35+ Cat-tastic Comics Exploring The Adventures Of Life With Cats

By Jana I

Step into the imaginative world of illustrator and comic artist Rebecca Rose (Instagram: @rebeccarosecomics) as she breathes new life into our wacky, unexpected experiences. In her delightful comic series Rebecca Rose Comics, Rebecca immortalizes the distinctive and unpredictable moments that shape our lives.

Join her on a journey through her daily escapades with her beloved cats Butters, Ted, and Nemo, and her partner Matt, as she skillfully captures these extraordinary memories. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for finding humor in the mundane, Rebecca Rose’s comics transport readers to a world where everyday situations transform into moments of hilarity and relatability. Get ready to relive the magic and mayhem of life through Rebecca’s charming illustrations. Sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Onesie FTW!

Wearing a onesie is an awesome experience, especially during the colder months. You are in one, big, cozy blanket that gives you freedom of movement with holes for your limbs and your head. You can snuggle up with no one but yourself and have the craziest nap ever.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

It’s all sunshine and rainbows until comes a time when you need to use the toilet. If you are a girl, we have bad news for you, baby. You’ll have to get that bad boy all the way down, we’re afraid. If you were wondering about the downside, there it is.

Cans and Cats, Cats and Cans

There is this old saying, and it goes something like this: “Any metal canister that any human opens must be immediately inspected for contraband by every cat in the vicinity. It’s for safety reasons.” It’s true love between cans and cats.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Rebecca, as a cat lady and owner herself, understands the struggle deeply. She has four cats, all of them feral and starving when it comes to a can being opened. We can even hear their screams through the comic. It’s a special symphony, indeed.


Cats are just asking for trouble. There are a lot of examples, but let’s just list a few: they zoom and jump around chasing things (toys, flies, etc.), they kick things off of high places for the fun of it, they go around the house imitating a vacuum cleaner…

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

There you go. These two patients swallowed some things, and now they have to be in the hospital and recover. Swallowing an earplug and a hair tie is cat logic. Cause, ya know, those inedible things are much more delicious than their food.

The Fluff

Cats are real experts at a few things. They are masters at relaxation, chilling, napping, and cuddling. Sometimes, they don’t want to snuggle with you, but that’s a YOU problem, now, isn’t it? Still, they are snuggly and fluffy as heck!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

So, a cat is trying to teach others how to relax as professionally as it is. What we like most is how cats also love to relax and snuggle with cats. Although one might enjoy it, the other one could be resistant (as shown in the last picture).

Mice No More!

Besides being awesome nappers and cuddlers, they are also expert hunters (well, at least some of them are). Not every cat is born with this talent, though, but, luckily, this comic is not about them. This is for those great at hunting and catching little animals.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

The kitties look like a mafia gang whose purpose is to find all rodents hiding and infiltrating their sacred home and bring them to justice! That justice is not as pleasant as one (mouse) might hope for. They show no mercy.


Breaking News: Mass Dissatisfaction: food bowls are empty, water is not changed, and toys are misplaced! Cats all over Meowyork are fuming and protesting on the streets. There is one cat reporter there, fearing for its life amidst the chaos.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Not only that, but Rebecca’s cats now saw the news and are reacting to it. They, too, want their rights respected and fulfilled! A detail we really like is how the news reporter’s paper says: meow, meow, meow. She really pays attention to the little things.

Unfortunate Time

Leave it to cats to choose a most unfortunate time to play with toys you bought them months ago but they ignored them because they were too busy playing with your hair ties and trash bags. The artist wanted to represent that oh-so-familiar struggle of all cat owners.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Poor girl. She can’t sleep. The dude might seem to be sleeping with his eyemask, however, if you inspect his eyebrows more closely, you will see they are positioned in a way that implies helplessness and worry. We feel ya, we feel ya.

Difference Between Cats and Dogs

Dogs are pure, heartwarming, and loyal creatures. They love their owners to bits, and they show that love in conventional ways, like cuddling, gift-giving, physical touch, barks of affirmation, etc. With cats, the situation is very different, even if some of the gestures are comparable.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Cats show and give that toxic love, like an ex-lover you will never forget, no matter how bad for you they were. They gaslight you, manipulate you, trick you, poop on your carpet… And still, people love them, and want them, and let them sleep in their bed.

