confessing their love for one another! It’s very sweet that they did this, though.

Dodgy Comparison

Being a parent of a newborn is, without a doubt, one of the hardest responsibilities on this planet. Now, include the fact that you have a doggy, too, and you’ve certainly got a recipe for disaster! Not unless you’re Gemma, of course.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

She has different things to worry about, apparently – such as the fact that Mochi thinks her baby looks ugly! At least on the positive side, Mochi admires the way that Gemma looks. Hopefully, he’ll grow to like the baby, too.

Baby Talk

Continuing our baby theme here, it seems that there’s a bit of rivalry going on between Gemma and her baby! Mochi does not appear at all happy with how the baby communicates. We’re not surprised that he feels so annoyed.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

“Ho-bo” and “Mo-chi” don’t sound anything like each other! Still, the fact that the baby said anything at all is definitely something to praise. We have a feeling that Mochi will continue feeling jealous of the little human for a little while longer…

Third Wheeling

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s the fact that being a third wheel with your friends is one of the worst things ever. You just feel so awkward and out-of-place that it’s impossible to know what you should do.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Now, just imagine that the couple that you are third-wheeling is your wife and dog. That’s got to hurt! We feel so sorry for Gemma’s husband, as it seems like he’s constantly being left out of things. What a poor guy!

The Motto

For some humans, their motto might be “you only live once.” For anyone who has a pet, you’ll know that fur babies have a completely different idea. “If I fit, I sit” is something that every pet seems to follow, no matter the species!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Cats, dogs, and other furry friends alike all seem to find the most inconvenient places to sit down and fall asleep in. You can spend lots of money on expensive pet beds, but they’ll always choose a cardboard box to rest in instead!

First Meeting

That time when you meet your lovable puppy for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking. After all, you never know if they’ll end up liking you or if you’ll end up liking them! Thankfully for Gemma, this meeting couldn’t have gone any better.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

There’s just something so adorable about the way that they each fell in love with each other in this unique way. It just goes to show that, no matter how awkward it might be, you never know how the other person is feeling. They might love the weirdness!

Taking Revenge

We spoke earlier about how we felt sorry for Gemma’s husband, but now we think the tables have turned. He decided to take revenge on Gemma and Mochi for their silly prank. We bet that they regret doing it now!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Seriously though – yuck! Slapping someone on the fact with a poop bag is downright disgusting, not to mention a little disrespectful. No wonder Gemma’s husband decided to give her and Mochi a taste of their own medicine. Revenge is best served hot!

Open Up

Even if you’re not a dog owner, you will definitely be able to relate to this one. Plastic bags, no matter what size they are, are always so darn difficult to open. How is there not an easier way by now?

157ofgemma (Instagram)

After all, we are in 2022! But sadly, the truth is that plastic bags – or poop bags – are still exceedingly challenging to get a grip on. You can try blowing into them or rubbing the tops together, but it still doesn’t work. It’s so annoying!

Always Baby

It doesn’t matter how many years pass or how old your pet gets. It’s a fact that you will always see them as being a baby. They just never seem to age! This is especially true if you get them neutered or spayed.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

If you do this at a young age, this stops them from essentially going through puberty. As such, your fur baby will always have a young face and will never seem to fully age into an adult. They’ll look eternally youthful!

Two Extremes

For those of us who allow our pets to sleep in the same bed, you’ll surely know this struggle. If you don’t touch your pet, you feel very cold. But as soon as they come near you, it’s the exact opposite feeling.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

You feel like you’re burning up instead – it’s gone from one extreme to the other! In this case, we recommend getting a fan or some kind of air conditioning. This way, you can keep cuddling without worrying about overheating.

Not Alone

It’s crazy to think how all dogs evolved from wolves because some of them are just so childlike that you’d never believe it. Take Mochi, for example. He refuses to go into the backyard without his mommy, which is hilarious!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

It’s also pretty cute too. After all, dogs are meant to be the ones to protect humans from danger, yet Gemma appears to be doing a lot more protecting! We’re not sure how great Mochi would be in a fight, so it makes sense.

All Mine

Has this ever happened to you? You take off your clothes before having a shower, and before you know it, your fur baby is lying on top of them! It seems a little annoying because your clothes get covered with hair.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

However, there are some genuinely sweet reasons why your fur babies do this. One of these is because your clothes are warm from your body heat. The other reason is that your clothes smell like you, and your pet can’t get enough of them!

Making the Most

Oh, what we wouldn’t give to live the life of a dog! They certainly have it easy since all they have to do is lie around, sleep, get food, and poop. That’s truly the life of kings, and we are so jealous of them!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Perhaps we humans could learn a lot from our canines. They live life at a much slower pace than we do, and they certainly benefit from it. We should all take the time to just chill out, relax, and take things easy.

