Raising A Feminist Is Challenging, But These Comics Make It Easier

By Kanyi M

The idea of girls being princesses while boys play with toy cars is a common one and has been perpetuated through generations. And now we’re seeing the results of this trend in children’s toys, clothing brands, and how they’re treated at school.

It’s not just women who are affected by gender roles – men suffer too! These comics casually display how limiting gender roles and not allowing boys to be sensitive or girls to be strong is harmful.

Dads can watch over the kids

“Motherly” qualities are applicable to men too. Babysitting, cooking, nursing your child and preparing their meals are all things that anyone can do, regardless of their gender.

Credits: LorynBrantzBooks

It’s kind of sad that people are surprised when they learn that the father is helping with the kids while the mom is out having fun – but women deserve to have fun too!

Putting an end to stereotypes

You probably have heard people using the old excuse “boys will be boys” in order to justify awful actions – even when it’s adult men who do those actions.

Credits: LorynBrantzBooks

Everyone should be held responsible for their actions, and we all should strive to be better people rather than saying, “that’s just the way I am.”

Positive body image from the word go

Everyone deserves respect, regardless of their body type. Not all women immediately lose weight after they have babies, and some don’t lose that extra weight at all – and that’s fine.

Credits: LorynBrantzBooks

And education is key. Teach your kids that we are all equal and that everyone deserves respect. This way, you’re teaching them that they’re to be whichever way they please!

Appreciating the non-physical character traits

Cute babies, funny dogs, and lovely older people are all amazing. So are fragile flowers and shy cats, who could teach you a lot about being yourself.

Credits: LorynBrantzBooks

When girls are complimented on their looks, they often take that as a sign that they are not smart, whereas boys usually get complimented for their brains. So when you have a daughter, make her feel smart above anything else!