The Struggle Is Real: Hilarious Comics Every Artist Can Relate To

By Kanyi M December 21, 2022

Artists struggle with many challenges. You don’t even have to work in the arts to understand how hard it is to make a living out of this passion. Still, we bet that no passionate artist would switch careers even if it paid all the money in the world.

We’ll be looking at a few illustrations that artists have drawn that depict some of the hardships every artist goes through on their way to the top!

1. Working for free in exchange of “exposure”

There’s nothing more infuriating than working day after day and not being paid for your efforts. This illustration shows how people react when they learn that they need to pay the artist who’s “helping” them.

Image Credits: @AdamTots/Buzzfeed Comics

2. When the inspiration tank runs dry

Writers have their block. Artists have their block. There are those moments when we seem to run out of ideas when we need them the most.

Image Credits: Karina Farek/Buzzfeed Comics

The brain is a very mysterious organ, and we can’t be sure when the right inspiration will strike us.

3. When we get a bright idea as we’re about to fall asleep

Inspiration is perishable. We bring in new ideas as we’re going to sleep, and we may then work on them the next day.

Image Credits: @FloPerryDraws/Instagram

Every day, we’ll be learning something new about our own brains and other people’s brains!

4. When random setbacks hit us

This is a very important illustration. By now, artists have learned that there are many variables in the world of art. Impulses come at random times, and sometimes you may make a good idea that never makes it to your final piece.

Image Credits: Natalya Lobanova/Buzzfeed Comics

Every artist has to go through dry spells where they feel like giving up on their work, but they don’t want to show their “work-in-progress” to anyone or get any negative feedback. The temptation is just too strong since there are so many other artists on the internet with beautiful pieces of art!

5. When you don’t do anything else for fun apart from drawing

Doubt and paranoia can become such an obsession. In order to make sure we’re doing what we love to do, artists usually have some sort of social life or something else that they enjoy doing for fun.

Image Credits: Karina Farek/Buzzfeed Comics

Some of us get so wrapped up in our art that we actually can’t really find a way to relax aside from drawing.