These Comics Prove That Feminism Has Gone Too Far…And It’s Not Nearly Far Enough

By Kanyi M

Gender reveal parties, princess-themed birthday parties, or the gender binary in general: there’s a lot of pressure to conform to a certain idea of what it means to be a girl or a boy.

But if you want your child to grow up with the freedom and confidence that comes from being true to themselves and their own path, here are funny comics that put an amusing perspective to it all.

Boys can like princesses too

Disney’s Frozen was one of the biggest movies back when it came out, and it’s still popular nowadays. It helped a lot to promote the idea of a strong female lead in the media.

Credit: LorynBrantzBooks

Just like Elsa, we could be whatever we want to be. Boys can like female characters and want to be like them, the same way that girls can like strong male characters.

Boys can cry!

“Manning up” is taking a new, gentler approach these days, with more and more dads encouraging their sons to be more open about their feelings, show empathy, and comfort others in a crisis.

Credit: LorynBrantzBooks

The idea that men shouldn’t cry is completely outdated, and it’s really unhealthy. If you want to raise a good man, you can start by allowing your son to show his feelings openly.

Boys can have female role models

Role models could be anything: a firefighter, an astronaut, a professional cook, a nanny, or even an actor.

Credit: LorynBrantzBooks

Your daughters can have male role models, and your sons can have female role models. The point is that they should learn that they can do anything they want – as long as they work hard enough for it.

Boys and girls can be friends

Platonic, non-romantic relationships are becoming more and more popular for kids who are just starting to explore their gender identity.

Credit: LorynBrantzBooks

And really, why shouldn’t they? It’s not weird to have a best friend that is the same gender as you. And boys and girls can be just friends without any hidden feelings.

When doing something “like a girl” is a compliment

We shouldn’t say that doing things “like a girl” is a bad thing. Instead of thinking that girls are fragile and associating that sentence with a sexist and degrading perspective, we can spin things around. For instance, we can teach kids that doing things “like a girl” is actually really nice.

Credit: LorynBrantzBooks

Being a woman rocks, and doing things like a girl is great because girls and boys can literally do the same things. One gender is not better than the other, and that’s it.