Comic Artist Channels His Spirit Animals And Makes Them Talk In His Hilarious Comics

By Jana I

Chuck Ingwersen, known as Captainscratchy on Instagram, is a digital artist who creates interesting and entertaining content that circles around animals and their imaginative lives. His webcomic features dogs, cats, sharks, chickens, and many more in the most mind-blowing situations. After reading his work, we couldn’t stop thinking about some of the comics for some time!

Chuck Ingwersen makes extremely engaging yet simple and quick-witted creations that make people smile and chuckle. His art speaks a universal language, and we hope you will be one of those that enjoy it! We loved every second of “research” put into compiling this list of Captainscratchy’s work. If you’re curious about what made us so excited, stay a little longer and indulge in some funny animal-based comics.

All images in this article are courtesy of captainscratchy on Instagram.

Difficult Decisions

Choosing between dogs or cats is a very difficult decision. Both cats and dogs are extremely sensitive, and humans and pets can get hurt when favorites are picked. So, the best solution is not to choose at all and to love both of them equally.

Both of these ginger beauties are angelic in their own way. Just look at that dog’s big toothy grin. We just want to give him all the pets. And the cat is so chonky, his tummy’s on the floor. We refuse to pick favorites!

No Privacy

We feel so sorry for this cuddly bear. He found out that there are cameras that monitor its every move, dispersed throughout his woods. Poor bear; it feels exposed and used. That thought of violating this bear’s privacy is so vile!

Perhaps it was the birdwatchers and their cameras that snapped the embarrassing pics. And, on another note, did you see the logo on the laptop? Tell us you want to avoid copyright without telling us you want to avoid copyright.

Oh, No…

Just when he thought he was in the clear, the dolphin betrayed him. This is a story about Stan. Stan was your regular man that loved swimming in the open ocean. One day, Stan saw a dolphin, and that’s when his whole life changed.

These marine animals are savage! The shark is ready for its next course, and we are still shocked that the dolphin betrayed a human that way! It’s not like people trap them in aquariums, stare at them all day, and train them to do tricks for other people… Unbelievable!

That Was Dark

Who said chickens don’t have a sense of humor?! We were seriously bewildered when we saw this comic. It’s funny, dark, and morbid — everything we like to see in witty commentary and jokes. After reading this, though, our perspective on poultry changed completely.

The beer truck is not only going to leave a mark; it will leave aunt Sharon glued to the road. Well, aunt Sharon, it’s no one’s fault you liked your alcohol so much. Poor Sharon, may her soul be at rest.

When in France…

French people have the most intriguing cuisine. They love to eat intestines, frogs, snails, and suspicious types of soups and goulashes. We are not fans of it, if we’re being honest. But, there are those that love to experiment. Kudos to you!

Now, if there is something we have an ick for, it’s raw or undercooked meat. Don’t even get us started on the concept of eating frogs. Why it appeals to anyone is beyond us. Undercooked beef is one thing, but eating live frogs is unacceptable.

Pumpkin Spice Cottage Cheese

The spooky season is, unfortunately, behind us. We hope you had as much fun as we did. It’s always hard to top last year’s costumes, but we gave it a try. Though, this shark does bring up a good point… What is spookier: pumpkin or shark?

This man seems to be more scared of pumpkin spice cottage cheese than being in between two sharks with sharp teeth. That’s the right attitude. It’s absolutely disgusting, not to mention it’s sopping wet and extra salty from being in the ocean.

Shark Trivia

Did you ever think sharks and bears would meet? Yeah, us neither! We could’ve never guessed it nor even pictured what it would look like, but Captainscrathy is making our wildest dreams possible. This whole comic series does seem like one big fever dream.

We’ve also heard that sharks won’t hurt people intentionally, however, the response from these two makes us reconsider. We are confused, frightened, and considering never going to the beach again. We’ll stick to lakes and rivers, thank you very much.

Sinful Dreams

This woman dares to dream and mumble cute names. The dog automatically assumed they are cat names. God forbid, she was dreaming of babies or her friend’s children. This canine is one jealous creature and can’t keep it all contained.

