A Romantic Tail: 45 Comics Chronicling A Heartwarming Canine Love Story

By Jana I September 19, 2023

Meet Dazzazzad, the creative force behind “Sushi & Ren,” a deceptively adorable comic with profound undertones coursing beneath the endearing facades of its main characters. Sushi, the sassy yet melancholic Bichon Frisé, encounters Ren, a passionate and unwavering husky who yearns to be Sushi’s companion.

Approximately ten months ago, this comic emerged as a response to a challenging, unfulfilled romance, carrying the lingering weight of intricate emotions that sought an outlet. In many ways, the comic served as Dazzazzad’s therapeutic medium, allowing her unresolved feelings to unfurl on the pages.

However, an even greater revelation was the resonance it found with an audience who intimately connected with the heartwarming and heartbreaking aspects of this comic series. We’ve prepared 45 of them for you to enjoy. PS, keep some tissues close by!

Calliope, Clio, Erato, Sushi…

In this first one, Ren affectionately declares, “Sushi, you are my muse,” highlighting the profound connection and inspiration he derives from Sushi. However, the humor lies in the fact that all Ren seems to ‘create’ are positive and uplifting vibes.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This juxtaposition humorously underscores the idea that sometimes, the most potent creative forces stem from the simplest and happiest moments in life. It also describes how we feel when we meet someone and fall for them. Inspired and inexplicably happy.

Gotta Stay Positive

In this comic gem, Sushi’s mantra boils down to three epic words: “Not. Dead. Yet.” It’s less about deep philosophizing and more about embracing the sheer audacity of life! Sushi’s quirky optimism encapsulates the spirit of living life to the fullest!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This playful twist on resilience adds a dash of humor to “Sushi & Ren,” turning an ordinary phrase into a meme-worthy reminder to keep rocking on, no matter what comes your way. We intend to use it whenever life thinks it’s kicked us down!

When Sushi Goes Bad

Sushi playfully yearns to earn the title of a ‘bad girl.’ Her desire for this moniker is more cheeky than risqué, adding a delightful twist to her character. It showcases her mischievous and adventurous side. Take a look at this:

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

The comic cleverly infuses a sense of rebellion within the bounds of a family-friendly narrative, offering a lighthearted glimpse into Sushi’s desire for a bit of excitement and a hint of mischief in her life. As you’ll come to see, she’s such a cheeky cutie.

Playing Hard to Get

In this next one, Sushi takes on the role of a mastermind in the art of playing hard to get. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she teases and tantalizes, keeping her determined admirer on his toes. Poor Ren!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

It’s a playful dance that adds a dose of flirtatious fun to the storyline. Sushi’s antics exemplify the allure of a challenging pursuit. That one person you can’t stop thinking about and keeps you firmly in their grip even when they’re not there. Crushes can be cruel!

Even Multiple Realities Have Their Limits

In this comic, Sushi delves into the concept of multiple realities, entertaining the idea with a whimsical touch. She explores the notion that there could be countless parallel universes, each with its own unique twists and turns. It’s a theory we like to entertain ourselves!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

However, amidst all this cosmic contemplation, Sushi firmly draws the line at admitting the existence of a reality where she and Ren share a kiss. It made us feel sorry for all the lovesick Rens in all the possible worlds because they must have collectively felt the pain of that statement!


As with all the rest, Ren’s adoration for Sushi takes center stage in this one as he lovingly expresses his desire to share every moment with her. With a twinkle in his eye, Ren playfully suggests they watch a show on Netflix together.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

All the while savoring the privilege of simply watching Sushi. It’s a heartwarming testament to the depth of Ren’s feelings, highlighting his fascination with his furry companion and the joys of companionship that go beyond the screen. Looks like someone’s going to enjoy Netflix & Chill!


In this comic, Ren imparts a nugget of wisdom, declaring, “Life is what you make it,” emphasizing the power of one’s perspective and choices in shaping their journey. However, Sushi’s candid response injects a dose of humor and relatability as she wryly retorts:

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

“Still terrible.” It’s a playful commentary on life’s ups and downs, reminding us that even in the face of optimism, we all have those moments when we can’t help but see the glass as half-empty. That’s just normal. The trick is knowing how and when to get out of that space.


In this comic, Ren playfully questions his own performance, asking, “Do I disappoint you?” However, Sushi flips the script with a humorous twist, responding, “No, I disappoint you.” This exchange showcases their dynamic, adding a quiet and honest element to their relationship.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This is a reminder that sometimes our expectations can be the source of disappointment and that laughter and honesty can be the best way to navigate the quirks and intricacies of any friendship or partnership. It’s a tough life, but still beautiful!

