40+ Comics About The Absurd Side Of Life

By Louise P

Comics have the most eloquent way of summing up the human experience with humorous and ironic effects in a way that other genres and mediums can’t. Having common experiences reflected back by cartoon figures helps show us the lighter side of life, even the most serious situations. Mostly, they teach us to look at the funny side of things. We need to learn to laugh at ourselves and the crazy thing we get up to. Warheads Comics is a brilliant showcase of artistry meets comedy with just a dash of crazy. Jim and Brian are two unlikely friends that get up to all sorts of mischief, and sometimes just imagine that they do. Let’s take the journey along with these two weirdos to see what happens.

All images in this article are courtesy of warheadscomics on Instagram.

If I Fits, I Sits

Seeing an inconsiderate person in public transit is something that almost everybody who commutes can relate to. Someone taking up too much space and blocking seats is a big faux-pas and can lead to evil glares from other weary passengers. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Evil glares are not fatal, and they are especially ineffective on the oblivious offenders. If someone is blocking a whole seat on the train, chances are they are not going to care about glances from fellow passengers. Sitting in their lap might get their attention, though.

Parking Up the Wrong Tree

Parking is the bane of almost all drivers’ existence. Nobody wants to park too far from their destination, and getting a spot that isn’t too sketchy looking is also a necessary find. And finding a perfect yet partially blocked spot is particularly migraine-inducing. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

It always seems that people who drive large SUVs have no problem taking up two spots when they are parking. Trying to park around them makes the actual good drivers look like idiots when they were not the guilty party to begin with.

The Devil is in the Details

If only all of life’s little problems could be solved by summoning a nice little helper demon. In the movies, summoning demons never seems to work out well for the characters. And why do demons seem to speak Latin exclusively?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Demons would be pretty good at breaking up couples, but using them to clean the house is also a great idea. At least the roommates will be happy to have this demon infesting the apartment instead of those pesky messy poltergeists!

Assassination Attempt

Why does Jim seem so focused on taking out Chad? He has definitely thrown all caution to the wind as he resorts to poisoning almost anybody to get to his nemesis. Hopefully, someone brought the antidote and can help out Brian’s date as soon as possible. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Jim definitely should have left this particular step to his house demon. Demons probably have more experience poisoning unknowing victims than a mere mortal. Laura is certainly going to start suspecting foul play if Chad is injured. Jim is not being very stuble about it, is he?

Something is Fishy Here

Jim seems to have figured out how to break up Laura and Chad in this Mrs. Doubtfire-inspired installment. “It was a drive-by fishing!” What better way to break up the couple than by putting one of them into anaphylactic shock. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Good help is hard to find, and this restaurant definitely needs to step up the vetting process on their waiters. But at least having bald waiters should reduce having orders sent back to the kitchen, no chance for stray hairs to fall into the food there.

If Only They Had a Bigger Boat

Some of the situations Jim and Brian find themselves in are truly absurd and, fortunately, don’t really reflect daily life. They can’t even relax without things going wrong. Somehow, a nice break resulted in further stress. Is Jim cursed or just plain unlucky?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Self-deprecating humor must be Jim’s trademark, and he certainly delivers that in this strip. Perhaps it’s a good sign to be more forgiving and make sure to rest well whenever possible. A piece of advice: the music from the Jaws soundtrack is not soothing.

O, Behave

The Creator joins in on the fun with Jim and Brian as almost a character in his own right. It seems like he just was not content with playing a background role and wanted the audience to see his influence. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

The audience gets to see how the Creator responds to his characters and directly steps in to make their lives either happy or miserable. There is no reading between the lines; he tells us explicitly how he feels about poor Jim.

Got Your Back Bro 

Jim seems to have a direct line to his creator and loves to involve him whenever he has a specific request. He isn’t afraid to make his requests known, and we commend his selflessness. What better reason is there to contact the Creator than to help our a friend?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

The Creator listens to Jim’s plea and seems willing to help Brian by gifting him a lovely Belgian girlfriend. We don’t know yet if Noemie is a recurring character, but we hope she is. They were made for each other, after all.

A Birthday Treat

The Creator strikes again! It looks like he thoroughly enjoys sabotaging Jim’s dating life. And poor Jim is just too gullible to see it coming. That romantic dinner for two might end up being a lonely meal for one with that smell. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Lucy will definitely be surprised, to say the least. Do you think she’ll make it past the first course? Let’s just hope the meal only tastes bad. If it also comes with…after effects, it won’t be the happiest of birthdays for Lucy.