The dog can forgive and forget anything, but cute cat nicknames — like, Mr. Whiskers, Kit-Kat, Kitty-Cat, Poopy-Butt, or Purr-Machine — are simply and utterly unacceptable. Quickly! Think of nice nicknames for the dog, too, and maybe you won’t need to wipe up some doggy barf!

Bear On a Diet

We don’t think bears should go on diets. The whole reason they are so cute is that they are super cuddly and chubby! We can’t understand why any doctor would recommend that! Fast food rocks, dear bear! Go ahead and eat what you want!

We love the humor; we often see the joke about bears loving fast food, in relation to chasing humans. Chuck turned that on its head with the sloth. But, dear bear, don’t listen to the haters. You were doing just fine eating salmon and honey. Leave the sloth alone…

Don’t Steal Our Snacks!

If we know something about humans — about us — it’s that we are suckers for snacks! If you take our snacks without permission, expect the unexpected. Forget about cars, houses, and precious jewelry. We don’t care about that. However, the chips and the chocolate bars… Do not touch!

The bears know us so darn well. Of course the humans are running because of the picnic snacks. Who cares about cars at this point in time?! You better strap in like those bears because there are more funny comics to come.

No Pressure

If a shark threatens you, you are not going to dismiss them so easily, are you? We hope not. Sharks might not be a threat to humans, but those teeth sure are. They’re sharp and can easily mince down a human if they so desire.

First of all, the shark is definitely going to beat these men to the finish line; there’s no doubt about that. But, secondly, what gets us is that it still felt the need to threaten them, even though it knew it will win. What a legend.

Just Because

Well, by now, we are used to cats doing things just because they can, and there is no one to stop them. Even when there is, they will simply ignore whatever is telling them no. It’ll always be too late for your favorite glass.

How on Earth the cat lit a couch on fire will forever remain a mystery. If there was an exposed candle, it could be traced back to the cat. Now, humans, it’s up to you to solve this little ordeal. It’s time for the cat to lick its paws and enjoy life.

Justice For Bessie

Cows are the most precious creatures out there. Have you seen their gorgeous, big eyes and cuddly faces?! How someone cannot like cows is beyond us. Though this man is taking advantage of his bovine friend. He learned that mosquitos are drawn to cows more than humans, and this is what he did:

We don’t know what’s funnier: this whole situation, or the way that the cow is sitting. We could imagine this scenario happening in the Mr. Bean animated TV series or something. Don’t you think?! Nonetheless, we hope Bessie got her well-deserved revenge.

Napping is the New Hustling

We are fully against the toxic, hustle culture. It’s downright problematic, and it’s highly beneficial to the already dominant capitalism. And the idea of productivity is even more toxic. Can you tell that these sentences were written by cats? Yeah.

This is one of the main reasons cats are our spirit animals now and forever. They are unbothered, selfish, and self-sufficient. Also, spoiled and lazy to a fault. And yeah, super soft and cuddly. Oh, to be a cat and sleep all day…

You are What You Eat

Well if this title is true, then we are noodles, doughnuts, and chips. Just kidding! We would eat broccoli or two on occasion… Alas! This is not about us; it’s about animals. And once again, it’s about Captainscratchy’s dearest sharks.

Even post-mortem, the guy got owned by the shark! Still, we can’t tell if the shark is having an identity crisis, didn’t understand the joke, or is just being a big goofball. We wish Chuck had added another panel with the second shark’s reply.


We’re not scared of going to the doctor, but we completely understand why some people are. The cold, clinical setting is enough to make anyone feel on edge. And, honestly, we hate getting scolded for not exercising enough; we’re busy adults, okay?

It looks like this shark is about to get yelled at for not chewing his food enough before swallowing. Now, we are not medical professionals, but this looks like a serious problem. Is this some shark version of acid reflux?

Hope Never Dies

We admire some people and how far their hope will take them. They never stop believing, and you can only be impressed by their faith. If you can, you can try to search for that inside your own body. Until then, just observe.

