Say Cheese!

By Divya G

“Smile more; you look much prettier that way.”

“Happy girls are the prettiest.”

Many women are overly familiar and tired of hearing these phrases. In most cases, you will only find yourself being told these sayings from family members who know better, male co-workers who should know better, or from a random passerby who should know to say nothing at all.

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

This is called sexism, and Lainey Molnar has illustrated it perfectly. The illustration clearly shows how women react when they come across people who tell them to smile more. Unfortunately, women experience these “attacks” while on the subway, at work, in a meeting, or randomly on the street.

You know what? The next time someone tells you to smile to enhance your appearance, make sure you give them the most exaggerated and least attractive version of a smile that you possibly can. Don’t bother hanging around and waiting for their reaction; they’ve already wasted enough of your time.

No one should tell you what to do, but we will let you know that when you do choose to smile, your brain releases tiny molecules that help you fight off stress. 

Photo courtesy of: lainey.molnar /Instagram

Last Words

All women, and all humans for that matter, are wonderful and unique. They do not need someone’s permission to be respected. Molnar is an excellent artist who consistently creates relatable illustrations and makes people understand the true meaning behind them. So, the next time you find some random person saying, “Smile more darling, you look a lot prettier,” either you give them the most-scariest smile or respect yourself and walk away.