Gifts From Above

We thought we could fall in love with most, if not all, chocolate, but apparently, this “treat” has fallen from the sky. It appears we’ve finally met chocolate we didn’t like. Jim still seems undecided, however. Let’s see how this plays out…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Life is full of the unexpected. But hey, in some countries, being pooped on by birds is actually good luck. So imagine how lucky Jim must feel right now with a whole box full of it! Maybe he should be grateful for what he’s been given.

Signs From Above

Looks like the Creator is playing yet another practical joke on the poor unsuspecting Jim. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance, does he? This strike of his will turn into someone striking him before he knows it. Watch out, Jim!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Do you think all the Jims of the world could form a union? Would they finally get rights then? With such a sneaky Creator, it’s highly unlikely. We’ll just have a strike full of ridiculously changing signs. Good luck everyone!

A Sight For Sore Eyes

Jim might be playing modest, but we know he secretly loves the attention. Look at him! He’s not confronting her at all. He’s merely sitting next to her, letting her stare at him. If only he knew the real reason…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

In actuality, Jim is the one being rude. The woman doesn’t know what is going on. You might even say she’s left in the dark. Meanwhile, Jim is feeling like hot stuff being intensely stared down in a cafe. Maybe someone should tell him.

Pleases and Thank You’s

Brian, everyone knows you say thank you when someone holds the door open! What a rookie mistake. Jim is being an absolute gentleman for once. If you don’t reward that, it might not happen again. Don’t forget those pleases and thank yous, folks!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

There are people who do good deeds out of the goodness of their hearts, and then there’s Jim — who pretty much just wants the recognition. Hey, no good deed goes unpunished. Jim is learning that the hard way. Next time, just let the door slam! 

Broken Hearts Club

Sharing a serious life lesson with some youngins there, Brian? Don’t you think the kid might be just a wee bit too young? We guess Brian wants to drop a knowledge bomb on the poor kids. Looks like it might get him kicked out of daycare, too.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

What simultaneously feels so loud but super quiet? The sound of someone’s heart breaking. Turns out hearts are, in fact, breakable, and unfortunately Brian is experiencing it first hand. Don’t worry Brian. Give it time and you’ll find the right person for you.

Karma’s a Beach

If you’re going for a low blow, karma does the dirty work in return. Some may say she had it comin’…She had it comin’ and she only had herself to blame. If you had been there, would you have done the same?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

One of the quickest ways to empathy — walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Now Laura can walk armless, hairless steps in her new super white body. On the bright side, she’ll cut down on costs without haircuts or products!   

Murphy’s Law and Laura

These two seem to keep bumping each other — whether they like it or not. Is the universe trying to tell them something? Or is it all just coincidnece? Only time will tell, but love stories can happen in the unlikeliest of circumstances…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Jim is not a lucky dude. He is the personification of Murphy’s Law. He’s one of those people who can’t ever seem to catch a break. If he walked outside with a perfect forecast and no umbrella, it would probably rain on him. 

Matchy Matchy

What a sticky situation! When the criminal and the victim look the exact same, how will things go down? Maybe this was Laura’s tactic the whole time. Nobody will know who is who. Looks like Laura may have found a winning, twinning strategy!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

It shouldn’t be hard to spot the two. It’s not every day you meet someone that looks like Jim– he’s like Casper the friendly ghost meets a human meets a stick figure. The Creator must have gotten a little lazy while drawing…

Jim’s Got Baggage

First in, first out doesn’t seem to apply in this case! We’ve been there. Rushing to get to the conveyor belt only to be waiting there for half an hour. It feels like no matter when you check your bag for a flight, it always comes out last.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Oopsies. Turns out Jim’s anger is unwarranted. We know the feeling of getting irrationally upset about something, then later discovering it is actually our own mistake. It’s okay, Jim. Just keep on walking out of the airport. Nobody has to know!

Buried in the Basement

There’s nothing like a first date in a remote cabin in the woods or a forced time-out in the basement to get you thinking clearly again. Chad’s ex has more red flags than a matador! You start to wonder where his judgment has gone.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Do you ever just meet someone and think…Yep, they definitely have someone locked up in their basement. What do you think the telltale signs for Laura are? Well, besides the fact that we already know she’s taken a new prisoner…

Junk in the Trunk

Wow, Chad is actually not so bad! Look at him coming to the rescue – and probably getting carsick in the process. What a trooper. Let’s hope this car trip ends better for him than it did the last time. Who knows what his ex has in store for him upon arrival.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

When in doubt, recreate the situation. If you’re having trouble remembering something, it might help to go through the steps again and relive it! This risky method seems to be working for Chad. But boy, we hope there aren’t too many potholes up ahead!