Uncertain Future

Sometimes, people go to extreme measures just to feel like they can control their future. They will go to a fortune-teller, even, in hopes they can predict anything and everything that is coming their way. This, unfortunately, is not very reliable.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

This kitty wouldn’t appreciate or like that information. Although unreliable and untrue, fortune-telling is still something the cat is willing to try. Their innate anxiety and desire to be the center of attention prevents them from remembering that, yes, today will be like all other days.


Christmas is a holiday everyone looks forward to! Even if you are not a child anymore, the anticipation is still there. You can participate in a Secret Santa with friends and family, you can bake Christmas cookies and make a delicious, festive lunch…

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

However, Santa seems not to like this version of Christmas by Rebecca. Cats have their own rhythm, ya know. You can’t just make them do something you want. Even if that’s something they want, too, they will defy you just for the fun of it.


Observing your cat can be such a meditative experience. You can learn so much from them! About life, relationships, love, toxicity, foody lifestyle, laziness compared to hyperactive episodes, and the list just goes on and on. Cats have that knowing air about them, like they have it all figured out.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

For example, here, the woman is looking at her cat sniffing some catnip, legs high in the air, enjoying life and its every moment. We are not saying you should find a substance that has a similar effect on humans and use it. We’re saying you should just observe well.


If you ever wondered how shredders work, Rebecca has got your back! She is out here, in the world, solving mysteries that we are all seeking answers for. Today, we got to see what is inside a shredder, and what we saw was not what we expected!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

What we find fun is that the kitty takes this as a real job. It made this box its office with pictures and a motivational quote, “do it for her,” followed by various pictures of the lover in question. It is so wholesome. Give this boy a raise!

In the Land of Boxes

What would you think the most exciting time for cats is? We suspect it’s right before or right after moving day. The whole house is packed up in boxes that they can play in, around, or under. If there is more than one cat, then it’s a double win.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

For humans, though, moving is a stressful ordeal. You have to make sure nothing breaks, that you packed everything up, that you are leaving the previous home in good condition. And then you have to transfer all those things to another place. Cats have it easy, man!

Mid-Teens and Mid-Twenties

Teen years and young adult years, and everything in between, is a time when your character and preferences change drastically—sometimes in a span of a few months. You go from wearing chokers and dark lipstick to buying a pink, fluffy purse in Zara.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Teen years are for being angsty, misunderstood, and vexed at the world for not producing any good music anymore. Whereas your adult years are for going back to who you once were, finding that child-like wonder, and taking it back. It all goes in circles.

No Big Changes

There is a saying: a lot can change in a year. Well, that is true, but also, when you think about it, almost nothing changes in a year. You still have your little routines, hobbies, sleeping patterns, work, meals, workout classes, and cleaning Sundays.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

One thing that also never changes is the fact your cat has dozens of toys and never plays with any of them, no matter if it’s January through November or Christmas time in December. The only thing that changes is the decoration.

Slow Blink of Approval

When cats slowly blink at you, it’s a sign of trust and love. If they do this while looking at you, it means they feel safe, comfortable, and loved around you. They say that when you see this, you should blink slowly back at them, so they know you reciprocate their love.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

We can see how Rebecca’s girl character flipped out once she realized that her cat does indeed trust her. She reacted to the point of the cat now having to reconsider the trust it put into this emotional and excited woman. We understand both parties involved.

Fishing for Cuddles

Spoiler alert: the girl in Rebecca’s comics is not fishing for fish or compliments. She is fishing for some good ol’ cuddles and cats playing and being cute. She got out her rod, put a piece of wheat in her mouth, and waited for someone to take the bait.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

When she realized who it was, she was excited! It was exactly what she wanted! Three wild cats appeared, ready to catch the prey they were so intently focused on. The grey cat is judging them so hard at the moment, but it seems like the others don’t care.

