These Comics Perfectly Illustrate Some Hilarious Adulting Struggles

By Kanyi M

Paradoxically, adulting is both fun and sad. On the one hand, it’s a beautiful feeling to be responsible for everything that you do. You can do whatever you want and not have to answer to anyone. You’re the master of your own decisions.

On the other hand, you’re the only one responsible for everything in your life. You can’t believe it? Just look at the challenges this girl faces. A heads up: these comics are highly relatable for most of us!

That houseplant you love so much but won’t flourish

What is it about plants that makes them seem like life? They’re not living things, and yet, there’s something about them that makes you feel something for them.

Source: Life of Jolie

Maybe it’s their beauty, or maybe it’s something else. If you have a plant at home, then you will understand the struggles of taking care of it since they need your undivided attention.

Oh, those long boring meetings…

In this age of Microsoft Teams and Google Meets, we’re expected to sit through hours of virtual meetings that may not be as interesting as bingeing on a movie.

Source: Life of Jolie

Even though things have mostly gone back to normal now, some people still have online classes every once in a while. And even the best of us have said or done something inappropriate when we thought that our cameras and mics were off!

Dating has its challenges

Dating these days can be scary. The guys on dating apps are always trying to woo you with their swag and height.

Credits: Life of Jolie

The girls are trying to use their hottest appeal to attract guys, and if you’re not looking your best during a blind date, then it might just turn out horrible for you.

That identity crisis we all face sometimes

Why do we feel like we’re 16 years and 75 years old at the same time? Could it be that we’re not just in between but that we’re also stuck somewhere in between?

Credits: Life of Jolie

It’s like we don’t know where to go with our lives, unable to decide which path we should take. As adults, we’re constantly dealing with the pressure of settling down. We’re dealing with the pressure of growing up. We’re dealing with the pressure of figuring out who we are.

Nobody knows who they are, and we’re all struggling with the same thing – identity crisis.