Surfin’ So-far-i

Jim caught a wave. Unfortunately, he caught it a bit too far. He may not have gone swimming in the ocean, but he’s definitely feeling salty! Let’s hope he can sweet-talk his way back into the crowd. However, this doesn’t seem like his strong suit. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Unimpressed bouncers are nothing new. There must be something about holding a temporary position of power that gets to their heads. This bouncer doesn’t look like he can be sweet-talked into anything. The odds aren’t looking good for you, Jim!

Let There Be Light

Jim might not be the sharpest tool in the shed — or the basement — but he sure knows how to make the best of any situation. Let’s hope help comes quickly. That flame can’t last forever, and he’s bound to get hungry soon! 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Hmmm, if we could have three wishes, what would they be? Maybe light is a good start, but we think we’d go much bigger than that. Although wishing for more wishes feels like cheating — what the annoying kid in class would say. Or Chad. 

Unfortunate Doppelgangers 

We would think Jim’s kidnapper would want him to roam free. If there’s only one scary M-word out there, he won’t have any backup. At least, next to Jim, the kidnapper might even look less scary. Work those odds, kidnapper! 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

How long do you think it’ll take Jim to develop Stockholm syndrome? The two already seem to be vibing and finding some common ground. We give it about an hour and a couple of deep and meaningful before they become besties. 

Silence Is Golden

No news is good news! The Creator and Jim don’t exactly have the best relationship. From getting shafted with twig arms and no hair to being the butt of practical jokes, having a break from the Creator can only be a good thing!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Do you think the Creator is busy with other comic commitments, or do you think he’s coming up with an elaborate scheme? This could be the break Jim deserves…or it may just be the calm before the storm. Only time will tell!

Head in the Clouds

Wow, news travels fast! But Jim on that jet plane is even faster. He is completely smitten and willing to rush to Laura’s side at any cost. We don’t see this ending well, but we are more than happy to watch it play out!  

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

It seems Laura has hijacked Jim’s heart. And perhaps Jim hijacked this plane in return. Boy, when he gets his radar set on something, he really goes for it! Hopefully, Laura is on board for what is flying her way!  

Let Sleeping Girlfriends Lie

These comics also have a beautiful way of showing how the world could be if people, or animals, cared more. What a conscientious bear to back off from the sleeping and resting humans. If only everybody understood boundaries so well.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Some would say that the bear is just scuttling off to attack the picnic later. It could be true, but it is also possible the humans were smart enough to bring some bear repellent and maybe a bit of pepper spray? That would definitely work.

The Return of The Karma

Karma strikes again! Do these characters ever learn? Their Creator is a bit evil, but he’s also clever. And he loves a good vindictive punishment. Plus, he gets to sit back and watch it all play out. Where’s the popcorn?

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Looks like she fell into the underworld. But maybe there’s a silver lining here. Do you think being stuck in a basement will force them to talk out their problems…understand each other…maybe even become friends? Nah! We didn’t think so either. 

No Pain, No Gain

In theory, we all like hiking. The great outdoors, fresh air, and nature all sound great. In reality, maybe not so much…mosquitos, hills, sweat, and effort. This could be an unpopular opinion, but hiking is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Obviously, Jim is struggling — exercise doesn’t quite seem like his forte. Plus, he doesn’t look like he gets much sun. Do you think that his white exterior simply reflects the sun? Or is he going to burn to a crisp and look like a tomato head tomorrow?

S’now Laughing Matter

We’d think Jim would love the snow! It’s like natural camouflage for him. It’s the only time of year when he can blend in. If he saw the Creator or Laura, he could even just lie down in a fresh pile and snow and go full incognito!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Jim is so cold yet he looks like he’s going to have a meltdown! It seems his appearance is a touchy subject. We’re sure that carrot doesn’t help…maybe Brian will add some bigger sticks for arms. That oughtta send Jim right over the edge.

Urine luck!

It’s Dodgy to the rescue! Dogs are known for their amazing sense of smell and now Dodgy can put it to good use to find Jim…oh wait, it appears Dodgy just missed peeing on Jim. To be fair, Jim does look like a giant, white fire hydrant. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Isn’t that just like animals? Loveable one second, and completely destructive the next. They can be all cute and cuddly next to you, then chew up your favorite shoes the second you leave the house. But we can’t stay mad at those cute faces!

An Ice Cream for Help

Brian is going through a rough one. There are many ways to cope, and hey, eating your feelings isn’t the worst option out there! We think Jim should be a good friend and get him some chocolate syrup or sprinkles.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

When life isn’t sweet, try ice cream. It’s the perfect remedy for a bad day or a broken heart. It even puts the ice in “nice day”. So if a deliciously creamy, frozen dessert doesn’t make you feel better we don’t know what will! 

