Three Comics Only Women In Their 30s Can Relate To

By Kanyi M

Why are these expectation vs reality comics so relatable? Is it because single women struggle to live up to the perceived standards of a modern woman in this day and age? Or is it because we have unrealistic beauty standards? Let’s start with hair.

A bad hair day

Credit: cassandracalin/Instagram

After applying hair gel, the woman expected that her hair would be shiny and straight. But what actually happened is that her hair got clumped together in a very sticky way. It became hard and unmanageable. Her hair was unable to bounce back.

Something similar happens after using hair rollers. Instead of leaving her hair straight, it got clumped together. It became heavy and difficult to brush as well. And using a hair dryer was just as bad. What she didn’t know was that it would become more unmanageable.

Annoying bras

Credit: cassandracalin/Instagram

After trying a push-up bra, she realized that even though it gave her a larger chest, it was hard to run and play sports. She felt buffed and bulky with the push-up bra. A bralette was disappointing too. Instead of giving support, it left her feeling slightly uncomfortable. A strapless bra only worsened the situation.

A lesson on taking risks

Credit: cassandracalin/Instagram

In life, you need to take risks. You need to try something new, experience something, and gain some sort of knowledge. If you don’t you’ll find yourself stuck. Apply for that job, ask your crush out, talk to that random stranger, or even go bungee jumping. If it’s not life-threatening, go ahead and push back those instincts that tell you to run. We grow by taking risks, not by avoiding them.