That’s how we feel, seeing this owner looking at her dog in a condescending way. You shouldn’t be disappointed by the non-intelligence of your dog. Be impressed by its hope and perseverance. It’s something to be envied, not looked down upon!

Keep Talking, Girl

There are way too many nosy people in the world. We humans are stuck with them, but apparently not bears. With one big chomp, all their problems go away in an instant. This bear was tired of its roommate butting its nose in someone else’s business.

When you think about it, there are so many levels to Chuck Ingwersen’s comics. With this one, for example, we can talk about how unwanted advice can spoil someone’s mood. We can talk about toxic friendships. The possibilities are endless.

Lost in Translation

We love those bring your dog/cat to work days. It’s super fun! However, unfortunately for us, it only happens in movies and TV shows. When is it our turn to be happy, huh?! Why can’t we bring our pet and cuddle it all day?!

Well, turns out, this is not that man’s dog. It’s another person’s dog. Or, even worse, it’s a stray. Now, he has to get all kinds of precautionary shots. So relatable, when a dog bites your head off, but you still show up to work…

Bear Standards

We love Captainscratchy comics — and the artist, of course — for not being afraid to state his opinions on topics people are very passionate about. Sure, he does it through animal characters, not humans. But hey, that makes it even funnier!

Even these bears have higher food standards than humans. Those Subway tuna sandwiches are probably at least a day old. Yuck! They would rather eat feet, which speaks volumes. Or, does it? They are bears, after all. They’d probably eat a raccoon that bathes in trash…

Pie in the Sky

When we say something is a “pie in the sky,” we mean that it’s amazing. Sadly, that’s just a silly phrase and will likely never happen. Now, when some innocent creature encounters these idioms, they might take them quite literally, and then, troubles happen. Like it did here:

Dogs will eat anything…and from anywhere. Their bowl, the trash, the grass; all food is edible to them. When they heard this man talk about a pie in the sky, poor things, they took it to heart. We hope they gave up on that idea come morning.

Don’t You Even Dare

Remember when that crazy children’s song “Baby Shark” made its rounds? It was hyped up so much! We hated it at first, and then, it kinda got to us. But now, we hate it again. No, we despise it. So, we feel this shark on a deeper level.

This is the first time we’ve seen one of Chuck’s bears feel threatened. Who do you think would win: a bear or a shark? Honestly, we are placing all our hopes on a bear, but we are super aware that sharks’ teeth are unmatched.


There is nothing better than waking up on a Saturday and realizing you don’t have to get dressed and go to work. Freedom never felt so good! However, sometimes, you are too tired to notice what day it is. You get up and start getting ready…

We love what the artist named it: “near-pants experience.” It’s as if that’s something super uncomfortable and vile to go through. Well, it kind of is, to be honest. The pets seem concerned as well. We love everything about this comic, from the art style to their facial expressions.

God Darn It

Traveling to a place where you speak the local language is a special experience. You get to enjoy a vacation without feeling totally helpless. You can ask for directions without getting lost, you won’t be ripped off in tourist shops, and you can always buy exactly what you want…

Unless your accent is obvious and the shopkeeper is rude. How does anyone end up with a boot instead of a boat?! We hope the Canadians aren’t too offended, but we think this guy is at fault. Did he go to a shoe store and ask for a boat?

True Intentions

Everyone knows what dogs are driven by: getting pet, treats, and unattended food. Their motivation is so extrinsic and so clear, we envy them. People are too complicated, don’t ya think?! Look at this cat vs. dog silent staring contest.

There is nothing quite as stubborn as a dog that saw some food it wants to get to. It will win any and every staring contest because, frankly, the focus is not on the game itself. That is actually good advice to take: do not overthink; shift your focus!

Honest Review

There is nothing better than a waiter that is aware of the restaurant they are working at. If it’s a classy restaurant, they know how to act. If it’s a salad bar, don’t wear a tux. We hate those fancy, old-school, bougie places. We all know they are not it.

Serving a fresh raccoon with a trash salad is something we would love to see. We wouldn’t eat it, of course, but, we would pet it. And why not?! Well, maybe, because it’s a wild animal and can bite… Nah, it won’t bite us, right…?