A Backfire On Fire

The Creator appears to be playing favorites. We wonder why he would create a being he doesn’t even seem to like. Maybe he just needs someone to play jokes on and Jim is the perfect target to get a good laugh. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Perhaps a better idea in this situation would be to practice some reverse psychology. “Hey, Creator! We think Jim would look better with even whiter skin and thinner stick arms…or maybe no arms at all! What to do you say?”

My Precious

Jim might be funny-looking, but he’s not that ugly. So what if it did stir up those orcs? Can you imagine Jim attacking or eating them if need be? We certainly can’t. Jim is far too picky and high-maintenance for that.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Jim is like a little sibling to Brian. We all remember times when we forced our younger siblings to play dress-up and they were always the least desirable characters. Or even the pet dog. Don’t worry, Jim! It gets better.

The Kidnapper Becomes the Kidnapped

It serves Laura right! Finally, even the Creator sees the karmic justice in this role reversal. How long do you think she should stay down there to learn her lesson? It doesn’t really matter anyways…the Creator always has the final say.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

The Creator sure has a heavy hand in more ways than one. While Laura deserves a little taste of her own medicine, we hope he shows some compassion. After all, the Creator created this situation in the first place, right?    

Here’s the Kicker

Anybody who has been to the movies in the last ten years knows that it is almost impossible to have a completely noise-free experience. Audiences today seem to find it hard to put away their phones and obey established public etiquette. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

It is too easy to want to get up and yell at people in a movie theater who will not obey the rules. Resorting to violence is never the right thing to do, and luckily, most people just need a gentle reminder to behave. 

Modern Fairytale

All the stories of how our parents met sound as if they could come straight out of a 90s rom-com. Nowadays, these stories can pretty much be summed in one word — Tinder, Bumble, Hinge…it’s not so much how people meet, more which app did you use? 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

There’s how you met your significant other…and then there’s how you wish you met. Serendipitously walking down the street at the same time on a blissful day. Your eyes lock and you chat over coffee. Hey…a romantic can dream, can’t they?

Stranger Danger

They say to never pick up hitchhikers, especially at night. If you ask us, Jim walked right into this one. And as luck would have it, he bears an uncanny resemblance to his own kidnapper. Good luck, Jim– you’re gonna need it!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

On a lighter note, hitchhiking can be a lot of fun under the right circumstances! It’s better than sitting on the side of the road for ages. Yes, it can also be dangerous. But it couldn’t get any worse for him now. What are the chances of Jim getting kidnapped twice? 

Carve Your Own Love Story

Grand romantic gestures are also risky ones. We never know if they’ll be received with open arms or scare the other person away. Start with little acts of kindness. Maybe try drawing a portrait or taking her out for dinner, Jim!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Jim has taken things too far with this display of love. It’s obvious Laura rocks his world. But will she feel the same after seeing the Mountain? Jim may have to come face to face with the reality of the situation.   

Lucky Number

Let’s hope Brian’s boss is as understanding as that polite gentleman. It’s always scary calling in sick. We’re not sure if the boss is going to believe us or give us a disappointing grunt. Thank goodness for text messages these days. Type, send, and done!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Do you ever feel really awkward after returning to work from sick leave? Even if you actually were sick, you feel like you have to prove it to your coworkers. Don’t look too healthy. Maybe give them a few subtle coughs throughout the day.

Cop To It 

It seems this group is digging their own graves lately! This situation is going to be trickier to get out of. We have Jim looking like a wanted suspect, and Chad hopping out of the trunk. We highly doubt the cop is going to believe they’re all innocent. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

We highly doubt any of this group has been arrested before. But there’s a first time for everything! Then again, Jim might just get away with it. After all, we doubt those handcuffs would stay on his stick arms…finally, a silver lining!

Lost In Translation

Punctuation matters! The difference between “Let’s eat, kids” and “Let’s eat kids” is a big one. It’s also a good lesson to children about why they should use commas! If they don’t, they might not make it to their next sentence…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

It seems like Jim has selective hearing. But he is a good friend and always happy to help out. He’s also a bit of drama king. At least his reaction was to come to the rescue instead of bolting as fast as he could!  

Falling On Deaf Ears

Unfortunately, it seems Brian didn’t quite get the memo — Lucy’s blind, not hard of hearing! So much for not making it weird dude. But hey, at least she probably doesn’t know he tried to shake her hand. Hopefully, Jim won’t tell her later…

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @warheadscomics

Speaking louder, or even shouting, appears to be a default mechanism for many having difficulting communicating. When someone doesn’t speak a language, you get the urge to say the same thing but louder. Why don’t people understand that the volume isn’t what matters?