Kittyhood Trauma

In a lot of ways, childhood and kittyhood trauma overlap. Everyone was told at least once in their life: No McDonalds! We have food at home! Well, Rebecca found an analagous concept to that in a kitten’s world. No new yarn for you, dear kitty.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

The string (food) at home is always boring, stale, and cheap. We never want that. We always wanted something exciting and indulging—which is not leftovers. Ahem, in this case, a chewed-out, run-down, old shoelace from their owner. It was also probably swallowed and thrown up at some point, too.

Starved and Forgotten

Now, what you are about to see is not for the faint of heart. Only if you are certain of your emotional and mental stability, engage with the next comic cause what you are about to see shows a complete disregard for an animal’s wellbeing.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

We are just glad cats were able to call the authorities and stop this abuse once and for all! First, his music, gaaah, blood is coming out of their ears! Second, they haven’t eaten in an hour! What kind of behavior is that?! Smh, we hope the FBI is on its way.

A Christmas Gift

Christmas is a time of giving, sharing, and decorating! Heck yes! It’s an enjoyable period for everyone. There are lights everywhere, and if you’re not in the Southern Hemisphere), there is snow as well. Everything is cozy, warm, exciting, and wholesome.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

What the humans decided to gift their cat is a sparkly, colorful, huge Christmas tree. It is known that cats are drawn to these things and are always plotting for ways to climb and wreck them. Sometimes, the cat’s love hurts, and they know it, too. It’s just they don’t want to change it.

Difference Between Cats and Dogs, Pt. 2

We have already seen one difference between cats and dogs, and although everyone and their mother knows there are heaps of examples, we still wanted to share another one that Rebecca portrayed in her webcomics. Let’s take a little look.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Another difference between these two companions is the way they defecate. Cats tend to hide it and protect their scent, whereas dogs just do it everywhere and feel proud about it. Not only that, but they love to scoop up other animals’ poop and eat it. But that’s a topic for another time…

No One Can Resist a Cute Kitty

Cat owners are used to their cats running around and wreaking havoc late at night, to the point that they get desensitized to it and don’t even register it anymore. What is dangerous about that is that sometimes it might not be the cat that’s being loud and kicking things.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

“Don’t worry, it’s just the cats.” Ohhh boy, how wrong he was. It wasn’t just the cats; it was two burglars breaking in, and stealing their stuff. And what’s worst of all, they pet their precious kitties! The funny thing is, cats love it. They don’t even try to stop them.

Bird Cat

For some reason, Rebecca wanted to give her audience a sight into what it would look like if a cat and an owl were friends, sitting next to each other, on a branch of a tree, at night, under the moonlight and stars. We are extremely grateful for that!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

They do have a few things in common! The ears, the stance, shape, and fluffy fur. Also, their love for hunting and devouring mice and everything rodent-like. Don’t even get us started on how they are both nocturnal. An owl is a cat in the bird world.

Cat-less Experience

Whenever humans indulge in a cat-less experience, cats either get really jealous and vexed, or they continue not to care, just like on any other day, ya know. This time, the couple decided to do some barbecuing, and their cats are watching their every move.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

If you observe the cats from left to right, you can see a pallet of emotions and characters. One is focused on the kitty next to it, the black cat has FOMO, the grey one is unimpressed by its peers and owners, and the last one is super loving and happy to be there.

That Was Uncalled For

There is nothing quite like imitating your cat and ridiculing it. The way it meows, jumps, hunts, and other things. Who’s to say that cats don’t know exactly what you are doing, and what happens if one day they decide to return the burn?!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

“Get good, scrub.” That was painful. The kitty didn’t have to go that hard. It even caught the girl off guard. Not only because the cat can speak English, but because the cat said that! However, the girl should’ve seen it coming.


Watching a tense thriller movie with someone that’s paranoid, squeamish, and easy to scare is super entertaining. They tense up at every jumpscare, and they never see anything coming due to their fear of everything happening on screen. It’s fun!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

On the other hand, you have those that either have nerves of steel or watch enough trailers and clips in advance so they don’t get scared at all. Also, an honorable mention to the cats playing in the foreground. Just another cute moment caught in Rebecca’s comic.

