The Lonely Life: Confessions Of An Introverted Artist

By Kanyi M

Artists are peculiar beings. We thought we had seen it all until Maurizio Cattelan sold a banana taped on a wall for $120,000. Sure, bananas are a symbol of the act of giving birth, and one can only imagine that Cattelan considers his work to be a commentary on the culture.

But why do we still pay for this strangeness? Salvatore Garau was another Italian who made over $18,000 selling “I Am,” which was supposedly a piece of work that only existed in his mind, and until now, we have never seen what it looked like because, well, we’re not a part of his mind.

Today, we’ll be looking at Manasi Deshpande’s works, an artist who doesn’t try to sell nonsense at all. This particular artist chose to create comics describing the lives of socially awkward introverts. Why introverts? Because she is one of us, so she knows what it feels like.

When we lie to ourselves that we’re not lonely

How many times have we lied to ourselves that we love being alone? We like isolation and our own company, but the truth is, we’re social creatures.

Credit: Manasi Deshpande

We crave other people’s love and attention. We want to be understood in our own ways and not judged by society, but sadly, that is something we can never have.

We’re couch potatoes

We’re so fat. But honestly, what can we do about it?

Credit: Manasi Deshpande

We’re not going to stop eating, and we’re still going to be lazy because, let’s face it, we prefer being on our rear ends watching TV or gaming than going out to the gym.

The likelihood of going to a party

Mixed parties don’t sound fun at all. If you’re going to be surrounded by people, you might as well just stay in and be alone.

Credit: Manasi Deshpande

That way, you’re not going to be embarrassed by your awkwardness, and no one will judge you for being the weird kid in school.