It Makes You Wonder

Names hold meaning. It’s difficult to say whether a name can determine your personality once you have it, but a nickname definitely can. Nicknames are given after the fact, and they are backed up by arguments and experience, so they’re usually on-point.

Now, no wonder this is called a peek-a-boo woods. That bear is legendary! We wonder what is going through its head while stalking people, hikers, runners, and their pets. Is he plotting something, or just doing it for fun? Who knows…

Dog Logic

When we compare dog and cat logic, we can’t decide which one makes more sense. Well, to be precise, which one makes the least sense because both are bonkers. Nonetheless, we love them. And dog vs. cat content is what we enjoy!

We can’t tell you why this dog thought mittens are better and more sanitary than boots, but they are. No need to try and understand everything. Just let it be, let it go, and chill. That’s the way to live a dog’s life. Go with the flow of the dog’s raw meat mittens.

Words of a True Champion

We already talked about dogs and their amazement when it comes to food that has been dropped, thrown away, or intended for someone else. It is their mother fricking jam! It’s what they love, what they crave, and what they shall have.

We would love to see a dog restaurant where they serve only the most disgusting, grossest leftovers. That would be such a fun concept, and no food will be wasted and thrown in the trash. It’s a great idea, actually. Sorry Chuck, we are copyrighting it!

Nothing Wrong With Being Wrong

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong about something. It can even save your life. Well, we will show you a situation in which you’d wish to be wrong once in a while. This man certainly wished that. If it wasn’t funny, it would be depressing.

So, take it from the ones that went through it, being wrong is not always bad. Learn to let life do its thing, don’t second guess, don’t do it. Don’t wish for something, because you might just end up in the shark’s stomach.

When Friends Can’t Take a Hint

We love our friends and all, but sometimes they can be a little too blunt and ignorant without any reason whatsoever. You might give them subtle clues about how you’re feeling, and stuff, and they will still not get the idea.

The chicken wants some alone time, but the friends have other ideas in mind. What do you mean by “alone time”? Isn’t that a code for “please bother me some more, I miss you, and I want to spend time with you”? It’s not?! Impossible.

Cats Instilling Fear Since the Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Cats are royalty, and they should be treated as such! We love them to bits, but you already know that. What you didn’t know is that even extraterrestrial beings, think of cats as leaders of our world! We are not joking.

According to the cat’s behavior, there is no other conclusion to make, right? Cats assert their dominance unapologetically. Even the aliens were frightened and decided to bolt outta there. We don’t blame them, though. As they should… This is just the natural order of things.

We All Have That One Friend…

We all have that one friend that is completely oblivious of their surroundings. They are just going with the flow, but maybe a bit too much. Sometimes it’s not bad to think about situations you get yourself into, ya know…

How we deal with people like that is what we want to know. Sure, life is more fun with them around, however, we are seriously concerned for their well-being! All this aside, this comic is pretty funny. Yeah, much better than a seal. Muuuuch better.

This is Wrong

Just when we get into it, relax and enjoy a chuckle-worthy scroll through Chuck Ingwersen’s artwork, he hits us in the stomach with this one. We are not sure about this one. It gives us mixed feelings, but none of them are comfy and cozy.

This probably wouldn’t disturb us as much if we didn’t know that there was actually a woman that got married to a dolphin! We swear we read about something like that on the news. It’s weird and was likley not consensual, and please stop it!

The Bird Steals the Show

If you think there is nothing more interesting and fun than magic, magicians, and magic tricks, get ready to have your mind blown. Behold the cat magician. It’s a cat, and it can do magic! What is better than that?! Nothing. Simply nothing.

Well, maybe a cat magician and a bird that steals the show unintentionally. We love this duo! Although we have to say, this cat doesn’t seem to be preparing for a stunt, but rather for a meal. The saw and the tight grasp on the bird’s leg; it’s suspicious…

Peace Was Never an Option

We all know those people and pets that are a personification of the saying: peace is never an option. They are just so chaotic and hectic; we both love it and absolutely hate it. But, let us show you one of the funniest comics yet.

