Sand, Swimsuits, And Seaweed: The Summer Struggles We Love To Hate

By Kanyi M

There are a lot of things to love about summer: The warm weather, the smell of fresh flowers, and the sun shining brightly on you. However, there are also a lot of things that you should hate about summer. The horrible heat, mosquitos biting all over your body, and, most importantly, there will be water everywhere because of the humidity.

Today we’ll be looking at some comics that tell you why you shouldn’t swim in the hot weather.

The sand loves sticking to our stuff

Sandals, shorts, towels, and even beach toys. The sand will want to stick with your stuff and never let you forget that it’s there.

Credit: Adam Ellis/Buzzfeed

There’s an old wives’ tale that putting baby powder on feet will help get rid of the sand, but this seems to be no more effective than just scrubbing your feet.

The waves bring with them all kinds of debris

Who knows what kind of stuff the waves are carrying?

Credit: Andrea Hickey/Buzzfeed

Plastic straws, dried-up seaweed, a rubber duck, and even those gross, tiny things that you can only see under a microscope. That’s right, those things.

Finding a fitting swimsuit can be a challenge

Ladies with wide hips and small busts will agree that finding a swimsuit that fits is hard. The swimsuits with good support are too small, while the ones with extra material are way too big.

Credit: Charlotte Gomez/Buzzfeed

You should also be cautious of the ones that don’t have any support because, well, they can just fall off in the water. It’s just one big mess to find a swimsuit during the summer, and you should just accept it.