Smells We Can’t Get Enough Of

By Kanyi M

Everyone has their favorite scent…or scents. We honestly can’t pick. The smell of soil after it’s rained, freshly mowed grass, wooden campfires, and even the smell of a new car — they all make us take an extra whiff when we walk by. A lot of people say that these smells make them feel nice, content, or even just happy. But, why? How can smelling a book or your partner’s sweatshirt give you good vibes to get through the day?

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

Scott the squirrel can’t get enough of books. Or, to be specific, new books. Don’t worry, Scott, we totally agree with you. New books have a distinct smell. Maybe we have all been actually smelling the same books, but never noticed. It’s not just a new book scent that makes us happy. It’s the smell of any book that makes us happy. Even an old book that we have read countless times still has that smell that makes us feel good.

Image Credits: loffyllamacomics/Instagram

Freshly baked bread, coffee, the ocean, flowers, chocolate, a wood fire, coffee again… these are just some of the ‘weird’ smells we love. Although there is no rhyme or reason for certain smells (we still don’t understand why gasoline at a gas station smells good), there is some brain chemistry going on. Olfactory triggers are some of the strongest memory senses. That’s why you find yourself drifting off with thoughts of family trips or fun times with friends when you encounter a certain smell.