These Fun Comics By Artist Chuck Is Making Social Media Talk

By Stephen M June 22, 2022

If you’ve been visiting social media for fun comics, then I believe you’ve come across the name Chuck Ingwersen. He is a Chicago-based cartoonist, and his humor writing has become very popular, especially on Instagram for his fun comics. With the use of animals like sharks, cats, dogs, horses, bears, the artist addresses a wide range of topics, including the dark social challenges of humankind. His artworks explore topics ranging from finding daily bread, preparing for job interviews, and making decisions in a funny but relatable way. Aside from using animals as a stand-in for humans, he also has some silly works featuring humans.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

Who is Chuck Ingwersen

Chuck grew up loving to draw and creating greeting cards that made his family and friends laugh. “I constantly drew as a kid, and I’ve hand-drawn countless funny greeting cards for friends and families ever since I was very young.” This childhood interest is what he is manifesting currently. The cartoonist formerly worked as a newspaper journalist. He was an editor, columnist, page designer, and reporter. But for his passion for arts, he left his job to become a freelance cartoonist and webcomic. In 2008, he created the webcomic Words of Toons for humor writings and cartoons. Subsequently, he made Captain Scratchy. According to him, he primarily uses animals because of his love for the animal kingdom.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

On how he comes up with new ideas and concepts, the talented artist said he has an overactive brain, always on a creating streak. Also, he picked inspiration from The Far Side, which has greatly influenced what he does. He indicated that his comics blend the uplifting and seriously dark topics. He tries to explore the human condition funnily.

Photo credit: captainscratchy /Instagram

Chuck uses between one to four hours to complete a whole art piece. He tries to complete an art each day for his growing social media fans. On how he uses sharks frequently, he said he loves them, and they are easy to draw.