Writer And Artist Duo Create Cute Dog Comics

By Amanda G

Warning: this post is for dog lovers only. Dogs are, of course, man’s best friend and it’s easy to see why. They’re sweet, fun, reliable, energetic balls of fluff that can brighten anyone’s day. Writer and lifelong dog lover James Stewart had some funny vignettes about life with a dog, but he knew that the text alone wasn’t good enough. His now partner-in-comics K Roméy has been bringing James’ comics to life in a series called Hey Buddy Comics.

Image credits: heybuddycomics.com

“Who’s a good boy” is a question posed to every dog, even if we already know the answer. It’s an instinct humans have when engaging with their pets. We can’t help but praise them and tell them non-stop just how much we love them. Perhaps it is the sheer joy we get when we see our fur buddy’s tail wagging in agreement.

Every doggo is unique. Yes, yes, we know that this isn’t any new revelation, but it’s worth saying. There are some dogs that react positively to all humans, while others only show compassion for their owners. No matter how much they are exposed to the general public, some dogs can’t help but growl at other humans.

Image credits: heybuddycomics.com

It’s a mystery as to why some dogs get very vocal around strangers. It gets even weirder when some dogs only bark at certain types of people, such as kids or the elderly. What’s there to be upset about? Why would any cute doggo bark at someone just trying to show some love to their four-legged friend?