When Artists Make Drawings That They Love One Minute And Hate The Next

By Kanyi M January 18, 2023

Artists, too, have their fair share of “sad but true” moments. While a drawing might seem like the perfect idea in their minds, and they put all their efforts into it, sometimes the final product leaves them with mixed feelings.

And if you’re an artist or you live with an artist, you know just how dramatic they can be. Instead of keeping the drawing as a token, they sometimes hate it so much they toss in the trash can!

Luckily, artists are more than happy to make fun of themselves. And here are four comics that perfectly portray these hilarious moments.

1. The sad realization that all good things take time but death could occur any time

This drawing by Natalya Lobanova illustrates how we’re all low-key scared that the inevitable could happen at any moment. When artists draw their favorite characters, they believe that these characters will exist for eternity. However, the truth is that for all we know, tomorrow could be our last day on earth.

Image Credits: Natalya Lobanova/Buzzfeed Comics

We all want to live a happy life filled with many good memories, but we can’t help but think about death and how it could strike any moment. It’s frustrating, but our short-lived lives are something we must all get used to living with

2. When you can’t draw as someone is watching

This drawing depicts that familiar feeling we get when we’re trying to work, but a micromanaging boss/teacher is watching us.

Image Credits: Adam Ellis/Buzzfeed Comics

When an artist draws their favorite characters, they want to get it right! So when someone is watching over them or constantly criticizing their work, this can really be frustrating.

3. When perfectionism and OCD get the best of us

This is another illustration of a difficult situation that artists find themselves in. Perfectionism can be so crippling at times!

Image Credits: Dami Lee/Buzzfeed Comics

Artist Dami Lee shows how the artist’s own obsessive behavior can come back to haunt them, even after they’ve finished their artwork.

4. When people assume that we’re working on something deep

Growing up, we always assumed that all kids who wore glasses were the smartest in their class. In the same way, we assume that each piece of art must have a deep meaning or a message.

Image Credits: Maritsa Patrinos/Buzzfeed Comics

This often frustrates artists because others tend to see their art as something deeper than what it actually is. They feel that their work is being misinterpreted and their creativity is being overthought.