Everyone Needs a Ren in Their Life

In this heartwarming collage, Ren takes on the role of a true optimist and mood-lifter. With boundless enthusiasm and a heart full of kindness, he goes above and beyond to brighten Sushi’s mood. If you don’t believe us, just look:

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Through warm words and infectious positivity, Ren serves as a beacon of light, dispelling any clouds of sadness or gloom that may be hovering over Sushi. If someone said this to us, it would be an instant mood booster, not to mention an instant blush trigger!

Respecting Boundaries

Here, Ren showcases a deeply empathetic side as he respects Sushi’s emotional boundaries. Sensing that Sushi is feeling down, Ren demonstrates a remarkable understanding of her need for space. He steps back, allowing Sushi the time and solitude she requires.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This portrayal beautifully illustrates the importance of respecting one another’s emotional well-being and the value of patience and consideration in maintaining a healthy and supportive relationship, even among our furry friends. It may not always be easy, but it’s the right thing to do.

World vs. I

In this poignant comic, Sushi expresses a sad dose of realism, suggesting that the world could carry on without her in it. However, Ren’s heartfelt response, “I would not be okay,” adds an honest, touching depth to their overall arc.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Ren’s unwavering love and devotion reveal the profound impact that individuals can have on one another’s lives, emphasizing the significance of companionship. It is a reminder that even in the most difficult moments, there are those who cherish our existence.

Fueled By Anxiety

In this amusing comic, Ren curiously questions the secret behind Sushi’s luxurious fur, asking, “How is it possible that you look as good as you do?” Sushi, with her characteristic wit, humorously suggests, “Maybe stress and anxiety are good for my fur.”

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

See what we meant when we said she was a cheeky cutie? Though this can be correctly labeled as dark humor, it’s also quite funny. Sushi certainly knows that even though she has her struggles, Ren will always be there for her, whether it’s encouraging her or smiling at her witty one-liners.

‘I’ll Nap For You’

In this endearing comic, Sushi reveals her distinctive approach to romance by declaring that she’d take a nap for Ren, which she considers the ultimate gesture of love. As self-declared sleep lovers, we firmly agree with her sentiments. There’s nothing a good nap can’t fix.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

It portrays her as a lover of relaxation rather than a warrior of passion. It’s a quirky reminder that expressions of affection can come in various forms, even in unexpected actions. Next time someone asks if we are a lover or a fighter, we’re confidently responding with, “We’re nappers!”

So, When?

In this comedic instance, Sushi humorously longs for a precise date when things will improve in her life. Her desire for an exact timeline highlights the human tendency to seek certainty and control in the face of uncertainty. We can all relate.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Sushi’s quest for a specific date is funny yet understandable, reminding us that while we can’t predict the future with certainty, we can find humor in our longing for answers (if we have awesome friends like Ren) and the shared experience of wondering when better days will come.

Being Nearby

In this amusing comic, Ren expresses the sentiment that it’s wonderful being together, basking in the warmth of their companionship. However, Sushi, in her characteristic playful manner, responds in a witty semantic debate. Classic Sushi, we are not surprised at all!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

She asserts that they aren’t truly “together” but rather “nearby.” We wonder how Ren puts up with this! That said, she is quite funny, even when she’s playing hard to get. This humorous exchange highlights the nuances of communication and the quirks that arise when two personalities interact.

It’s Simple, Ren.

Ren also loves to take a dive into deep philosophical waters, pondering profound questions or waxing poetic lines about life’s mysteries. However, Sushi, the ever-practical and down-to-earth character, consistently keeps things real and grounded. She just likes scarves. That’s it.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

However, it seems Ren thinks he knows her better than that. Quite often, when we feel someone knows us a little too well and we don’t want to face the truth, we try to hide behind humor or change the subject. We wonder how the rest of this conversation went.

Half-Empty Perspective

In this comic, Sushi’s pessimism takes center stage, and it becomes abundantly clear that her negative outlook is a very big problem. Despite well-intentioned efforts from those around her, Sushi consistently finds a way to see the glass as half-empty.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Even good things make her feel worse about herself and her lot in life. A relatable sentiment during our dark moments. Everyone deserves to experience the best things in life, and we’re certain that with time and some work, Sushi will see that too.