I See You

Honestly, we’re actually pretty surprised at Gemma. We have no idea how she is able to continue making comics and working with a dog as cute as Mochi in the house. If we were in her shoes, we’d never get anything done!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Those adorable little ears that squashed up little face…ah! We totally get Gemma and feel like we’re dying of love, too. Want to know the worst part? We don’t even know Mochi, and we’ve already fallen in love with him!


A lot of the comics we’ve seen so far have been funny because of how unrealistic they are. Well, get ready for one that is all too familiar, as any pet owner will tell you! Somehow, dogs don’t understand how fences work.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

They will try and try to push their way through a fence without even realizing that a gate is right next to it. It would make things a lot easier to go that way! Dogs being this stupid makes them even more lovable.


Sometimes, we wonder if dogs can actually understand us when we speak to them. After all, how else would they know to be complete dead weights when it’s bedtime? Surely, they must be able to understand us in some form or another!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Mochi certainly does, and that’s the reason why he’s pretending he can’t walk at all. We feel pretty sorry for Gemma, lugging that great weight around. It doesn’t look like an easy task at all, but she has to do it.


However, one thing that dogs never seem to understand is the fact that slobbering is utterly disgusting. They always try to give wet kisses, which involve getting slobber all over you. But it seems that Mochi finally got a taste of his own medicine!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

We’re not surprised that he’s so disgusted at the baby’s drool – it’s pretty yucky! Unlike humans, one reason dogs slobber on their owners is because they want to mark them with their scent. It’s their way of being possessive and telling everyone you belong to them!

Being Friendlier

If you’re someone who wants to make more friends but doesn’t know how to, we have a piece of solid advice for you. Get a dog! You’d be surprised at how easy it is to make friends with a canine.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

People constantly stop you on the street to pet your dog, and you’ll soon get chatting to them. It requires very little work on your behalf except for being friendly. Unlike Gemma, of course! Being mean will get you nowhere in life.

Forever and Ever

It can be a little difficult for doggies to adjust to changes in the household, especially when they come in the form of a screaming, crying newborn! For example, Mochi doesn’t seem to understand where the baby came from and why it’s in his house…

157ofgemma (Instagram)

We love the fact that Gemma calls the baby “Yellow” and doesn’t even give it a name. It’s almost like she knows just how little Mochi really thinks about the baby. Poor Mochi – he has to compete for Gemma’s love now!

Free Lap

If you have a pet, then you’ll definitely know the struggles of competition in the house. Your pet will always have a favorite human, no matter what you do. They’ll love to go to this person and will completely ignore the others!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

We can’t help but feel sorry for the guy in this picture. It must be pretty frustrating to see not only the dog but the baby choose Gemma over you. The fact that they’re fighting to stay on her lap makes it even worse!

Moving Pillow

Looking at this next comic, something tells us that Mochi has started to like being around the baby – but not for the reasons you might expect! It’s not because the baby is a lot of fun or even that he can play with them.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

It’s actually all because the baby makes a pretty comfortable pillow! That is, of course, when Yellow is not moving around and kicking. Mochi is so funny for demanding that the baby stays still. What a bossy boot he is!

A Whole Village

It goes without saying that raising a baby is hard work. There are the constant nights where you’re awake, trying to put the baby to sleep. And let’s not forget all of that bottle feeding and those tantrums to deal with!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Now, imagine that you have to do all that while also living with three dogs, too. We can’t even imagine how stressful this must be. We seriously wonder why Gemma and her husband put themselves through it. It looks like a nightmare!

Without Words

Sometimes, there are just no words to express how you truly feel about someone, and this comic is the perfect example of that. No matter what the season, no matter what the weather, Gemma, and Mochi truly love each other.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

This picture is so gorgeous that we want to print it out and frame it! The level of detail that Gemma puts into her comics is pretty incredible, from Mochi’s little furry coat to the hair bun in the summer. She’s certainly talented.

True Love

So far, you might have doubts that Mochi actually likes his human sister. Well, this comic should prove you wrong – all of that coolness is just a front! It seems that Mochi really does love Yellow and speaks of her fondly.

157ofgemma (Instagram)

After all, he even tells the other dogs that she’s “decent.” We reckon this is one of the greatest compliments that he can give her! We would certainly feel grateful if Mochi said something like this about us. It’s so sweet!

Always There

Our last entry on this list should serve as a reminder of the magical power of pets. No matter how sick or queasy you might be feeling, a pet is always there to save the day. Pugs have healing powers, didn’t you know?!

157ofgemma (Instagram)

Okay, so that might not be exactly true, but having a pug around is certainly a good way to cheer you up. Mochi seems to be pretty happy that Gemma is sick; probably because he gets to stay in bed all day with her.