Sexy Time — Possibly One Of The Best Forms Of Humor

By Ruby M

Humorous comics are usually one of the most popular, and that’s why we often find punny comic strips in newspapers and even magazines, and now in the new era of humanity, social media. They provide the reader with some much-needed comic relief, and with all the bad news and negativity out there – some positivity, even simply from a few good laughs, can make all the difference to someone’s day and to their mental health.

Sometimes we just need a good laugh to feel a little bit lighter – and so what if the humor is sexual? The older we get, the funnier these jokes become – and sometimes it is primarily because the kids just don’t get it, and it’s something we adults can have to ourselves – unlike every sweetie, meal, or even shower we have – parents will know what we mean.

In these comics by the anonymously named “NY Cartoonist”, the viral Fruit Gone Bad explores a whole new sexual world that’s really just for the grown-ups – but also not too graphic that if the youngens happen to stumble upon this particular Instagram page by accident, there really is no harm done because the humor will (hopefully) go right over their little heads.

From subtle jokes about how important it is to “liquor” first if you want to have a good night to some very blue baubles, this artist has created an entire world of sexually frustrated and gratified fresh produce who are here to make us laugh, cry – or both at the same time.