Nailed It!

In this playful comic, Ren concocts a humorous pop quiz for Sushi, aiming to decode her personality traits. According to Ren’s quiz, Sushi’s strength is her hair, her weakness is life, and her greatest ambition is to nap. Quite the character she is!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Based on these, Sushi is such a cat! In the end, she’s quite proud of herself and her answers. This light-hearted exchange showcases their endearing camaraderie. It also makes you acknowledge the joy of embracing one’s idiosyncrasies and sharing laughs in different relationships.

Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

In this comic, Ren optimistically asserts that “Tomorrow will be better,” exuding hope and positivity. However, Sushi, with her characteristic sass and skepticism, delivers a one-word punchline when the prophesied ‘better tomorrow’ arrives and disappoints: “Liar!” The dynamic duo continues!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This comic captures the cyclical nature of hope and disappointment, and Sushi’s cheeky retort adds a humorous twist to the age-old struggle of managing expectations. It’s a relatable moment that encapsulates the playful dynamic between the doggies, even in the wake of disappointment.

‘You Are My Moon, And I Am Your Star’

Ren affectionately proclaims that he is Sushi’s star, casting himself as the guiding light in her life. Sushi is, therefore, his Moon. This delightful exchange paints a vivid celestial metaphor for their love while also raising the issue of doubt, which is quite common in relationships.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Ren’s role as the star symbolizes his comforting and guiding presence, while Sushi’s reference to him as her Moon implies a deep sense of connection and reliance. If you were to choose between the two, which one would you prefer to be?

Easy Solutions

In this situation, a valuable lesson emerges. Resolving conflicts can be as simple as taking a moment to turn around and truly see each other. It emphasizes the idea that misunderstandings often arise from a lack of communication or perspective.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Aw, Ren is such a sweetheart! Corny, but sweet nonetheless. By encouraging a shift in focus and encouraging open dialogue, this comic underscores the importance of empathy and understanding in resolving disputes. Sometimes, the most straightforward solutions can lead to the deepest connections.


Here is a unique one where Sushi’s craving for attention from Ren is a central theme. Whether through playful antics or endearing gestures, Sushi never ceases in her quest for Ren’s undivided focus. Just when we thought she was not interested…

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

…she pulls this off! Sushi’s relentless pursuit of Ren’s attention adds depth to their relationship, highlighting the warmth and connection that exist between them. With this, she is instantly made relatable and adorable. This is always the best part of a relationship.

Hopeful Ren

In this touching collage, Sushi grapples with sadness, and it is Ren who emerges as her unwavering pillar of support and affection. Ren’s boundless love and empathetic nature shine through as he stands by Sushi’s side, offering comfort and reassurance.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This heartwarming portrayal of their relationship emphasizes the impact of compassion and companionship in times of emotional turmoil. It underscores the idea that love and support from a cherished friend or partner can be a powerful source of solace. Hang in there, Sushi.


Ren unleashes a corny joke, aiming to tickle Sushi’s funny bone. However, Sushi takes it a step further, responding in a way that’s both hilarious and heartstring-tugging. Her witty comeback adds a touch of humor to the exchange but also stings a bit.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Poor Ren. We hope his parachute is ready to launch! This is a charming portrayal of their relationship, where Ren’s good-natured jests and Sushi’s sharp wit collide in a delightful blend of humor and affection, leaving readers hooked on the unique camaraderie between these two characters.

That’s Dumb.

Although she has tough armor and a stand-offish attitude, Sushi still grapples with insecurities and reveals her vulnerability with her words. In response, the ever-loving Ren provides a simple yet profound reassurance with the words, “That’s dumb.” Gotta love him!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

While it may seem blunt, this phrase carries a deeper meaning. It emphasizes Ren’s commitment to Sushi and their relationship and his unwavering support and belief in her. It showcases the strength of their bond and Ren’s endearing devotion to Sushi.

Biscuits is Where He Draws The Line

As we have just mentioned, Ren’s devotion to Sushi knows no bounds. However, there seems to be one crucial exception – his biscuits. While he’s willing to give everything else to Sushi, a humorous line is drawn when it comes to his cherished treats.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This playful twist adds a dose of comedy to their relationship, highlighting the quirky yet endearing boundaries we all have when it comes to sharing our most prized possessions, even among the closest of friends and lovers. With us, it’s definitely chocolate! Where do you draw the line?