My Deer Friend

Baking some good cookies on the weekend is what life is all about! Adding some chocolate chips, sea salt, and caramel on top has to be an S-tier dessert. Luckily, Rebecca’s favorite comic characters agreed with our take, and hopefully, you will too!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Her deer friend made it, and not only in a punny way, but literally. She has a deer friend. The good thing about making a webcomic is that you can make anything you want a reality! Even if you want a deer baking your Sunday morning cookies, y’all!

Drama Queen

Sometimes, men are bigger drama queens than women, even though women are constantly judged for being dramatic. We are here to show you that! She might’ve just said, “hey babe, I have some work to do,” and he could pout the whole day after.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

However, sometimes it’s not even something you do or say. It’s just a kind of day he is having, and he is in desperate need of some extra tender, love, and care. Whenever that’s the case with your partner, just try your best to indulge them, and everything will go back to normal the following day.


Cheating in relationships is absolutely unforgivable! If someone is willing to risk their relationship with you and their role in your life, then they are undeserving of you, your attention, time, and love. Value yourself, buddy! Don’t let people step all over you!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Cheating in games?! That is horrifying! How dare she do that to you, comic man! She is a disgrace. You spent time—days—on your virtual life together, and she just uses a cheat to make her end easier, not even asking you for any input! Shameful!

Either Way, a Girl Always Wins

No matter how hard men try, girls always win in the end. It’s not that they are stronger, smarter, and more willing (some are), but it’s the fact that they are girls, and they can always turn things in their favor. Look at Rebecca’s wonderful example!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

She won’t let him have a victory celebration, and she argues it with: “but I love you, so it’s really like she won the game, too.” The man can’t have his brilliant moment, and he feels hurt about it. The cats felt the vibe and started their own fight.

Expectations vs. Reality

Although Rebecca loves to show her love for her cats through comics, that is not the only thing she addresses in her work. She loves focusing on her relationships, hardships, and her work. She is an artist that gains a lot of traction, and here is how she feels about it:

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

So, although people might think “Woah! Going viral must be super exciting and thrilling!” Instead of it, in Rebecca’s case, it’s more like panic, overwhelming anxiety, and trembling once her things go viral. Well, guess she is dealing with it well enough so far! Keep it up!

2 Types of Gamers

Some gamers are super casual and laid-back. They play to have fun and don’t get frustrated about things not going their way. Then, there are gamers that get super irritated and livid when things don’t go how they planned and tried to do them.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

That is the difference between casual gaming and passionate gaming. Whereas some get tired of gaming, others continue despite their fatigue because gaming is life, and they need to finish this quest. And then unlock the next level, and the next achievement, and so on…

We’re All Out Of Peppers

While we all strive to be efficient with our grocery shopping, some people haven’t yet mastered the skill of buying what you need when you need it. It seems like the woman in Rebecca’s comic is in the latter category.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

She forgot that they already had bell peppers at home. Scratch that, they already had a week’s worth of bell peppers at home! And she proudly bought more. Where are they going to keep them? The scared look on that guy’s face says it all.

Cat Allergy

Imagine having this unbelievable, terrible problem: a cat allergy. Not being able to snuggle with a kitty or be in the vicinity of one must be depressing. This dragon Rebecca drew has that problem, and we don’t know how to feel about it.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

The problem is, the dragon breathes fire, so when it sneezes, it consequently burns things. So, the dragon burnt both John and his ginger cat. We feel like the big, winged reptile feels bad but it’s just too late to apologize.

Game Prep

Starting a new game is not as easy as it seems! You have to do your research beforehand. You gotta read all the lore, and all the previous editions, get immersed in this new community, learn tips and tricks, and become an expert even before starting the game!

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

This guy knows the struggle, and his girlfriend is familiar with it, too. Even the cat is annoyed by the whole thing since it suddenly woke up. The pre-game prep sometimes lasts so much longer than the gaming itself, and that’s okay. You do you!

