Vernessa Himmler’s Comic Cats Illustrations Tell Us All We Need To Know About Living With A Cat

By Stephen M

If you’ve owned a cat before, you would agree with us that they are very adorable to be with. But behind their cuddly nature is their funny, ugly, weird behavior sometimes. These traits are what Hamburg-based artist Vernessa Himmler, has put together in comic illustrations.

Having an interest in arts since childhood, the now master’s degree holder from the HAW Hamburg has created fun comics of the daily life of her two fluffy cats, Mikosch and Koschka. The fun cat comics depict activities like choosing the right coat for the cats, what they eat, moments where they soil the carpet, scratching the sofa, and bedtime among others.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

According to her, she normally uses an hour to complete one illustration. Although her works are based on true events, she admits to sometimes exaggerating to make it funnier. However, the “crazy cat lady” ensures her arts are relatable and not complicated.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

Vernessa, who is also a sand painter majors in informative illustration, editorial illustration, and non-fiction illustration. With time, she has developed a style of illustration that includes fine drawings and the use of modern coloring techniques.

Photo credit: vernessahimmler

The Hamburg-based illustrator says coming up with an art concept is one of the challenging aspects of her work. She defines her art style as versatile, as it involves easy-to-understand concepts and more realistic drawings. To her, all she wants is to make people smile by seeing the comic side of challenging life situations. Her works comprise black and white cat comics, illustrations of people, animals, and other colorful depictions.

For more of her works, follow Vernessa on Instagram at vernessahimmler and Facebook at VernessaHimmlerIllustration.