No Turning Back Time For Sushi

Sushi reflects on the idea of turning back time, and her response carries a profound weight. She expresses a resolute choice not to rewind the clock, alluding to a challenging and perhaps painful experience she has endured in the past.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Sushi’s words capture the sentiment that some life events are so trying that reliving them would be an ordeal she’d rather avoid. This shows the depth of her character and the wisdom that comes from facing and learning from difficult moments.

‘They Are Following Me?!’

In this comic moment, Ren tries to offer some comforting wisdom, suggesting that their bad past experiences are now behind them, like objects in a rear-view mirror. However, Sushi, in her humorous and somewhat paranoid fashion, responds with a witty twist:

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

“They are following me?!” This charming exchange injects a delightful dose of humor, highlighting Sushi’s playful nature and her tendency to view life’s challenges in a light-hearted yet quirky way. Your past may always be there, but as long as you deal with it, it won’t overtake you.

So Slow

Sushi’s journey to pursue her dream moves at such a pace that even the concept of success grows weary and departs. This humorous take on the pursuit of one’s ambitions highlights the idea that perseverance and determination are the key ingredients in achieving goals.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Sushi’s gradual progress and her outlook on it add a playful and relatable twist to the age-old pursuit of one’s dreams. With this comic, we can put a question mark on that pursuit and think about other things life has to offer.

‘I Like You Sass?’

Ren embodies the classic trope of misunderstanding that often occurs between individuals with different perspectives, echoing the age-old theme of miscommunication between men and women. Ren’s obliviousness to Sushi’s desires serves as a humorous yet relatable commentary on the complexities of human relationships.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Sushi always cracks us up! Though the subject of the comic is lighthearted, it highlights the universal tendency for misunderstandings to arise, emphasizing the importance of open and honest communication to bridge the gap and navigate the intricacies of interpersonal connections.

So Many Obstacles

In this comic, Sushi grapples with a lack of self-confidence, which hinders her from achieving greatness. Her self-doubt, coupled with her penchant for frequent naps, creates a humorous yet relatable story. Sushi’s character embodies the struggles many of us face.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This comic serves as a lighthearted reflection on the common human experience of battling self-doubt and the allure of a cozy nap. It reminds us that overcoming obstacles often involves tackling our own insecurities and making the conscious decision to take action.

Got ‘Em!

Ren shares a dream with Sushi where she’s without clothes, unaware that, as dogs, they never wear attire in reality. The humor arises from the fact that Ren’s dream scenario is actually the everyday norm for Sushi. Ren can be cheeky, too!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Does this make Ren’s dreams more or less acceptable?! Who’s to say? Their interactions are filled with witty remarks, clever comebacks, and humorous exchanges that keep readers entertained and invested in their relationship. No matter what happens, you’re always rooting for them!

Ren is Proud of You, Sushi!

In this touching comic, Ren’s pride in Sushi isn’t just about her achievements but a reflection of her determination to cultivate self-esteem and self-worth. Sushi’s desire to be proud of herself resonates deeply, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and personal growth.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Ren’s pride is a symbol of encouragement and support. It highlights the power of validation from a loved one in boosting one’s confidence. This comic beautifully captures the essence of their relationship, where mutual respect and admiration contribute to their growth.

The Too Kind Phenomenon

In the next one, Sushi employs a biting sense of humor as she labels Ren ‘too kind.’ A statement dripping with sarcasm and irony. Rather than offering a compliment, Sushi’s remark suggests that Ren’s excessive kindness might border on naivety.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This playful twist in their dynamic adds a humorous layer to their relationship, showcasing Sushi’s knack for sharp wit and Ren’s propensity for genuine, albeit sometimes overly generous, gestures. As with most couples, these two pooches often complement each other.

One Look is All It Takes

Ren finds comfort in a simple source: Sushi. When he’s engulfed by sadness, he gazes at Sushi, and a wave of relief washes over him. This conversation encapsulates the transformative power of companionship and the kind of love that can brighten even the darkest of moments.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This is a poignant reminder of the deep connection between Ren and Sushi, where the mere presence of a beloved friend can serve as a powerful balm for the soul, offering a sense of tranquility and hope. What an adorable duo!

Skinny Legend

In this amusing comic exchange, Ren expresses admiration for Sushi, stating that the world needs more of her. However, Sushi, with her characteristic wit, humorously misconstrues the compliment, interpreting it as a comment on her weight: “Are you calling me skinny?!”

