Three Accurate Comics About Spring

By Kanyi M

Do you hate it when people say that winter is the best season because it’s cold? We mean, sure, winter has the snow and all, but come on. It’s not like a hot summer day where you can lounge in the kiddie pool by the pool.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most painfully accurate comics about spring

It’s gonna be May

Justin Timberlake may have made “It’s gonna be May” a meme, but for many of us, it’s a reminder that time is moving too fast.

Credit: Ben Haist / BuzzFeed

We’re already in May? How did that happen? These days, the entire month of May feels like it’s just one long weekend for students who are looking forward to summer.

The unpredictable weather

Mother Nature loves to wear everyone down. She’s like a crazy ex that won’t give up, and even when you get tired of her completely, she’s still gonna pop out at you.

Credit: Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

We all know that this is how our experiences with weather should be handled. When you’re expecting sunshine, leave the sunscreen at home.

The on-and-off sunshine

The sun and clouds love playing hide and seek during spring. They know how much fun it is to ruin your outdoor plans by making them cloudy and rainy.

Credit: Ben Armson / BuzzFeed

When you thought that the sun was going to shine all day, an unexpected cloud cover can make you feel like your plan has failed. And when the clouds finally go away, the sun will come back with a vengeance and make you feel stupid for bringing enough layers with you.