Talented Comic Artist Illustrates The Hilarious Reality Of Being A Dog Owner

By Kanyi M

Dogs Love Bacon is a heartwarming and hilarious weekly webcomic that invites readers into the uproarious world of three lovable rescue dogs and their devoted human companion. This endearing comic series was born at the close of 2020, a year that challenged us all, as an attempt to sprinkle some much-needed cheer into the lives of its readers and to keep the talented artist’s creative juices flowing.

Image courtesy of Angie Draws Things

Join us as we explore the funny, endearing, and often chaotic reality of being a dog owner, where every day is an adventure filled with tail-wagging joy and, of course, a quest for that elusive, mouthwatering bacon!

In the charming universe of Dogs Love Bacon, we meet the dynamic trio of Thor, Tribble, and Tazibel, who share a roof with their ever-patient human. These adorable furballs are not your ordinary dogs; they’re the kind that dives headfirst into hilariously sticky situations.

Thor, the gentle giant with a heart of gold and an insatiable appetite for adventure, often finds himself leading the pack. He is half a Jack Russell Terrier, and his impulsive side loves to come out to play. He and Tribble were rescued earlier on before the third partner in crime, Tazibel, joined the pack.

Like all other dogs, these three have their charmingly adorable moments. As a dog owner, these are the times it hits you that you couldn’t possibly live without your fluff boi. That said, they also love getting into mischief to hilarious comic effect, as you can see.

Image courtesy of Angie Draws Things

Whether it’s finding a wasp nest in the backyard (and immediately regretting it), playing around with squirrels, or making messy ‘accidents’ on the carpet, these three pups always ensure their owners hands are full. And even though their antics may drive their human to the brink, their sweet, soulful eyes and charming grins make it impossible to stay mad for long. A sentiment most pet parents know too well.

In this riotously relatable world, Dogs Love Bacon captures the daily trials and triumphs of being a dog owner. From zoomies to unbridled bacon cravings, it’s an uproarious journey filled with love, laughter, and the unbreakable bond between humans and their canine companions.