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This lighthearted banter adds a comedic twist to their dynamic, highlighting Sushi’s penchant for cheeky comebacks and the humorous misunderstandings that can arise in even the most well-intentioned compliments. We are definitely using this one in the future!

Afraid of Her Shadow

This next one sheds light on the uncertainty that comes with relationships. Ren offers a profound insight, likening hurt to love’s shadow, suggesting that pain often accompanies it. However, Sushi, in her characteristic candor, reveals her vulnerability by admitting, “But I’m also scared of my shadow.”

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This exchange touches on the dual nature of emotions, where love can bring both joy and pain, and the fear of getting hurt can sometimes overshadow one’s willingness to love and be loved. It’s a powerful reflection on the complexities of emotions, especially love.

It’s Always a Nope, Never a Yeap

In this comic, Sushi’s affection for Ren is unmistakable. She cherishes their time together and feels his absence keenly. However, when asked on a date, her response is a consistent and playful “nope.” This contradiction shows the silliness of their relationship.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

It is a charming portrayal of their quirky dynamic, highlighting the intricacies and unique moments that define their friendship and love for each other. We just hope Ren has a bit more space for ‘nopes’ in his life. Poor guy.

You Are a Diamond!

In this instance, Ren likens Sushi to a diamond, drawing a connection between her resilience and the formation of precious gems under pressure. Ren sees Sushi’s ability to shine, even in challenging circumstances, as a testament to her inner strength and unique qualities.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

This analogy serves as a touching tribute to Sushi’s character, highlighting her enduring spirit and the value she brings to their relationship. Sushi is so lucky to have someone who is always ready with a witty, encouraging response whenever she’s in doubt.

Throwback: How It All Started

In a nostalgic comic, we see Ren at the beginning of their journey, confident that he and Sushi are soulmates destined to be together. However, Sushi’s response adds a playful twist as she humorously quips, “I don’t have a soul.”

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

While Sushi initially humorously denies having a soul, the whole comic series beautifully illustrates how their enduring bond and shared experiences have enriched her personality, essentially imbuing her with a soul. It’s a touching portrayal of the transformative power of love!

Good Save, Ren

Ren compares Sushi’s appearance to a cloud, unintentionally causing a momentary offense as Sushi misinterprets it as a comment on her weight, humorously asking, “Did you call me fat?!” Ooof, Ren, you are treading on dangerously shaky ground! God Speed!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Ren, quick to clarify, lovingly explains that he meant to convey her soft, fluffy, and heavenly qualities. This exchange adds a layer of playful miscommunication to their relationship, highlighting Ren’s admiration for Sushi’s gentle and comforting presence and their lighthearted banter.

Ren: Forever Optimistic

In this heartwarming comic, Ren’s unwavering optimism radiates, having a transformative effect on Sushi. Ren’s sunny disposition and positive outlook serve as a catalyst, gradually shaping Sushi into a better, more cheerful dog. It’s so cute! Perspective really is everything.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

His consistent encouragement and support bring out the best in Sushi, teaching her to embrace life’s joys and overcome challenges with a newfound zest. It’s a depiction of the impact of optimism and the ability to inspire and uplift those around him.

He Believes What She Believes

In this charmingly comedic comic, Ren playfully debates the concept of destiny, declaring he doesn’t believe in it because Sushi doesn’t think they are destined for each other. If you ask us, this dog has more game than most guys we know!

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Sushi’s skepticism adds a delightful twist to their exchange, highlighting the whimsical notion that destiny may not always align with our own beliefs or expectations. Destiny unfolds in your own hands (paws?) You can always shape it however you like.

Ren the Bard

This guy always has a comeback! In the next one, Ren takes center stage with his extraordinary poetic and romantic flair. His words flow like verses from an epic love poem as he paints vivid and enchanting imagery with his expressions of adoration.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

Ren’s ability to evoke emotions with his words leaves readers captivated by his charming declarations of love. It’s an image of the depth of Ren’s affection and his talent for infusing their relationship with a sense of romance that inspires.


In this amusing exchange, Ren engages in a playful paradox, asserting that he can’t dance because he doesn’t dance and vice versa. This circular reasoning creates a humorous loop in their conversation, highlighting the quirkiness and whimsical nature of the comic.

Image Courtesy of: sushi_and_ren / Instagram

It’s a comical portrayal of how discussions between Ren and Sushi can sometimes take unexpected and amusing turns, showcasing their ability to find humor in the simplest of subjects and infuse laughter into their interactions. They really are meant for each other.