Wills Boyfriend to Wake Up

Differences between how men and women think are phenomenal. It is so fun to observe it and discuss it with your friends. Sometimes, those differences create conflict and other times, they just provide funny, entertaining stories to pass along to your friends.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

This is a difference that the artist noticed between her boyfriend and her. Many women would agree and find it relatable. Men do tend to be very careful and quiet not to wake their gfs up, but gfs would wake up their boyfriends with no remorse. Not that we’d know…

Both Generous and Selfish

Sometimes, even though you are in a relationship, you want to make and do something only for yourself. That’s not selfish as long as you make sure your partner doesn’t feel left out or you don’t overdo it with selfishness. Take a look at how he solved it:

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

“Oh, oh, it’s nothing, really! It was from the goodness of my heart; I wouldn’t want to take any away from you. That’s why I got myself an extra box, but that’s beside the point!” We can hear him saying that to her when she finds out he got a box, too.

This is It, Babe!

There is no better feeling than getting somewhere in life and having a significant other to share that with. It’s your person, someone that was there with you through thick and thin, your other half, and your partner in crime. This is how Rebecca showed it:

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Not only are the two of them there, supporting one another, but there are the cats, too. They are important members of this crew and they get their love as well. This little family is ready to grow together, improve and work towards their goals. So wholesome!

Seems Legit!

“My dog ate my homework” might be one of the laziest excuses for not doing your homework ever. It’s lousy and has been heard so many times before. Try using a different pet, and your excuse might just pass by the teacher.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

For example: “Sorry, miss, but my cat sat and took a nap on my homework papers. I just couldn’t bring myself to move it.” See, how easy is that! Everyone would believe that due to the nature of cats itself. They are, after all, prone to inserting themselves everywhere they shouldn’t be.

You’re Nuts!

Here is another saying: “you are what you eat.” And although we are not sure it should be taken literally, we understand where it’s going. Like, if you eat like trash, your body and mind won’t be at their peak, if you know what we mean.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Now, a raccoon and a possum eat trash and leftovers people don’t want anymore, and that would imply they are as smelly and as trashy as their meals. The squirrel, on the other hand, eat nuts (yes, acorns are nuts), which makes them, well, nuts!

Careful What You Wish For

Sometimes we have to be careful what we wish for cause our wishes might come true. Though that might sound like a good thing, the truth is, people often have no idea what is good for them. And, in the end, that wish will only make their lives more complicated.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

The grass (frog) is not always greener on the other side. Sometimes, even though it looks greener, that is not a good thing, like in this case above. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are unique, the only one of you in this whole world. Enjoy it and embrace it!

Love Hurts!

As we already noted previously, cats’ love hurts. However, it’s not just their love that hurts. A human’s love can hurt, too! Rebecca used an example of baking banana bread to show that life is really a game between two energies: one that is doing the action and the other that has a reaction.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Even though someone might be rotten inside, there is still an individual that will love them for who they are and who they can become! She still loves you, bananas! Well, only for her own personal gain since you do make a loaf of delicious banana bread! Muahahaha!

Supportive Mattress

A good mattress can be supportive in many ways. It can be good for your back, support your growth and provide a night of better sleep. However, it can also be as supportive as your psychotherapist is, listening to you and your troubles open-mindedly and sincerely.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

“Your feelings are valid and your ideas are usually pretty good.” What a wholesome mattress!!! We love how it isn’t supportive all the way, like saying “you are perfect/your ideas are always good.” No, they are usually good. We love a realistic mattress.

The Secret is Out; Monsters Are Real

We knew it! Ya know, parents were just making us all feel crazy for believing in monsters under the bed. No way that we all, collectively, had the same fear for no reason! It’s real, and it’s very scary. Rebecca, a brave soul, decided to show it to us.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

Look at it. It’s so creepy! Looks like a combination of a pink-haired troll, a gargoyle, and a frog. That is what happens during the night when your partner tugs the blanket. It’s not them at all; it’s this creature! What a scary thought…

Phew, That Was Close

How often have you said “New Year, New Me!” Rebranding yourself every year and trying to be better, different or completely new when that midnight clock strikes on December 31st is common. However, sometimes, nothing is wrong with you, in essence.

Image Courtesy of rebeccarosecomics / Reddit

If you have greys in your hair or don’t go for walks as often as you should, it doesn’t matter you must change those features! What matters most is someone loves you despite your physical features, and although that is a strong belief of ours, you should still make sure your body and mind are healthy!