Toddlers Have Endless Reserves Of Energy

By Divya G

Mother of two, Chesca Hause, has experienced many things in her life. She has two troublesome little boys. It has been quite a fun ride for her. She has steadily managed to create content from these two as fun for all her followers. No wonder she has a fantastic sense of humor.

You must be wondering if Chesca finds inspiration from her kids why cats show up in her comic strips. Chesca reveals that she never liked drawing humans. She feels that the features of a human being are pretty dull to draw, according to her. 

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She and her husband often felt that their kids are cartoon characters. Parents can’t stop complaining about the tantrums their kids throw. On the other hand, Chesca tried to make it funny for herself and other parents. 

She toyed around various animals before cats became her ultimate choice. Cats emerged triumphant as Chesca found astonishing similarities between them and kids. Whether it’s turning crazy in the middle of the night or bothering their mom, cats and kids often seem like the same species. 

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Chesca feels that the caricatures of cats help her squeeze in a plethora of emotions. The tail, fur, and all other elements of a cat can reveal more feelings than words. 

If you want a good laugh after an exhausting day of parenting duties, check out Chesca’s comics now.