We don’t know what’s funnier, their facial expressions, or the fact that the dog appears to be much fitter than the cat (whose tummy drags on the floor). We are rolling on the floor. That cat is our spirit animal; so good.

Romance is Not Dead

Just when we thought romance was dead, here come Captainscratchy’s sharks to save the day and change our minds. We are, honestly, a bit envious of the way they communicate and value each other. There is a lot to learn from them.

This is the highest form of love if we’ve ever seen one. The human leg, the cake, the candle, everything is just perfect. Although, we are a bit worried that the candle will go out considering they are in the middle of the ocean. Blow the candle, and make a wish, while there’s still a chance!

Well, That’s Weird AF

If you want to experience a fever dream while awake, just go through this artist’s Instagram page. You’ll be transported into a world you didn’t know existed, but you wish did. For the most part, at least. That’s how we felt after finding this picture.

This manatee is a complete mood, to be frank! In a bathtub, unafraid to eat his whole body weight in fish, drinking some good, dark wine, and living life! What would we give to be this manatee for a day, oh lord!

Little Pick-Me-Up

We all need those people that are our pick-me-ups. They will take you, and make you feel so much better. Even though you might not want to get out of your rut, they will make you do it! Everyone deserves to have someone like that.

The shark and the bear are destined to be besties for life. We would never have expected that, but they are such a great duo! They bring out the best in each other, and we are super inspired by their friendship. All y’all need a friend like this grizzly bear in your life.

Dog Comeback

Sometimes, dogs can be just as savage as cats. Even though we don’t expect it, they can obliterate us in a great comeback and leave lifelong consequences. If you don’t believe us just take a look at this next comic:

This can be read in two different ways: is the dog referring to itself as not a deep thinker, or to its owner? It’s a genius statement! Now, the owner doesn’t know how to react, so punishing the dog and not giving it treats may seem unfair. What a smart pupper!

Keep On Hoping, Bear

We already talked about how hope is an important part of life. And we stand by that statement. We are continuously inspired by this comic series, especially this one four-panel pic. It features our favorite duo: a bear and a shark, the previously-established besties.

This hope, although completely stupid and senseless, keeps the bear going. Hoping. One day, it will successfully snatch that hot pocket out of the shark’s mouth, and it will be ready to do so! Practice makes perfect. You go, bear!

Stay Calm

Sometimes, others might not have our best interest in mind when they give us advice or suggestions. There are all kinds of people out there. It’s the same with animals. They are manipulators, we tell you. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

First red flag: a shark is ashamed to be seen with its friend, a dolphin. The dolphin is not as dangerous and vicious, not as cool as the shark. Second red flag: a salt shaker. Why does it have it? It’s suspicious. Don’t listen to the shark, dear dolphin. We’re afraid it has bad intentions…

Mouse Trap For Humans

We wouldn’t be surprised if one day, scientists prove that animals are, actually, much smarter and practical than people. Oh wait, they have! Better yet, animals have perfected all the aspects of life and society we can only hope to achieve.

This bear is great with tools and built the perfect contraption. Humans are known to stick their heads into all kinds of holes in order to put their head on top of an animal body and take a silly picture. This forest bear is going places. This man is going places, too. But not good ones.

That Went Sideways

How many times did we tell you about how communication is key to any relationship? Probably one too many times. If communication is shaky, everything will slowly fall apart; take it from us. We are experts. Totally. Yes. Trust us.

Poor Trevor, he just wanted to get his point across and prevent any confusion with his partner, we presume. Who knows. However, we chose this comic because we loved the concept of sharksplaining, a shark equivalent to mansplaining. So good.

Shark Week

Shark Week has been going on for almost 40 years. Debunking myths and rumors about sharks is very important, and we love the message behind it. No animal is that vicious, and Jaws was a big fat lie about sharks.

We are glad to see that there are some sharks that don’t want to live up to those expectations and stereotypes. It has some unconventional methods that we second. We wouldn’t mind having a method that includes drinking wine in a swimming pool. Sounds like a dream.